Holiday update


The family gathered for Christmas and we had a wonderful day. My mom saved the day because she brought a ham. The turkey that we brine soaked never fully cooked. Not sure why but it didn’t.


We also took our daughter and her husband to Bronners the day after Christmas and it was a great trip. Not many people were there but it made the holiday feel longer.

We also went to see “The Hobbit.” OUr movie theater 3D is horrible. Movie was good but since the presentation was so bad we got free tickets so we went back the next day and watched Le Mes. What a treat.

Today was a wrestling tournament. Our team took first and our son had a very good day.

Now to plan for this next year. I want to lose weight. I want to get another pattern ready. I need to clean up the house and get rid of excess stuff. I hope to do more long arm quilting. I will continue to think about this until my vacation ends Wed.



  1. We went to the Hobbit, gave the manager grief because of the quality of the 3D projector and left with . . . . nothing. He wouldn’t extend free tickets to dissatisfied customers. Must be we just don’t look right.


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