January says good bye…

February Photo A Day Challenge - Are you ready for some photo-taking fun?d


And then we will be saying hello to February soon! I love the photo a day game. I will be posting daily on the blog and there will be a picture using this prompt. I will also share it on Facebook and twitter. I can almost guarantee that the post and photo will not “go together” but that is the fun of blogging. You can do what you want!!

Winter storms have slowed life right down this past week. Travel to and from wrestling meets have been foggy, snowy or icy. We have a tournament Saturday in Alpena which is 72 miles away and it is a conference individual tournament,  but as usual we don’t know what wrestlers are going. So much drama with this sport, I am not good with it. We will go regardless as there is a certain girl over there that would like to see our son.

I am giving violin lessons again after a bit of a hiatus. She is a girl from our church. A string broke on my violin last night so it will be a creative lesson!






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