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I am really loving this quilt. It has a collection of coffee fabric, mixed with solid fabric borders from my scrap bin. It was meant to be made!

It is an Atkinson pattern called “All about me”. You are to use novelty prints that represent you/your interest. This is the perfect pattern to showcase this fabric my Mom gave me!

See what everyone else is doing at Freemotion by the River, link is in badge on sidebar.


Design wall Monday


Working on a coffee themed quilt. I love this pattern it is so easy, it is an Atkinson pattern called “it’s all about me ” with themed fabrics.

Wanna know more about what’s happening here ? You may want to read previous posts, :).

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spring may be here at last


This was a long winter. When the house is buried under snow, you forget how quiet winter is outside. In the winter months, I hear wind, snow removal, occasionally cars driving by and the routine movements of the neighbors rushing from their cars to get inside.


This was the first spring weekend. Oh, we still had snow in the yard until this afternoon. But, the first breath of warmth and sun drives everyone outdoors. We raked. We cleaned the flower beds. Trees were trimmed. You find out a ton about the neighbors by the trash that blows into your yard when you have to pick it up. Or the gifts their dogs leave, when I don’t have one and the beer bottles from the beverages I didn’t ingest. Other more personal items were found too, some too personal to say out loud. Ugh. But then there is talking over the fence and catching up with people I haven’t talked to since last fall.


It became warm enough to open the windows. It is a quiet Sunday. We could hear the birds singing. Few cars drove by. But then the motor cycles, laughing , talking, griping of my neighbor at the teen, raking, more griping, smells of outdoor cooking, birds singing, dogs barking, and lastly music being played on a guitar.

Its busy out there. People are happy. The birds are going nuts singing, We are all intoxicated by these first moments in the spring sun.




keeping it real

…..oh boy, and it wasn’t pretty. Yesterday I was told by my supervisor that I may have to travel and cover another office once every month or two. Some of this is on the weekends. I was very unhappy about this even though I knew for a few months that this may happen.  I wallowed, all day, in feeling upset about this.

The selfish part of me was focused on it isn’t fair that all of those in my job description don’t have to participate. It is very inconvenient. I will have to miss several weekend activities planned. I won’t have control of my free time 100% and I am/was very upset about it.

There isn’t anything I can do about it so I need to change my attitude or it will consume me. I wanted to quit my job, not an option. Move to another department, won’t matter I will still have to do this coverage I was told. I thought about crazy ways to earn a living to avoid this. It’s embarrassing to say how many hours I was focused on this and I even shed a few tears of rage when I got home.

I stopped and thought how dumb. Suck it up I told myself. Learn to deal with the stress and that this doesn’t fit in my plan of how I want to do things and spend “my” time.


So chatted about it with the powers that be to get a clearer picture.  I went to lunch with my husband, exercised, fumed for a while and I am trying to take on a peaceful resolve not a destructive resentment.

And Zentangles help. This is a study in attempting new patterns. Like parts of it a lot….




and making amigurumi’s out of new yarn and starting a new quilt. Ahhhhhhhhh…..that feels so much better now……


So much more fun than working, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to do this for a living but alas, there is no way. I am sticking to doing creative measures as a fun way to spend my time. I am having fun quilting for others. I have applied to a quilt show and I am testing patterns.

That’s enough to keep me busy after working 40 hours or more a week.

Counting down till the next issue of Quilty magazine comes out and I can see my quilt in glossy paper!!



Doing more than quilting around here, and I like it!!

I have found that to get inspired you have to do things out of the daily routine. I have  enjoying several creative things in between my stops at the long arm free motion quilting. Some are winners others not so much but I have had tons of fun doing them!


Here is a picture of the amigurumi that I can’t decide how to finish. The little plush animals could be anything. I just can’t make a decision what/how to finish them. So I started another one in red sock monkey yarn, lol. When in doubt make another one!

……and the Coffee quilt I have started is in the picture.


I am using a pattern of my mom’s that is framed squares and rectangles. Perfect for this fabric. And I think that I will be making the twin’s quilt with this pattern. I am waiting for the new Riley Blake fabric to hit the market for the babies quilt.


DSCN7555 DSCN7556

Here are several Zentangles that I have been working on. I find that they give me a spark of inspiration for other projects as well as enjoying making them on their own. I used different papers, pens and patterns. I am still learning about shading. Hoping to have some instruction next month from a certified teacher who will be in town. I like some of the doodles enough to think about having them printed on fabric at Spoonflower!

Hope you have a creative outlet!