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Show Notes Podcast #10 Don’t Stop

January 15, 2017


Blog post about the quilt above and color:


Whats on the longarm2017-01-12-16-17-06


Solstice Challenge by Pat Sloan check out her website at


Snow and a little tree damaged2017-01-13-10-45-352017-01-13-12-47-53

Charity Quilt and I decided the on point setting is a must, won the block lotto at Quilt group. Pattern was a Pat Sloan pattern in Quilter’s home several year ago.

Here is the Ocean Front Quilty episode:

I WISH someday that I could have a coffee/tea/beer with Mary Fonsand just chat. I think she would be very interesting to talk to. I did fan girl her that day and she signed a Quilty issue for me. Here the blog post when I just got home from the filming. I really had fun!

Please leave a comment and so we can keep the conversation going!

Pinterest success or fail ? Next time




January 12, 2017


2017-01-08-19-33-41 I like color! I really like coloring with my new Prismacolor pencils. I like Crayola for everyday stuff but I was able to make a few little subtle attempts at shading here. I am gonna try to use some of these colors in Zentangle tiles and for more special coloring pages. Maybe I will invest in a really big set later when all my other pencils are used up.



I like color and this quilt isn’t lacking! I had Kaffee Fassett fabrics and some bright scraps, I impulsively bought a book written by Tula Pink called City Sampler-100 modern blocks. Then I decided to make them, all 100. Wow, tiny traditional pieces in these 6 inch blocks!  I set all 100 in this straight set. I liked several other settings in the book but I decided setting them in this grey made each block have a chance to stand on it’s own merit. They really are like little tiny quilt works that sparkle in the collection.  It will be a couple of months before I can get this quilted. Good thing because it will give me time to think about what I want to quilt on it.

The view below is where from a sew in Saturday with my quilt friends, I chose to work on this top and got most of it done!



It was cool to watch the planes come in. However, I must say it felt like I was at the Artic Circle. And the snow continues….


Podcast 9 Be Creative!

January 9, 2017





Going on the frame next are my Quilts:


2016-03-09 07.34.31

I will be showing them and talking about each quilts story as they are completed.

Creative moments can happen in only a few minutes each day, that’s how I get most things done!

AND here is where I talked on Hey Quilty about fusion quilting:



show and tell knit items

January 2, 2017

2017-01-02-10-15-35    This centerpiece is a long knitted tube from all my wool scraps that I made a year to two ago. I followed a pattern and really didn’t like how narrow it was as well as it was ITCHY. So I never wear it. However, I was thinking that it could be a wreath. So I bought a cheap plastic embroidery hoop because it has a gap when it is unscrewed on the top hoop. I ran it through the top hoop, the smallest size I could find and screwed it back together. I evened out the gathers added a clip on poinsettia at the beginning and end point, and slipped it over a battery run candle. Looks great on my table and it can stay out all winter. The work I did wasn’t wasted and it could be hung as a wreath too.

2017-01-01-14-27-35  This is my shawl that is finished. I steam blocked it one side at a time on my ironing board. I curved the top so when I wear it with a pin it will run smoothly around my shoulders.

2016-12-31-13-56-12 See the two knit pillows in my collection ? I knit them last year and decided that I didn’t want them to be cowls or a table runner. The purple is one a hand painted yarn. It is also beautiful but too ITCHY and HOT to wear. Makes my neck all red so I made it into a pillow. The green one was planned to be a pillow all along but I never got around to finish it till this weekend. It is seed stitch and the button was sewn right through the whole pillow and it looks modern enough to sit next to my new pillows Mom got me for Christmas. The Lion’s pillow will stay out during football season, and the Amigurumi Santa for a few more weeks.

2017-01-01-22-16-29 I finally make a cowl that I can wear. I finished it yesterday and added the really cool screw button. It is soft and not itchy. I can wear it and it matches my purple coat! LOVE .

I started making plarn (just Google it at lots of tutorials pop up) our of grocery bags and am testing out making a rug for my mudroom. I saw a story on the internet where mats are made for homeless people. I like that and recycling the bags is cool. However, it is a loud project for TV watching… all those bags crinkling, hahaha. I am gonna try the crochet rug first and then maybe try knitting one. I am thinking knit may be easier on my hands. I am crocheting the current one too tight, I need to loosen up!It is a rib stitch for muddy feet.

Too bad I have to work tomorrow, I would get even more fun stuff done!  I just have to work on it in smaller increments before and after work. And then I get a 3 day weekend for MLK day in 2 weeks I feel a virtual sew in coming for that day too!

Feels like I am off to a good start this year!


2016 is winding down….

January 1, 2017


It sure has been a great day. We have had a great week… Quick Lane Bowl on Monday. Tues lunch with friends at a Brazilian Steak house, visited with my family in the afternoon. Thursday we saw Night Ranger in concert at the Soaring Eagle Casino . What a great band and a great time even though I lost my 20 dollars in the video poker game. Pictures of several of these events are on my Instagram account, see the pics on the side bar.

Today I have been doing what I want to do. No cleaning, no time scheduled. I took advantage of it believe me! I long armed the diamond quilt. After much deliberation, I am doing an all over hook feather. I am halfway through the quilt and want to deliver it next weekend. I also spent time working on my Emeralds quilt. I have only 4 more blocks to make. The top is on point so it will be a challenge for me as I have not had tons of success with that setting lining up. 2016-12-28 20.32.10.jpg

Daylight is longer and it is so welcome. You can see after the big warm up earlier in the week , more snow arrived. I took the time to assemble two knitted pieces into pillows while watching football. I like the look of the pillows on my couch with the new pillows I received for Christmas. I really like the look of the multiple textures including my crocheted Santa and the Ralphie quilt.

I did start a large indoor fairy garden, my sister made the pieces in the front: mushrooms, beehive, gnome, and bird house. It is not finished. I want to get some moss, add some greens and whatever else comes my way. My trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday brought many ideas!

I have decided that 2016 was a great year for me. Lots of great things happened, I worked hard at my job. I am working locally now and don’t have to commute 2-3 times a week for 40 miles. I traveled to many wonderful Highland games, went to lots of great places and had wonderful adventures. We went to Chicago to celebrate 30 years of marriage as well as Detroit, Grand Rapids, for weekend trips. A grand child was born and we were able to visit and help after her birth. I was motivated to get healthy after being diagnosed with diabetes and we changed gyms this week. And quilting I had a quilt in the MQX show, I made several quilts, finished more and have been planning next years! I started a Podcast, too.  I have to say I have been knitting and crocheting. Zentangle helps me survive meetings …. whew.

What could anyone ask for? Good friends, good food, travel, love and creativity. I don’t expect 2017 to be any less of an adventure. Happy New Year to all !





Podcast #8 Losing and Finding Things

December 29, 2016 for all Scottish Treats!

 Link to book nerd quilt:


More quilts done

December 19, 2016


The quilt that is the the overall orange stars is a lovely quilt that is a sample for a shop in Alpena called Yarns to Go. They have quilting fabrics too. I love this pattern. I did different stitches in each border-swirls, paisley, swirls and then did an overall feather in the center. I love the texture ! Such a good job Durenda the piecing is fab!

The last two quilts are more customer quilts that had overall stipple stitch on them. I know that the people who will receive each one will appreciate the work that the maker put into them.

I am thinking about what to do on the next quilt, it is pressed and I will loaded it today. I will ring in the New Year quilting I am sure. I am such a party animal, lol.








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