Quilt Color my World




I have to share about this quilt. What’s the story behind it you ask? As we know all quilts have a story. 

This quilt was designed to use blocks I tested for Quilt maker 100 block magazine vol.9 due out in May. I was sent the fabrics and the only rules were use 4 blocks, 9 square minimum and a due date.
I thought this turned out just as I envisioned it. They describe it as an unusual layout, so me!!! It will be on display in the office in Colorado all summer!
Thanks quilt maker! !!!!

My blocks tested will be shared here starting May 1.
Can you tell I am a little bit excited,  lol.


Traditions old and new

We decided to see our son this weekend . He’s in college and had a final exam yesterday. We took him to a museum honoring president Ford. It was so nostalgic as it was a presidency during my youth. We went to dinner. That was new tradition. 




Today we are going to the church he has been attending. Old tradition. Family, meals and church.

Happy Easter, He is risen, indeed.


Design wall Monday and Linky Tuesday


I had a crafty fail, so I made this economy block to get back on track. I had to call my friend who does flower arranging and we made this corsage. See link below.



It made me nostalgic because this is the last prom any of my children were go to, even though it is time for them to grow up.



Here is an adorable child for a grand child that my the customer made, she’s 90 years old this month!!!
And I have the privilege to quilt it in a meander for her, with a few leaves adn swirls along the way. Love the crossed canoes!!! Tent’s too.



My daughter found some very cute baby items that I can  sew, I have forgotten a lot about garment sewing but I will refresh my memory as i go. 

Go to www.patchworktimes.com to see what all other quilters are doing this Monday and Freemotion by the River for linky party Tuesday.

 #lunchhour #longarmquilting off the frame! full view of the quilt. Thanks everyone!!



Road Trip adventure


Saturday is a bright sunny day after a grey rainy and snowy week. We had a road trip planned to buy some spring clothes. My closet is full of threadbare old things.

DSCN9605 The trip was delayed because of a problem with a renewal of our virus protection program… weeks early. But I did long arm a quilt–a future post.


Then along the interstate we ran into another delay…….



My husband is changing the flat tire so we can get to the next town to buy a tire. I got a sunburn waiting along the road!!! (with a winter jacket on, please note snowbanks)


DSCN9607 DSCN9608

That’s the spare, I am a bit concerned about the rust on it.

Buuuuuuut, We had a great day anyway. I found some clothes on sale. I found the prefect bag to carry on my vacation and for festivals. I had a great time visiting with my husband. We ate at a Famous Dave’s Barbeque…… a very fine way to end this day.

Lessons learned: changing a tire isn’t too hard and I would have called triple A and it would have ended the day. But we pressed on.

Also, for as much exercise that I do, we walked while waiting for the van. My Achilles has been feeling great for several weeks. Well, walking on a hill made it hurt a bit. The weight lifting and bike riding aren’t gonna help if I have to walk, and I need walking shoes.

So I have to walk outside this summer to prep for my vacation this fall.





Ok, this is going to be a pic heavy post with just a few words. It is about hope and hoping!

wpid-IMG_20130823_063210_619.jpgHere’s hoping to the book proposal I sent off…..

 2013-11-01 12.42.54wpid-PhotoGrid_1375639200568.jpgHere’shoping to a few magazines approval to a couple of quilt ideas too2014-04-03 19.28.28 Here’s hoping I can get a sample in the local quilt shop for longarming

2014-04-03 19.28.34 Heres hoping to some success at pebbling, I talked to my long arm dealer and he gave me some ideas.

2014-04-04 09.32.41 Here’s hoping for more curved piecing in the future, I love it.

Here’s hoping to teaching a class.


And here’s hoping for spring.



I am a Fusion quilter


I had the best time meeting Mary Fons and filming Quilty.  The above link is to the show that aired today on Qnntv.com. It was such a lovely time on this set.  You can read about it here.

noun: fusion; plural noun: fusions
  1. 1.
    the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
    “a fusion of an idea from anthropology and an idea from psychology”
    synonyms: blend, blending, combination, amalgamation, joining, union, marrying, bonding, merging, melding, mingling, integration, intermixture, intermingling, synthesis; More


I have to say that making this episode has inspired me to continue in my quilting journey.  I have a love of the deep rich colors of Civil War fabrics. I really enjoy the bright colors and large patterns of modern fabrics. I like small  blocks and I also like graphic punch. Fusion of ideas that mix, marinade and meld together. That’s what I think fusion quilting is.

I have to say that it is such a very cool thing that Qnntv.com and Quilty have  free videos for everyone to watch. However, I just purchased a year long membership and have to say the I am LOVING the videos once you are a member. I have learned so much about long arm quilting. There is tons of shows on piecing, too.

I must encourage anyone who wants to learn about quilting to sign up. I live in a rural area so classes are limited. AND I work so I don’t have tons of hours to devote to classes at a local shop. You can’t beat the price, with. I really enjoy seeing some of my quilting hero’s share.


I am going to make the block named Nordica that will be featured in the next Quilty magazine. With the most awesome polka dot fabric that Mary gave me. Yep, it’s gonna be pretty sweet.