Holiday update


The family gathered for Christmas and we had a wonderful day. My mom saved the day because she brought a ham. The turkey that we brine soaked never fully cooked. Not sure why but it didn’t.


We also took our daughter and her husband to Bronners the day after Christmas and it was a great trip. Not many people were there but it made the holiday feel longer.

We also went to see “The Hobbit.” OUr movie theater 3D is horrible. Movie was good but since the presentation was so bad we got free tickets so we went back the next day and watched Le Mes. What a treat.

Today was a wrestling tournament. Our team took first and our son had a very good day.

Now to plan for this next year. I want to lose weight. I want to get another pattern ready. I need to clean up the house and get rid of excess stuff. I hope to do more long arm quilting. I will continue to think about this until my vacation ends Wed.

It is beginning to look and feel like Christmas


I have been posting Photo a day on Facebook but decided that an update with the pics of the week would be more appropriate here on the blog. I just can’t keep up!!

I did get the urge to sew a little Christmas quilt with a Moda precut that was found in a stash. I love the Disappearing 9 patch and it really will be pretty on my table or couch….next year.

We had 18 inches on snow in one storm, that had been causing problems but we were fortunate. No loss of power and no loss of trees. Our driveway is open to the kindness of a good Samaritan who loaned us a snowblower for a while.

Santa…it was a gift from my kindergarten teacher. She made one for all of her students. My dad had her too and he has one!! I have treasured the hand painted ceramic piece. I have my funny skinny tree up, found all the favorite ornaments and decor. I feel like my house looks festive, is relatively clean and full of love with family!!

In other quilting news, a national magazine asked me to mail my orginial quilt to them. I am so excited, it may be considered for a spring magazine! More to come on that as it develops!!

Design Wall Monday


I finally have something quilt worthy to put on my blog! I am so proud of how this top turned out. Thanks to Angela at Cut to Pieces for hosting this Quilt along! I have been slowly sewing on some projects and I just don’t seem to have much quilting stuff to show on the blog. I will be back on pace in 2013 in getting projects done.

I am slowly putting up the Christmas decor and hope the tree will be up in the next couple of days. It has been a busy month with wrestling and traveling.


A Call for normalcy and routine today for me


I have continued to post the Photo of the Day on facebook for the past couple of days but not blog about it. In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, I was at the gym Friday processing this horror that was on the TV in my field of vision. I was on my favorite treadmill and I saw the fern that was green in front of me. Green was the topic of the photo a day. I thought of the green representing new life and new beginnings. Hard concepts on a day where all of humanity stops and crys out…..

Saturday started at 8am with a haircut. Then clean up the house and then grocery shopping. We spent the rest of the day shopping in Traverse City for Christmas. I was overwhelmed, no plan, crowded and in a bit of a funk in light of what has happened in this world. It is one of those moments that collectively the human race stopped to mourn and people were a bit somber while shopping.

The weather was rainy all day so I took this picture late in the evening on our way home. Photo a day topic was Outdoors. I didn’t really see anything photo worthy that afternoon. The rain on the car windows represented the mood, and maybe a bit of cleansing.

Reflecting back it was a wonderful day with my husband. We had a lovely time picking out gifts, having dinner and laughing along the way. Of course, that over rides the fears and anxiety over life events, world events and personal things.

It is Christmas by the way, I find that returning to normalcy is what keeps me balanced. During times of crisis in my life, I am the type that needs to do something. I am returning to my routine, spending time with my family, laughing loudly, loving deeply and at times just quietly sharing the room.

The process of decorating the house starts today with more moving furniture, cleaning and hauling up boxes from storage. The tree wont be decorated for a few days but the joy, peace and love of the season overcomes all.


Day 12 Hat


Hat day,  I bought this hat in Alma at the Scottish Festival a couple of years ago. I like this hat because it feels more stylish than the utilitarian hats I wear in summer and winter.

I wish I hat a huge Victorian picture hat to wear while looking in that old mirror, that was my Great Grandmothers, because she wore those types of hats back in the day!