Design Wall Monday


The long arm is moved and set up at my house. My parents will be moving this next week or so and it is not being moved. I have it in my bedroom. It is a  tight fit,  but it works! I quilted this little twister from last week to test out the set up:




I am also spending MLK day quilting on my quilts. I have two customer quilts soon. I want to quilt a couple of my own to get my long arming skills sharp again after a little break and to get used to the new set up.


I took an inventory and I have 7 quilt tops to do of my own. 2 queen sized, 2 wall hanging sized, 3 twin. I have batting and backing for three. I will be well on my way to being “caught up” with NO UFO’s. LOL I know , I will always have some waiting to be finished.


I think I have the blog set so people can comment this week. I have been trying to get it right! Thanks for visiting. Be sure to check out the projects linked at








  1. Much better to have your machine at home rather than have to go somewhere else to quilt. And how nice that your hubby isn’t intimidated by having that big machine in the room with him. I had my machine in our bedroom for about 6 months prior to getting my studio and it worked great.


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