A new discovery

2013-03-30 21.38.20


I saw some people posting Zentangles on Pinterest. I decided to check it out. I found that the doodles I have always made have a name!!!

I checked a couple of books out from the library and I really like the book “One Zentangle a day.” Check out the official website www.zentagle.com and www.tanglepatterns.com. I also found many forms of Zentangles on Pinterest and Instagram.

It is a very relaxing way to be creative. It helps me in thinking about quilting patterns on the long arm. I also found that 3 inch tangles are easy to do in a 20 min or less time frame. I may try a 6 inch tangle soon. I am not so sure about what ZEN is but I know about being in a zone and feeling it all click.

I need a balance with these little doodles because I am tearing off paper from a quilt top that I want to try to enter in a show. That is nerve wrecking, messy and makes me sore. Ugh, paper piecing is my favorite way to piece but it is really a pain at this stage!!

Happy Easter to All!




How I am spending my Spring Break….

Soon I won’t be a slave to the school calendar. I have been working on making plans for the graduation party. The list of food, things to do and an invitation list is being formulated. We have the Senior pictures and grad announcements. Having the invitations has made it quite real that our Son’s high school graduation is coming soon.


We went to the first end of the year banquet of the year on Wednesday. I think I have 6 more to go…..It was for wrestling. It was the nicest one yet. The coach had nice things to say. Awards were passed out. Trophies given to students in honor of some deceased person who was instrumental to the program. I knew those men, and it is always a bit sad that those men are gone already. My husband made sure that one boy knew the greatness of the man for whom his trophy was given and what a great responsibility he had now to be a leader and work hard to do his best.

I have been quilting. I have to quilt a top that I have been making for a show. I am a bit afraid to put it on the frame because I am not really sure how I want to quilt it. But the deadline is looming at the end of April and I haven’t worked this hard to not follow-up and try to enter the show. I have made this as a goal in my mind and I don’t want to let my insecurities about a show stop me.

So for my little three-day weekend Spring Break, I am going to get my quilt top finished and on the frame. I want to start quilting it. There is still 3 feet of snow on the ground so Spring Cleaning will wait.

I am also going to hobby lobby to look at backing fabric for the Mario Quilt. That is a grad gift for my son and needs to get done. And I have found some interesting site on making Zentangles. I find it funny that there is a name for making the doodles I have been producing for years. I think it is time to put them in a sketch book and save the doodles for quilting inspiration. I will be talking about them more when I have doodles or tangles to show you.

Questions I ask while working out

I haven’t lifted weights in nearly a month. I have had less migraines and less joint pain. I have lots of time during my one hour cardio to let my Mind spin.

I wonder should i  cut my hair or let it grow so i can put it in a ponytail ?


How should i finish my amigurumi? Owl  bear, monkey, thing…..

I ask myself if I look ridiculous when I workout. Or do I look more ridiculous when I look in the mirror too see…..


I often think of what I want and play the “if I won the lottery” game. The latest jackpot was on the tv while working out. I would be debt free, have a quilt studio,a new car and be self employed as a quilt teacher.

Maybe i would also buy a
Gym. Then i would own it and paint it any color i wanted!

Enough silliness, time for work.


Hobby vs art


I had a moment this week when I was a bit embarrassed by how much time and resources I spend on making quilts. I have 5 more quilts to bind, 5 more to quilt and 2 in progress. I had to ask myself if this is a hobby or more of a creative art for me?

I have many quilts that I have made. I don’t give many away. We use many because it is cold. I decorate with them. Quite honestly, I am pretty emotionally attached to most of them and want to hold on to them.

 Sigh, but I need to have a better storage solution because they are literally everywhere.

I have several exciting things happening with quilts. I have one that will be featured in a magazine next month. I am finishing a quilt for consideration in a quilt show. I am gathering my thoughts to propose a book.

I had a moment and realized my quilts on hand were a product of my creativity and a tangible result in the process of meeting my goals.


Linky party Tuesday


I finished this over the weekend. I really enjoyed making this quilt. It was a free star pattern from moda and i used a layer cake plus shirting for background.


More crocheting happening, also seeing bindings on quilts. The guys have been sick do we have been staying home. Waiting for a break in the weather…..spring is a distant event for us!

Design Wall Monday



This weekend has been cold and snowy. The fam has been sick and it was a quiet weekend at home. Perfect for quilting. I was able to quilt a small twin sized quilt that will be a warm snuggly quilt in my home. I used a light cream colored thread. I free hand quilted curls, leaves and a fan like flower all over it. I have been sewing another quilt that I want to enter in a show.  I am going to try to enter even if it doesn’t make it, I am pretty excited to do something so different.

Last year it was an early spring and 75 degrees on St Patricks Day. We are at 16 degrees this year with more snow this weekend. What a difference each year is!

random thoughts on a Thursday

I often think of things that I don’t really know where it comes from or why. But they are things that occupy my mind in a weird way….

Why does my neighbor leave her passenger window open on her car most of the time, especially when its raining or snowing? She closes it occasionally so I know that the window closes…. is there a funny smell in the car that needs to “air out”?

Another thought is that why do people insist on riding bikes on the road during the winter months? Its slippery and we have a bus system… is so dangerous.

Since smoking has been banned in most buildings, I have run the gauntlet of smokers to get into any building. And now all the neighbors who smoke sit outside… grr, I can’t even sit outside without gagging on their smoke. Gets me upset.

Dogs is another things. I loved my dogs but man, my neighbors all have multiple dogs. My property butts up to 4 other people’s yards. Now that spring on its way, it smells like dog crap ( and smoke ).I need to get the message out to folks that I don’t appreciate their stench, the constant barking and the little gifts that the dogs leave in my yard. Jerks. 


You know that there is always more where this comes from!