Log Cabin

2015-11-17 06.59.10

I ran out of thread for this quilt. I had to order more and this delayed finishing it.

I also discovered near the end that I didn’t have enough backing fabric. So I consulted You Tube and found a method to add backing fabric with the quilt still on the frame. I stitched a line for sewing. I Pinned the pinned the additional back on the bottom of the quilt back and then I sewed it on. I trimmed the seam allowance, pinned the back and then repositioned the batting and the top.




Here is the finished Product! I have enough backing fabric. I absolutely love the color choices on this. Hot purples and oranges. They are so well chosen. The quilt is made by a 90 year old lady. It is perfectly pieced. It is KING sized. I quilted a free motion all over hook feather on it in the purple based red thread. Last picture is of the back. Now to bury a few threads and load another on the frame.


2015-11-06 21.30.082015-11-05 20.46.42

These little tangles are the result of a class I took to make Christmas cards with tangles as the focus on the card. I haven’t finished any but I think I will try to and then mail (really??) old-fashioned snail mail to a few people. I haven’t sent any Christmas cards out in years. I think I may try.

I have been studying more on the Zen part of the zentangle. NOW DONT misunderstand me. I am not changing my thoughts on my Savior, I am a Christian. What I am focusing on is the deep connection of how my tense body is all the time, how is connects to my physical pain and shallow breathing. All of these things bring my more physical pain. I am also looking at how mindfulness exercises during my Zentangle drawing helps me to reel my internal conversations in and focus on what is important and what I am doing right now. I am focusing on checking my body tension, how I am holding my neck, shoulders and back as well as breathing deeply.

2015-11-12 17.52.36

So this is the result of all of that talk above. I was in a 5 hour conference this week. The speaker was wonderful. I listen better when I doodle or draw. I figured this out in school. So I brought my micron pen and drawing paper. I learned so much on a topic that made me very sad and uncomfortable for 5 hours. Domestic violence and children. It is a required training for work. It was sooooo sad. But I survived and learned without much added pain by tangling for 5 hours. I shared my paper with my table mates. They loved drawing to cope to. Sure beats burning up my data on my cell phone.

And that leads me to another insight. I am trying to be online a bit less and living, laughing and loving with real people more. I have had some startling revelations about this both good and bad…. like I enjoy the company of people. I find out many people are not who I thought they were, and I am learning that I should try to continue my relationship in some way even though there are things there that make me uncomfortable in an emotional way. I am re-learning that not all people think like I do but surprisingly many people do. And even that the real unplugged world is still beautiful and full of people who are caring. It is worth the time and sacrifice to find out. Ya, Zentangle started that.

Now, don’t get scared…. I am not going to stop my social media or anything that well, crazy. But you may see me in the virtual world a little bit less.



2015-11-12 12.36.022015-11-12 07.22.43To counteract the gremlins that have plagued me all week, I decided to work on the next two blocks in the Tula Pinks 100 block City Sampler today. I pieced these before work and during lunch. I like them and I keep digging through my fabric stash and I am finding lots of goodies and they actually go together.

2015-11-12 16.26.09

I started this quilt called “giggles” for a coworker who commissioned it for a new baby in her family. It uses the Sidekick ruler and I have to say it is going together nicely. It has video tutorials online by the quilter who invented it Jaybird Quilts. I am hoping to build on this skill and teach a class for this and Night Sky, by Jaybird Quilts also , at the Local quilt shop after the Holiday season.

So what were the gremlins that kept showing up? Well……

2015-11-12 21.59.29

Every piece of technology outside of my smartphone would not work. The computers at work were slowed to dial up speeds. My laptop kept auto updating a driver that make my screen dim, and Geek Squad helped several times but didn’t solve it. I did after searching the internet for two days. TGFG—-thank God for Google,lol.

2015-11-10 07.16.51

And sadly enough, I ran out of red thread for the queen sized log cabin quilt on my quilt frame. Only longarmers would understand, it Christmas quilt season and customers are impatient and last minute. And I only have 3 rows left, so production ground to a halt. Did I say this was the week that I had lots of extra time to finish it due to Veterans Day being off.

