2015-08-31 12.49.02 2015-08-31 12.49.15 Pillow shams were made for this wonderful Queen Sized quilt that you will see later. I am free motion quilting feathers all over on the shams as well as the quilt.

2015-08-31 12.49.31 Here is a detail pic of the edge of the sham. I had to do a bit of creative feathers to fill the space.


2015-08-27 17.44.14 2015-08-27 17.44.16 

This stunning quilt is pieced by a lovely lady who is 90. She is arthritic in her hands and her hip. So I can totally relate because I share the same joint issues. She keeps on sewing, yes!!!! She had me quilt feathers all over.  I had to press the quilt top before I put it on the frame. The backing fabric was a little narrow so I added muslin to the width left over from a previous project I did for he……r and then I realized the back was only  4 inches longer than the top. Not ideal for overall fmq feathers!!! The flying geese border made this quilt keep growing!!! But as you can see there was just enough, but I was sweating it . The other picture is a detail shot of the back. wpid-wp-1440761974324.jpegwpid-wp-1440761913657.jpeg

I love quilting lovelies for women who are in their 90’s!! You rock.


Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and then home.

2015-08-22 09.58.58 2015-08-22 09.59.09 2015-08-22 09.59.21 2015-08-22 09.59.53I loved this little Scottie at the Clan tent at the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival. She has a little doggie kilt and tam. I want. The games had tons of athletes but it went smoothly and we were done by 5pm.

2015-08-22 10.03.39 2015-08-22 10.04.20 2015-08-22 10.08.24 2015-08-22 10.09.13Stone throw  2015-08-22 10.31.25 2015-08-22 10.31.26Weight for distance   2015-08-22 11.55.58 2015-08-22 11.56.00Hammer throw 2015-08-22 11.56.39Kids fighting for freedom from the English 2015-08-22 12.22.28 2015-08-22 12.23.13 2015-08-22 13.22.34 My favorite Meat pies!!! Yummy2015-08-22 13.23.09 2015-08-22 13.49.28 2015-08-22 13.52.34 2015-08-22 14.03.15Caber  2015-08-22 14.49.53 2015-08-22 15.03.46 2015-08-22 15.54.30snuck away from the festival once I realized a Quilt shop was 3 miles away… yeah I bought stuff. I even bought a row by row license plate. I am pretty excited  2015-08-22 16.27.56Weight over bar 2015-08-22 16.30.22 2015-08-22 16.30.35 2015-08-22 16.33.38 and a jig at the end of the day.

Then we drove to Grand Rapids and went to the John Ball Zoo. We got caught in a torrential down pour but it didn’t stop up from seeing everything. It is a great zoo in a lovely wooded forest. I loved it!!!

2015-08-23 12.00.38 2015-08-23 12.00.52 Bees!2015-08-23 12.03.20 2015-08-23 12.07.57 2015-08-23 12.15.47 2015-08-23 12.16.57 2015-08-23 12.29.56 2015-08-23 12.30.46 2015-08-23 12.33.52 2015-08-23 12.34.14 2015-08-23 12.42.00 2015-08-23 12.43.08 2015-08-23 12.48.23 2015-08-23 13.00.14 2015-08-23 13.00.27 2015-08-23 13.13.15 2015-08-23 13.36.11 2015-08-23 13.36.14 2015-08-23 13.56.36 2015-08-23 14.05.42 2015-08-23 14.05.49 2015-08-23 14.05.51 2015-08-23 14.08.06 2015-08-23 14.10.22 2015-08-23 14.12.37 2015-08-23 14.12.40 2015-08-23 14.12.42 2015-08-23 14.13.54We were really soaked but there was enough shelters and indoor exhibits that we had a great time.

2015-08-23 14.19.54 2015-08-23 14.20.32 2015-08-23 14.21.57 2015-08-23 14.51.30 2015-08-23 18.32.45 2015-08-23 21.36.07 Here are more pics from the K zoo games.   On Monday, we took our son back to college, moved him in and grocery shopped.  Then home. I had to drive our second car . I am not used to driving in the city!!! we live in what my grandma Whew, lots of activity this weekend.

2015-08-25 10.06.55 2015-08-25 11.52.04 I have been back to quilting hook feather. And I worked on my other quilt projects. I did work on my Renfest skirt. It may be salvageable. I am pretty sure that I will be doing tons of quilting and sewing.

2015-08-25 15.41.34 2015-08-25 15.42.00 2015-08-25 15.42.13 I went to the quilt shop to pick up thread. And I had to take pics of the three quilts I did for them over the summer. You can see them on display and the info about the quilt kits are on the signs next to the quilts. I am pretty proud of the work I did on these quilts. The kits are at Delphine’s Quilt shop in Gaylord, Michigan.

Today felt like my fall New Years day. It’s cold , rainy and the leaves are changing …. back to school.

catching up

2015-08-12 07.28.49 2015-08-12 07.28.57 - Copy 2015-08-12 07.28.57 2015-08-12 07.31.33

This is the most recent quilt I have finished for Delphine’s Quilt Shop. I did light custom work on it with curls in the white, pebbles on the frames and spirals on the flowers. The back had an inserted panel. It turned out to be so cute!

