Being creative is a messy job much of the time! You can see the progress on the Mario block. The other pictures are random ones I took this week. I made the meme using my cell phone!

Feeling a bit better. Sleeping is good. I have a nice bruise where the lab drew my blood, sign of getting old. I also got a free pill box at the Dr  because I can’t remember if  I took my morning meds …. Hahahaha. Happens to everyone in time, I guess. All is well and I just have to work with a bit of exercise induced asthma most likely a bit of residual inflammation from the bronchitis/pneumonia I had a while ago. Everyone at work had it and a few of us are still dealing with residual issues from it – cough etc.


Now to figure out what I want to make. I think I will make another owl amigurumi. A bigger one this time like this one :

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Feeling a bit nostalgic….and a bit sleep deprived

It has been a week of insomnia. Many people I know in the community as well has my household has had this as a problem. For me, It started with our neighbors fighting in our yard the week before Thanksgiving. That was intense and the police were called on them twice in a week. Then it snowed and there is tons of noise with snow removal in the early morning hours. I think the days of darkness haven’t helped.


While lying wide awake, I have thought of many things. I have been thinking about Christmas and what to make. Thinking of holidays past. Thinking about all the colleges we have visited with my son and where he may go. All the proofs of his pictures to make decisions about. All the other things that rip through your mind in the middle of the night…. like why is everyone else having problems sleeping. Why is it so cold? Then why is it so hot? Ugh….


Then I realized it is just a good time to lie still and listen. To pray, to realize that it will pass. I also will have to chat with the doctor about it today. I may be coming down with a cold too. I have to talk to him about my thyroid meds as it tends to be too much every once in a while. I have to get serious about losing weight. I feel better, sleep better, less pain and lower cholesterol when I weigh less. I know all of this and need to get serious again about losing a large amount of weight. If it were only that easy, right!

 I decided if I have insomnia tonight, I will think about how I would spend $500 million dollars if I won the big lottery jackpot.


I would start by buying everyone I know a new iPad. And pay off bills. And…. And….



Winds of change are blowing….

And I have landed here! 

On the quilting front, I am continuing the Super Mario Quilt along. Here is my progress so far:

I have completed another crochet amigurumi.  A free pattern here. I’m really finding that this is such an instant gratification project!

And in other news, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

 Yes, we are hand shovelling until we can pick up the snowblower!!

Vicki H.