More Freemotion quilting

or FMQ as is it is usually abbreviated. I really enjoy my zentangle inspired quilting. I have 2 baby quilts to do for one of my customers. She gave me a “do what ever you want” on these. Her encouragement has been inspiring and given me confidence to keep trying new quilting stuff.  I have done several quilts for her and I have to say I think I like the back of this one the best!!

I am going to give you a few sneak peaks and then the full pictures of both sides will be revealed once the quilts are delivered.

DSCN8134 DSCN8135

Above is the back

DSCN8136 DSCN8137

This is the top.

On a more personal note, I have been trying to learn new things. I have started a free class on Craftsy for pixel quilts. It’s free! It’s very well done. I have done a few more designs on EQ. I have sorted my fabrics and my quilts.

I have several recorded shows and have caught up on a few. I have cleaned and organized. I went to the community band concert tonight. Ugh. Old people stuff. I gotta get a new summer routine cause nothing is interesting me like yarn. Or drawing.

Just fabric.

I need my sewing machine! I hope that I my long arm holds out because I have a sneaky feeling it may need to be tuned up soon. I guess I will have to get some other crafts out. Like beads.

Or try cooking.

Or read a book.

Come on sewing machine!



Design Wall Monday

I have not been piecing because the machine is in the shop. So I have been long arming. It’s lead to a couple of finishes. I have my son’s Mario quilt ready to bind. Just in time, he leaves for college mid August!



I am very proud of this quilt. It is a bit larger than planned as it is on a queen sized bed. Each block is a 16×16 block made up of 2.5 inch pixels. The pattern was a free Quilt along at I   used a large curved fmq as it is heavy with so many seams. My son is at camp this week so this is really a taste of how life will be around here in the fall. I think it’s going to be different but my husband and I will be fine once the nest is empty.

Wanna know more about what I have been up to? Go here. Wanna see pics from the Petoskey Quilt show on Sat? Go here

I am going to long arm 2 customer baby quilts this week. I have more to tops waiting to do. That should keep me busy until I can get my sewing machine back. I gotta piece the quilt top for one of the new grandbabies on the way!


Edit: I just received this letter in the mail. I am so exited!!! I have a quilt that is in the Semifinals for the AQS Quilt show in Grand Rapids! I think that is one of the coolest things that has ever happened in my quilting life! I gotta put a label on my quilt 🙂 and if you read my blog you will know it is something I have never done!


a day to plan

I have been thinking about several projects I need to do. I have some fabrics that wanted to share that I have that I am thinking about. I found this little gem pack in a basket recently. It’s so cute. It was in a bin of my Farmer’s Wife UFO. Yes, I will admit it I have found a couple of them. I found a couple that I thought were completed tops. 🙂 not my style. image

This next picture is my birthday gifts. My daughter got me the new cutting mat. My Mom gave me the black fat quarters and my husband the tartan gear. Love it!imageDSCN8130And this last photo is the two fat eight bundles I bought at yesterdays quilt show. Each has 8 coordinating fabrics. The goodie bag had the pattern in it.

So I have several items that have great potential. I have my eq folder jammed with ideas. I have the fabric. What’s stopping me?


My Husqvarna is in the repair shop. So it may be a week or two before it is back. So long arming it is!! Yep watch for those finishes. 🙂


Today’s Quilt show

This is a very picture heavy post from a show I attended today. I do not belong to this guild so I don’t have a quilt in this show. It has such lovely inspiration and I am really leaning towards making my own Modern version of a Dear Jane. I love that quilt so much but I am so BAD at applique!!!!!!


This picture is interesting because it is liberated quilt blocks with traditional civil war reproduction fabrics.


I love the quilting on this quilt. It was a first place winner for it’s category.                                   DSCN8109

This quilt top was interesting because it is a Dear Jane that is set in a modern way. It was in a in memorial display for a very sweet lady.



 DSCN8113 DSCN8115 DSCN8117 A lovely DJDSCN8119 Loved this oneDSCN8121 Quilting is Fab!   DSCN8126                        Come on BABY light my fire, love this art and the word play. DSCN8122more DJ fab!

DSCN8124another wonderful art quilt that is “I am woman” theme. I have to try the raw edge applique!!


Best in show, called 50 shades of blue. The borders are pieced with the shading. Breathtaking.

So Now My head is spinning with ideas. 🙂


Summer is here!!!!!


Here is a picture of a peony that came from my great grandmothers house. It is a lovely fushia and it blooms every year. I don’t have mad gardening skills but I have a few hardy plants that will grow here in our short season. They say that we have 3 months of summer here and 9 months of bad sledding…. so true this last year.


However, I planted the white peony about 7 years ago from the slips that my father had from grandma’s. In fact, I thought they died and low and behold the white’s bloomed. My parents moved away and my dad has been searching for slips of the elusive white peony! Now he has one :).


Not in my garden but in my travels, I saw this rhodendrom.




The above pics are in my yard or from my yard. I am loving the sunshine.



The last two are pics from Spring Lake when we were there for a Highland games. I was pondering , overthinking, the significance of the mighty oak tree.

It comes from a small acorn and grows with many branches. I thought of how one person grows and can touch so many. Like the generations of those who enjoy those peonies, or the branches of the trees that touch so many peoples lives. I have discovered that I do touch many peoples lives and I need to be sure it is a good thing .


Mario Bros quilt is on the frame


I wanted to make the quilting look like clouds and wind. I know, its a bit abstract but that’s what free motion quilting is for me.


I felt it needed to be large quilting due to the weight of the tiny pixels, and it needed to be curvy due to all the straight lines.


I have a few of these little 2.5 inch block packs from Moda. I think I want to try to do a fun little scrap project. I have had my eye on this quilt for some time and think that a variation of this will be where these little squares will go!

Lots of Quilty Secrets

And it’s driving me nuts! I have been testing blocks for Quiltmaker magazine. I can’t share them yet. I just want to say that it is a wonderful experience.  If you read this blog enough you know that I am not very skilled at appplique. And yep, I have had several applique blocks. It has stretched my skills. I would do this again if they want me too. I am having so much fun with it!!

Secret number 2- I am working on several quilts to submit for a book proposal. I love them but we will see what the publisher thinks of the proposal. In the mean time, I am working on samples to send with the proposal.

Secret number 3- I submitted a quilt for a judged show. A first for me! If it makes the semi-finals then it will be in the show. I won’t know for several weeks yet. I am not confident that it will make it but I am very proud of the quilt. It will be in the book proposal,too.

Secret number 4- I am working on my grandbabies quilt’s. Actually I am making one and my mom is making the same one. So no pictures either. And just to clarify, my daughter is having our first grandchildren (twins) in the fall, we are so excited!!


What does that leave to type about in my quilt life? Not much right at the moment that I can show photos of. But if you are patient, there will be plenty of pictures to talk about. And through all this I have been busy working and having my son’s graduation and grad party, my daughters visit and Highland games. I think I need to go to a Quilt show on Saturday to rest! Now I hope I can take pictures there and share them….