Photo a day


Since I last posted, I have been updating photo a day on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. Yes, I am on all of them. I can’t say that I really get Instagram and twitter but I am trying! If you want to follow me on those media leave a comment and I can tell you how to find me there.

The pictures are:

  • soft. There is nothing softer than cotton.
  • your name. This is my name plate at work.
  • orange. This is the gym for the district wrestling tournament in Escanaba.
  • guilty pleasure. Coffee with vanilla cream and two sugars.
  • 3pm. Our weekly pilgrammage to the grocery store.

We spent the weekend at the district wrestling tournament. Our son was going to wrestle but his knee became swollen and painful. He couldn’t participate. We cheered his team on. I think it is a sprain as it is healing with rest. The season is rapidly coming to an end. There is regional team meet on Wednesday in Mount Pleasant. It is hard to win there because those teams are really tough. We will go even if our son can’t wrestle. Wrestling this past week had so much ups and down. Tears and joy. I am worn out from the drama, the travel and the uncertainty.

That said, I took some time off this week. I work M, T, Th. I need a break. New computer programs make some of my coworkers very unhappy and they are difficult to work with then. LOL. I think it is pretty easy to use and makes life very easy. It is never easy to transition from paper to an all electronic system. I love it!!

I plan on a quiet week. Mostly at home. Much at the sewing machine. Some cleaning. Some at the long arm. I am trying to get a quilt finished for a quilt show. The dead line for entry is the end of April.



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