Cheap vs. Expensive



This photo is yesterday’s photo of the day- Sweet. I think buttons are sweet, very sweet. They remind me of a time when people saved things that were considered useable for the future. The clothes were worn out but my grandmothers cut the buttons off their clothes. They saved them in a tin. I had the blessing to know three of my great-grandmother and these buttons are part of their collection plus those of my grandmothers. I learned to tat like they did and put that in the photo.


This made me think of what we have that is reuseable and saveable. Not much. I have saved a few fancy buttons off old clothes. I esp save the extra buttons that come on clothing if they are special. I also save fabric and batting scraps for quilts and yarn in small amounts. I feel that I am a good “recycler” when it comes to crafting.


However, I am also cheap. I won’t buy all the gadgets out there. I have a few rulers but not many. I use a rolling-pin for paper piecing vs a special tool because I had it on hand. I also improvise using and making my own patterns. Another item that I am using that is cheap is liquid starch by Niagara vs Best press from the quilt shop. I have also thought it through on my obsession with cotton only thread recently. The only thread that works in my long arm is 100% poly. Hmmm, so why do I need to buy the expensive cotton threads when the poly works in my sewing machine better and is stronger?? Old fashioned ideas of cotton threads being the only thread is a remnant from the quilt police.


However, I love certain expensive items and only buy them when I have the ability to splurge. Aurifil and Maderia thread. Expensive paper piecing papers. Olfa rotary cutters, blades and mats.


I also love my almost Vintage Viking Sewing machine and the Jewel long arm. Neither were cheap.


Happy Wednesday we made it halfway through the week.




  1. I agree with Liz … there’s a vast difference (in my mind) between cheap and frugal or thrifty! You’re smart with your money and that’s a good thing! I love the button picture … buttons are a favorite of mine. I’ve saved buttons forever and have a number from my grandmom’s collection. I also was given a huge collection from a friend’s mother’s collection, as a thank you for helping with her yard sale. There were some classic finds! 🙂


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