A little quilt



The long arm is working pretty good. I quilted this Christmas quilt to test out the set up because it was a bit bigger than the last tester quilt. The stitches are good, yes! I didn’t even have to mess with the tension. I quilted a holly leaf on  it with curls. It will make a great sample for customers.

I had a customer quilt dropped off today. It’s a good thing that cleaned up the house early because I couldn’t’ sleep in late today. I have another one coming. Bought batting for me, so I have lots of quilts in the line ready to load on the frame. Pretty exciting stuff because it has been very slow in getting any customer quilts over the last several months.

I have to say that the last two blocks in the BOM are really hard. This block has tons of partial seams. It isn’t perfect but it is done and nearly flat. The dreaded Mariner’s Compass is the last block and I am going to start it today. Hmmmm, wish me luck. I think I am gonna need it.




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