Design Wall Monday



I have been working on some light-hearted sewing. See the progression on my twisting pinwheels. I started with 10 , inch squares. With the leftovers i am making a little twister !

This weekend we traveled to a college for a scholarship  competition. Wrestling is still going. I think our stress levels will start winding down next month when these things are at their conclusion.

We celebrated our son’s 18th birthday all weekend. We were traveling Friday on the day and had dinner out at his choice Red Robin. Then yesterday we bought a cake with the most frosting on it!!!

I am having such problems with the Comment section on WordPress, I need someone with experience to help me I think. I can’t get it to let people comment today. Last week it was no reply blogger problems. Ugh. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Happy Monday!



  1. Hi there, I also had problems with no-reply blogger and still have no idea how to fix this. If you click on an individual post any one reading will be able to comment on that post….otherwise go to your dashboard and look at the settings under the tab discussions and check all is set as you wish, last port of call is support where lots of questions about wordpress are answered and help is at the ready.. I hope this helps. Thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog too.


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