Being creative is a messy job much of the time! You can see the progress on the Mario block. The other pictures are random ones I took this week. I made the meme using my cell phone!

Feeling a bit better. Sleeping is good. I have a nice bruise where the lab drew my blood, sign of getting old. I also got a free pill box at the Dr  because I can’t remember if  I took my morning meds …. Hahahaha. Happens to everyone in time, I guess. All is well and I just have to work with a bit of exercise induced asthma most likely a bit of residual inflammation from the bronchitis/pneumonia I had a while ago. Everyone at work had it and a few of us are still dealing with residual issues from it – cough etc.


Now to figure out what I want to make. I think I will make another owl amigurumi. A bigger one this time like this one :

Pinned Image

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