Which One?


I am trying to fill out all of the information that is required in my quilt magazine submission. The hardest part is choosing a picture of me. I am down to these two. Which one? I want to submit the second one I think.

Which one do you like?

I am working on moving the long arm to my house from my parents studio. It looks like they are closing on their house this week. The only room in my house big enough-out side of the living room, and dining room – is my bedroom. I will be setting up a new space for myself to quilt in. I have been procrastinating on it a bit. Well, I have my naked Christmas tree still up. So yea, I am procrastinating on organizing things.

I have tons of tops to get done and I will start advertising with local people that I am ready to do longarming for other’s. I need to get some cash going. I have a trip to Scotland to save for and more importantly a kid going to college in the fall. I have a book to write and that means finished quilt tops.

Whew, I am wearing myself out this morning thinking about it all. Good think I have next Monday off for MLK day. I will need it!!!

Additional pics edit:







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