a bit of sewing has happened


I did sew two more blocks in my Block of the Month. I have two more to finish and they are the most challenging. Y seams and a mariner’s compass. I think they look cool but I am having trouble with the y seams, as usual! The blocks will be great.

I then was faced with a dilemma. I ran out of thread and couldn’t continue to sew blocks. I had no batting for the quilt on the frame. I have no money until pay-day tomorrow and no time to go to Hobby Lobby until maybe Sat but may be not until Monday because they are closed on Sunday. I am having to find something else to do. I feel a bit lost, wondering. I could get some crocheting out but I am not feeling inspired to do that.

Flower blooming on coldest days

This is a big weekend. Wrestling is a tournament tonight for the B team and A team has a very long tournament Sat. Not sure which one DS will be in yet. I am hoping to find out this afternoon before the tournament starts at 5. Ugh, sickness is running through the team so it is all last-minute in determining who will go where. It makes me a bit nuts. But only a few more and we will be done with our son wrestling as it is his senior year.

Crazy thoughts. No more being tied to the school schedule. No more sports drama. With our daughter is was stage moms and mean girls. We paid a housing deposit for college and scheduled Freshman orientation for DS. The year of change.

My parents sold their house and they are moving on Sunday. More change. It will be great for them and I will be seeing them often but it will just be different from what  it was.

Thank goodness my 50th birthday is several years away because if I got an AARP card in the mail this week, I would probably have a freak out or my head might just explode!!! Hahahaha. Now if the below zero weather would leave I think that things would be much better.

Looking forward to attending a quilt show or two this summer and fall. I am trying to get one finished before the April application deadline. I gotta get some thread!!!


Stumped on y seams

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