a bit of sewing today


Here is a preliminary peek at the coffee quilt so far. I have more fabric so this is going to be a bit bigger. I am thrilled that it will be twin sized. I have another color to add to the borders-a gold- to add a bit of punch to the borders.

Why so long in posting something about quilting? Well, after much debate the 15 year old Husqvarna Lily isn’t sewing right. I hope it can be fixed. The bobbin thread won’t stay on the hook. So I got the old back up an 80’s era Singer touch and sew. I had to look up how to thread it but it does a nice job.

Can you tell the difference?


We had a getaway part 3

DSCN7950 DSCN7954 DSCN7983 DSCN8016DSCN7964

It was a great day of competition on Sunday.  My husband was top three in 6 of 7 events and won one!!! We were  very happy about that. It was a very close competition and we bit our nails till the very end. We aren’t sure if he placed overall 2 or 3 in his age group, we will have to wait for that to post.

His training has been slowed due to a late winter and he was a bit concerned about how he would do.  He is doing so well. We had to leave in a hurry (as in my parents and I were shoving gear under the fence and into the car as Jay was competing)  to get to baccalaureate to hear our son’s very moving testimony. I glad that it was such a good day.

Our friends dropped off the medals that were available. I am so happy, can’t wait until Spring Lake in mid June. I found that I cannot publish video on this site currently but for my face book friends, videos will be posted later.



We had a get away for the weekend part 1


It is finally here. Memorial Day Weekend. It happened to be my birthday and the first highland games of the season. Alma Michigan has nationally recognized competition for Bagpipes single and band as well as Highland dance. There is also pro and amateur Highland games. My husband is an amateur and this is his third season competing. So to celebrate it all we made a get away of it. Our son had to work . So we stayed at the largest and closet hotel, the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant.

Ok, first you have to understand what a big deal this is. Getting out-of-town on a Friday was hard. Our plans had to change due to Baccalaureate and it was very hectic getting out of our home town after a very long work week. We live in a tourist town so it has been swamped with tourists already. Getting around is slow. We were frazzled.

We are alone. No kids. We don’t gamble. We weren’t sure if it was a place we would enjoy. It was expensive. The first pic is me waiting during check in.


This is a very wonderful hotel. It was well worth the money. We had wonderful food. We listened to the people and saw a bit of gambling. I lost 10 in video poker. My husband won 50 cents.


It is my birthday so here is a selfie to document that I am another year closer to getting my AARP card in a few years. Yea, diet and exercise has gotta get going…. next week.

At the end of eating in the fine dining restaurant, here is my birthday cake. So rich and delish I couldn’t eat it all. I thought it looked like a cruise ship!




The grounds. And a silly duck nesting.


I see another trip in my future to do to this quilt show advertised in the lounge!!!


AM early check out. Here is the lobby, with grand water feature, tables and shops. I would go back again next year for a weekend during the opening Highland festival. I think I will take advantage of more of the amenities next time-spa, pool, room service and all!!!!

More about the festival later!!!


Alma is nearly here!

My tartan collection grows as i prepare to mske a quilt! This represents my love of family and ancestors.

After all the work to get the house in shape for graduation in two weeks, we are taking a break this weekend from all the work. We are going to my husband’s first Highland games competition of the year. I have heard about the countdown since January, and I can’t believe that it is here!!!


I love going to Alma. It is a very large festival and mostly a competition of sport, bagpipes, dance and there is music too. It is right up my alley. I have family  and friends that are going to be there so we are making a weekend of it.

So here’s to the weekend, it’s gonna be good.

A hive of activity here





I have learned several things today. And here is the list:


  • there are more types of caulk at Lowe’s than thread at the quilt shop
  • same with the nails, screws and bolt aisles
  • that I can go to Lowe’s myself and pick out a board and load it in the vehicle
  • I am a good go-fer but better at laundry and weeding the garden
  • it is a good thing my Dad has lots of know how to help with these projects around here or we would be in so much trouble!!!
  • My husband has a fantastic looking workbench now and the garage is better than ever inside and out!
  • the steps are solid and safer for everyone
  • the rosebush was moved to the front of the house for everyone to see it’s beauty because it was too big by the steps, happy change
  • so glad that everyone pitched in
  • unfortunately…. we still have a bit of painting to do……


And that’s what started it all!!!!

Happiness project note:

This has been an incredible amount of work and some money but it has made such a difference. Everyone is happy. It is funny how doing some of those jobs on the to-do list makes such a difference in your mind. Funny how it all comes together. I just started reading the next book Happier at home and we seem to be on the right track!!!

Thanks to Dad and Jay, it really looks wonderful!!!



It’s Here!


My quilt made it home from it’s long journey. It is on page 84 of Quilty magazine! I am so thrilled with the pattern and everything about it on the 4, yes 4, pages of the magazine!

I have to say that there is a very special feeling that came the first time I opened this magazine. I had the actual quilt in my hands straight out of the box as I looked up my quilt and opened the pages. My husband was home too and together we fumbled through the pages. I was so excited, thrilled and happy all at one time. It will be something that I remember for a very long time. I hope to be able to work with Quilty again, as it was a wonderful experience.

Now, I am working hard to see if I can reach my next goal: getting a book published. I have to get the samples of each made. I is a long task making each idea into a reality. And some great ideas that may not fit in a book, I will submit to a magazine again. Maybe I can catch lightning in a bottle twice!!