2015-08-01 13.17.53 We went to the Detroit St Andrew’s society games and my husband participated in the tug of war. His team won first place!

2015-08-08 13.36.02 2015-08-08 13.39.47 2015-08-11 10.51.29 2015-08-08 21.47.48 The next weekend we went to Sparta and had a very long but fun day. I enjoy the music and dance there. I was able to get a selfie with the MC of the day Liam the extra large Leprechaun.  I can see it all from the athletic field and I didn’t miss a thing, which I loved. My husband took second!

2015-08-13 08.10.03I am still adding borders to my 6.5 blocks that were left from my Civil War Diary Quilt and Farmers wife. I am going to run out of border fabric before I run out of blocks! I am going to have to come up with projects for the ones that are left!

2015-08-15 13.23.11I ordered these IKEA panels and they came in. I make them into curtains. I  cut them a bit short so I am going to  decide if I want to leave them like this or add some lace or get some rings to hang them on. I love the print and the amount of light. I have several decorating projects to do this fall including setting up the new entertainment center we bought while visiting IKEA a couple of weeks ago.

2015-08-15 17.28.45 And here is my current long arm project. I have had to load it twice. It was too narrow. I swear this quilt top is growing because now the back is only 4 inches longer than the top. I hope it works out otherwise I may be going to the store to buy some muslin for the back!!!  It will have overall feathers on it. I am going to be optimistic that it will work. Wish me luck, I may need it

We have several Highland games left, 2 more in August and then 2 in September. I have lots of quilting planned. I am going to be doing lots of quilting starting in September as I will have more time at home. I have several of my own quilts to do! And guess what I have a couple of UFOs and I am starting Tula Pink’s City quilt blocks. I am having too much fun.

I have decided that I am going to focus on longarming and finishing up UFO’s this year. I have plans to get a self published book in the future but I need a few more really interesting patterns to think up yet! I have also decided that this blog will be my electronic diary as I think that blogging is really out of fashion these days. I am using Instagram for most of my daily posting. It is short and sweet!

As summer winds down, the leaves are starting to change here and school is getting ready to get back into session. Our youngest will be going back to college next weekend…. I feel like a new year is upon me and that is why I am making plans for the next year. I am thinking that I would like to get things wrapped up in unfinished things. Why, well spring is a big decade birthday and I am going to focus more on new things after that I believe. So as in typical new year’s fashion …. out with the old and in with the new!!!



I have decided to start taking the paper off the backs of these blocks orphaned from the Civil War Diary Quilt and the Farmers Wife projects. They are teeny little 6  inch blocks with a 3.5 inch border. I have over 30 of these blocks, so i am going to make several twin quilts in different layouts. 


I have started quilting this sample for the local quilt shop. I am making a large curls in white, pebbles in the green frames and spirals in the floral squares.


I went to the community garden during lunch this week and this is what i saw……


I saw butterflies, havent seen them in a couple of years.



Love the glass sculptures


And bees, havent seen many in years


The maze made me feel like i was in Harry Potter


By my works back door ,yeah i am pretty  lucky


Another quilt view. Its been a good week



Finished and delivered this beauty




Quilts are loved by so many and it’s really special when adult children ask Mom to make a quilt. Thus is one of those. The colors are perfect and the batiks are so rich. Sue made this for one of her kids, and it should be well recieved! 

I did an overall freemotion feather with a leaf like spine in it to compliment the fabrics. I love how it just added texture.

Love this quilt!

Saturday was great

2015-07-17 07.46.26

I started the day out with cleaning up the house and quilting a row on my friends quilt. I am finding that I really like doing projects one row at a time, one step at a time, one 30 minute increment at a time and then find other things to do. Then we had an outing planned. I have been feeling a little under the weather with allergies and a cold but I went. I was thinking maybe I should have stayed home but it was such a nice, hot day and getting out was just what the doctor ordered.

2015-07-17 18.26.52All I could think about was this meme…. because people don’t always get my need to be making something all the time.

2015-07-18 16.53.24 2015-07-18 16.54.21

We went to Frankenmuth to have dinner and prior to dinner we stopped at Bronner’s Christmas store. Yay, I could walk through it today….it’s packed all year long. As is much of Frankenmuth. We stopped at Got Kilt and The Woolen store. I always find fabrics and such. I was tempted to buy the sock monkey book.  I also stopped at Best Buy for a sound bar and Toys R Us for fun. Yikes, lots of shopping! But it was fun.

2015-07-18 17.20.07

2015-07-18 17.33.55

The gardens are so beautiful in this town. Puts my little messy cottage garden to shame, however, I loved these zinnias.

2015-07-18 19.40.24 2015-07-18 19.41.13 2015-07-18 19.41.27 2015-07-18 19.42.32 2015-07-18 19.42.56

We had dinner at a pub called Tiffany’s and it is exquisitely decorated. I was able to see Jerry off to his adventure in Texas, he is the young man in the picture waving at the camera, he wants to be a firefighter. I visited with my friends and had a great dinner.  Most of us don’t live close to each other and making time together is special. What a way to spend a day.

2015-07-18 21.55.38

The moon was rising and the sky was lovely on the way home, you may need to click on the picture to enlarge it and see the detail. Summers are too short, I feel the time slipping away already. Had a great day and I was really glad I went.