Well it wasn’t really, evidently I was placed on call for the holiday after the first of the month when I checked the schedule. I worked a few hours yesterday and the leaves didn’t get raked on the last nice day of the fall.

But, the first quilt blocks and baby quilt was what I did instead. That’s a nice tradeoff.


Fabrics I have recently added

Tula pink’s Eden via pink castle fabrics

The lovely hunt unicorn and sale fabrics from Pink Castle Fabrics. I got three Unicorns in my repeat. It reminded me of the tapestry in Stirling Castle in Scotland! So I had to get it.

Moda grunge from Hancocks of Paducah






This is more fabrics from Hancock’s, I am not making the pattern on the Morrison brights but I am sure that I will come up with something, Lastly, some pictures from an outing Saturday. Look close andunder the Mackinac bridge is a frieghter . Our timing was good.

Now stay tuned for what i am going to do with these precious bundles of joy, lol

A collaboration


Lots of thinking and looking at all angles!image



Last weekend, I was able to join my quilt group for a exercise in collaboration. We started with one quilt block and then the stack of fabrics was presented with some pictures for inspration. We had our names drawn from a hat and that person, with input from the group, made something to add to the quilt. The goal was to make a charity quilt that is 60 i ches by 60 inches.

We spent about 7 hours and the last person took the components home and was making setting pieces as in the picture. I made the strippy improv section on the bottom left. The inspiration block is above mine. The whole quilt was pieced improv…no patterns. We had to intuituvely make something using what was left in the fabrics. I think my blocks curved pices dont show up much and needs an applique circle, i am not 100 percent happy with mine. But I could work on my section for a whole day on its own.

Overall, a really great exercise for creativity in a beautiful setting withsome great ladies. Just what I needed


Keeping busy isn’t a problem

2015-11-03 06.21.11I keep making a few blocks a week From Tula Pinks 100 modern blocks City Sampler. I confess I did buy some of her new line and it came in the mail. I cant decide if I want to add it to this scrap quilt or if I want to make another quilt with it. The prints are large so I think they are better suited for a different quilt. I am not in a hurry to finish this quilt the blocks are 6.5 inches and fun to sew.

2015-11-04 17.25.30 2015-11-04 17.25.40

Everyone in the neighborhood is raking leaves…. but our trees are still holding their leaves! We will be raking soon. Strong winds yesterday may have knocked them down… and maybe blew some down the road too.

2015-11-05 12.58.51

My next commissioned quilt is giggles by jaybird quilts. The sidekick ruler is the key and you can see it in the top of the picture. I am  using scraps here to practice using the ruler. It is going to be white and bright solid colors in the final quilt. I like the night sky quilt made with this ruler and several other quilts featured on her website. Soooooo, tula’s fabrics may be destined for one of these quilts.

2015-11-05 20.46.42 2015-11-06 21.30.08

I took a Zentangle class this week with the focus on making Christmas cards. I wound up the only student with the Teacher and we had a wonderful time. I keep practicing and I think that I may try to make a couple of cards.

2015-11-02 12.47.52 One row at a time I am longarming Helens jewel of a quilt.

2015-10-31 09.19.49I am also crocheting these little bright grannies in the evening and during lunch.

2015-11-06 06.52.12 Gotta say I bought a panel for making an advent calendar and the instructions are British. I didn’t get them and spent lots of time researching how to make this on the internet. I got it now and this needs to get finished soon too. Overall, I don’t have a problem keeping busy outside of my 40 hour work week.



2015-11-03 21.04.57 2015-10-25 16.34.07 2015-10-26 17.39.06 2015-10-26 17.39.14 2015-10-26 17.42.32 2015-10-26 17.43.16



Tweet is the name of this kit by Robert Kaufman. I have never worked with minkee before but I carefully watched the tutorials that were made for this kit and followed the directions. I did use heat and press interfacing on the seam. I   quilted it with free motion swirls. It has a white cotton back. It turned out just like the picture on the kit! It was bought at Keepsake Quilting. My worries with working with this fabric was unfounded, I must say. The cuddle fabric is very soft and luxurious! It was delivered to my customer and will be well loved by a new baby.