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2016-07-16 21.38.43

My husband and I graduated from the same High School. We went to a multi year class reunion last night. I haven’t had  a chance to see people we went to school outside of our class in years. There were people from all generations, sooo cool from 1943 to 2010. My name tag said I graduated from 1965 not 1984. We made jokes all night, you know, I was well preserved and cougar before it was popular etc. Lots of reminiscing, had good food and a good time.


2016-07-17 11.45.052016-07-17 17.30.20

I made 40 of these Modern Birds in the Air blocks in the spring and mailed them off for a block swap. I received my blocks yesterday. I  sewed them up today in to a quilt top. I have blocks from Australia, Scotland, Canada and many US states. Each is signed by the maker.  I hope to meet some of the Michigan quilters at the Grand Rapids AQS show. I am quilting a few for customers then I want to get mine quilted. I am thinking my day job is gonna get really busy since we are short staffed  and long arming for others , except for friends, and such will really slow down.



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Saline Celtic Festival



This Highland games was at a festival that had all types of interactive events. It has all types of activities, for example, fencing, sword handling lessons, birds of prey, the SCA and historic reinactors and jousting. My husband had great fun at this game. It was a lovely shady 75 degrees. In years past it was nearly 100 here and high humidity. Great time spending time with my friends and family. I didn’t get pictures of all events. I did get some videos but I seem to have problems learning  how to download the files to my computer and then I don’t have the patience to edit. I have 2 games to edit and I want to do that this week.

Other goals : Long arm 2 quilts. Make a swap block , Keep up with my Quiltmaker’s test blocks. Make one pillow case dress. Go for little walks and get to the gym, get started on my Podcast by recording some tests

I also started playing Pokémon Go. I love it and think it is a very cool new mobile game. I think it will get people outside, learn about different sites as well as their history and walk. I haven’t been in our downtown area in a long time. I walked to the sights , I caught Pokémon and I talked to several people I didn’t know. I was so fun! So not what I would usually do. AND I haven’t seen that many people in our downtown area in years. I think it is a good thing. And to all who don’t understand it …. that’s ok but don’t get nasty about it.


Happy 4th Everyone!

2016-07-02 16.46.42 2016-07-03 12.05.00

I have been working on these blocks for my Mom. We bought the BOM together but there were issues with fabric not cut correctly and they are paper pieced. She gave the blocks to me when all the issues were discovered and I am giving them back to her, it’s taking me a couple of years but the time is now.  We will finish our quilts about the same time, whoooo hooo. We used to live very close but now we live a couple of hours away to we still can quilt together virtually and occasionally together. I have a couple of blocks on mine where things aren’t correct and I am going to try to make a block to finish it. Creative opportunities, right? The store who did the BOM is out of business and the book is pictured. Not sure if it is still available for those who have asked. I found a link in a Canadian shop. I will have to find some fabric, I think. Even with the issues this will be finished and it is a spectacular quilt and the design is amazing.

2016-07-03 16.51.02 Mom gave me these pre cuts, too. I sewed the yesterday. I am going to either make a table runner out of them or an advent calendar. Not sure which yet, gotta think about it. I have never appliqued anything so large. Ideas? Fuseable , dryer sheet method or just pin and blanket stitch? I am open to any ideas and tips. The centers are just on the Dresden plates for the photo .

2016-07-04 08.03.53Shameless plug, I have 4 quilts on Handmade at Amazon. I have a store there and I can keep it open until the end of 2017 to see if I like it. Do you or anyone you know need a quilt? Link is on the sidebar near the top. I will keep adding more and more as I finish them. Spread the word!

2016-07-02 22.26.37

We went to our little Lake and watched the fireworks on Saturday. There was a big problem …… they ran the show backwards. Finally we had good year for weather to see the celebration!!! They did the Finale first and the show ended with one little puff of a fire work. So anticlimactic….  Oh well, we have had 4 opportunities to see Fireworks this weekend and the big show is tonight in our neighboring town. We sat next to the people doing the big show at the lake and we all went…. WHAT HAPPENED HERE? Nice people and funny jokes went around.

I did get a interesting pic of the lake, the sunset, boats on the lake and spectator.  And one lone  firework.



End of June already?

Here are a couple of things I have started this week. I am making a scarf made from sock yarn. Yay the stripes are lining up! I have two Zentangles going. I have to decide how to shade and finish them. Lastly is a customer quit, the back view, that I was working on this week. It needs to be finished and on to the next one to long arm.

I finished one of two mini quilts that will be use as should pads for my husband and a friend. See the little tartan piece on the border? They need pad when they throw caber. This is the first little project I made after I cleaned up the rails on the long arm frame. The lint build up was causing the long arm to not want to travel properly. Dusting wasn’t enough! And the leggings were sent off to the grand daughters and they fit. Yes, I may just be able to make garments!!! Two confidence boosters of the week.:)

I have had a time at work where one of my long time coworkers left after a string of people retired. The hole in the team is surely felt. I knew her for over 20 years. That’s a long time. I must say I cried at the party and have a feeling of loss and the question is what’s gonna happen now weighs heavy on everyone’s mind. It made me really think about my career goals and such. I am not changing anything but I had lots of long hours thinking about how everything is gonna change, where I will land in the mix and my quilting goals. Now we just wait and see how it is all gonna shake out.

And I was shocked to look at the calendar and realize this weekend is the 4th of July. Summer’s fly around here. I am gonna squeeze as much out of the warm days as possible.




2016-06-26 17.51.18

I have been working on my Emeralds quilt with different green squares in the middle. It is to celebrate my 50th birth year. I discovered that I could put a simple EQ rendering up on my workbench using a magnetic clip. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? I have 10 blocks done now, 40 to go.




2016-06-27 07.49.11


I loaded a quilt made with the 10 minute quilt block. It is all flannel and yes it is hot outside ! I am quilting it with a masculine looking circuit bord look with swirls on the border and a big spiral in the blue diamonds.


a little of this and that

2016-06-20 22.36.37

It was a full moon on the summer solstice. It happens only once every 70 years, so rare! However, it set up a week of work being a full moon week. One complete disaster after another.  I have worked in 4 different offices/departments in 5 days. It was frought with frustration and tears.


2016-06-21 07.02.43

I did a block exchange and Here is the Quatrefoil block I made with  extras for her. I hope she likes it! I have to get to the post office today.



2016-06-21 07.46.33

I am finishing up these leggings. I spent a long time rethreading that darn serger but it works like a dream. Mostly operator error, I am not familiar with the machine.

2016-06-25 12.50.11

I have lots to learn and I hope they fit because I have pink knit to make into pants, too!



2016-06-25 08.19.22

I am coloring this quilt and decided to not buy more fabric pens, they are expensive! It is an experiment so I want to use up the paing pens I have. I will invest in the Jacquard paints for the next one to see how that works because it looks like you can achieve shading. I saw this idea by


2016-06-25 12.41.58

I had Zentangle group this week and we did the I am a Diva challgene, she posts one weekly on her blog. Black and White and Red all over. Here is mine. I love Zentangle. I need to draw more to prep me for other creative things. It is also very relaxing.

2016-06-25 08.22.36

I received these lovely blocks in the mail from Amy my #helloblockswap partner on She did such a wonderful job, I love the teals and greys. She did a great job making improv blocks. I am soooo happy. Exchanges are so much fun!!!

This weekend is home, gardening, longarming and cleaning. Got a new vacuum, gotta put it together.

Its the little things that make me so happy in spite of the Strawberry moon,




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