And then there were 4


I have 4 pineapple blocks completed. I have decided that I don’t have enough left of this little gifted fabric to make more pineapples so these 4 blocks will be a Medallion type center in this quilt. I think that it will be 50 inches square. I have played around with several ideas this evening and I have started to add the next rows. I love how this is turning out. I think that I will have the top finished tomorrow. More to come!

I am working very diligently at my resolutions. I really want to get my weight down and I have been losing a bit since Christmas. Then I go back to work and sit all day. It is amazing how a few pounds jump right back on. It also amazes me that migraines start immediately after sitting at my desk all day and stare at a computer. It just proves how bad a sedentary job is on your health. I have a nice chair and ergonomically nice office stuff but…..I have not missed any workouts and I am pushing myself a bit harder to increase the intensity. I really find eating “healthy” boring and not fun but I am trying.

FASFA is done for our high school Senior. It never ceases to amaze me how much the family contribution is. We are so very middle class and live on a very tight budget, and the number is so BIG!!! Next week we are going to a college for a scholarship competition. Hoping for a great outcome! Ah, it will all work out no matter what won’t it! 🙂



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