Hey all!


I won a sweet Sew Mama Sew giveaway from Jen at Quilty Habit!  I love these fabrics so much and the key lanyard is amazing. Thanks, Jen, I am so thrilled to be the winner!


This weekend was the first Highland games  of the season. My husband did well and I think we will have so much fun this year.


Here is the caber toss that wowed the crowd and raised money for the Wounded Warrior charity.


I had to sneak in a few dances in between events….adorable


Found a fairy door at the craft sale. Of yeah, went home with me.


And I helped present a Quilt of Valor to a veteran on Sunday. He was so thrilled and a big thanks to the 20 pair of hands that made the blocks. Here are a few close up pictures of the quilt.





Bowtie quilt

2015-05-11 12.35.46 2015-05-12 07.45.42 2015-05-12 07.46.00 2015-05-12 07.46.10

Amy made this bowtie quilt. It is all hand pieced and has some pieces surprises in the border. I quilted an all over curl design on this in a light color. I use Sew Fine by Superior in color 402. I love how soft this is. It has a Hobbs 80/20 batting in it. Very snuggly! Wonderful job Amy, you have inspired me to get a hand work project going now that I am nearing the end of my knit project.

2015-05-20 12.41.22

Sneak peek at the next quilt I am working on!


Yay and not


Sewing the binding on by hand on my quilt of valor. Full pics and post after it is done. I have to say it really turned out well. Many hands make for light work.


Progress on my chopstick blocks. I described how to make this super easy block in a previous post. I love the ombre grey for backgrounds in some of the blocks. It will take tons of the 8 inch blocks to make a twin but I love how they are nearly mindless to sew.


This cool tote bag is a gift from Quiltmaker 100 blocks for being a block tester. Perfect to use for my quilt meetings!


Not liking the ribbons. Now to rip it out and think of something different. Making progress on ripping it out….5 minutes of stitching makes for over 1 hour of ripping and very sore hands.

More new things to come! A slow stitching sewing project.

Start of the gardening season



I was in the yard today trying to get the flowerbeds presentable. Its a process for me. I made it about an hour before the sun and watery eyes got me, lol. So the plants randomly set in the raised bed in the first pic are the start of my fairy garden.  Why isnt it planted yet, you may ask…..never before Memorial Day here in my part of Michigan.  Yes , the later this weekthe forecast is on the 40s for the high.

I have adopted the slow stitching movement to gardening. It’s about the enjoyment of each step not a big rush for a finished product. So today was weeding and planning …..and I have hostas and sedum and some other little plants to add from my established beds that are a bit shaggy looking. I love the plants to be a bit grown together.

I have been sewing and enjoying a quiet day home. Next weekend is the kickoff to my husbands highland games season and we will be busy traveling and embracing summer.

Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Vol 11

2015-01-19 10.45.20

Debbies Favorite Star on page 31. I really enjoyed this block, the stars are paper pieced and it has a very intricate look.

2015-01-03 08.56.06

This is bronco’s Star on page 46. I did this block in soft colors but it looks great in bright and bold colors. It is a really pretty double star.

2014-11-25 06.44.37

This block is called Quarter Turn on page 50. This block is a cuts set of 4 friendship stars with movement in the little squares in the back ground.

I love testing the patterns for upcoming magazine. I found these blocks to really be interesting and would make some lovely quilts!

2015-05-14 07.48.52 2015-05-14 07.49.02

I am free motion quilting a Quilt of Valor currently. I have been experimenting with some new to me stitching on it. I love how things come together and some of the stitching looks ok some good but overall it has a nice look. I bought a 100% poly batting that is made by the Warm company. It feels like a cotton batting and so far I like this happy little mistake.

happy Friday everyone!


Quiltmakers 100 Block Vol 11

2015-02-16 17.48.52

This is the next set of blocks I tested the patterns for in this magazine.  This block is called Pin-terest wheels on page 60. I like the little pinwheels and they ended up looking pretty good. It is pieced and I don’t usually trad piece things this small. It is very cute.

2015-01-31 10.22.03

This block is applique and pieced. Overall it went together really well. It is called Good Day Sunshine on page 30. I like the two colors in the background of the sun. And I must say that what a difference a new sewing machine makes for nice stitches. Applique isn’t as hard to do.

2015-01-22 18.02.30

This is a really fun block and I think it would have a great secondary design if many were put together for a quilt. It is called Off the Rails on page 62. It is a nice triple rail fence variation. I like how you could use bold colors and it would be  a stand out block.

I am still testing patterns for and volume 12 looks like fun stuff! More to come for Vol 11 tomorrow.


Quiltmaker 100 block Vol 11

I am showing blocks that I tested for this issue of the magazine. I enjoyed seeing all of the creativity that was present in the blocks!

2015-03-04 21.06.28

This is called Lover’s Knot. It is a really interesting block on it’s own but I think that it would look great in a group of 4. I was able to piece the curve without much difficulty! Page 56 in the magazine.

2015-02-26 07.47.30

This block is called Tea for Tulips on pate 35. It is all applique for the center and I was able to complete it without any big problems which is a big deal for me because applique is not my strong suit. It is really a cute block.

2015-02-22 19.42.07

This block is called Tiny Dresden flags on page 38. I love the blog but my poor piecing applique on the tiny Dresden’s in the blue fields were not easy. The effect is very cute. My red lines wobbled a bit. I think I would do better if I tried this block again and It may be one I would paper piece to keep the lines sharp. This would make a wonderful quilt of Valor.

I want to wish all out there a wonderful Mother’s day! I have had a day of relaxing, sewing quilting and being treated to lunch. I  would like to honor all today for those who are Mom’s, who have had to be a Mom, grandmother and those to were influenced by you!