apple bread

IMG_20131026_091955_940 IMG_20131026_094722_025

I was up at the usual time today. I decided to use more of the apples

we picked and I found this recipe on pinterest. It is a sweet, heavy

bread. I had to shred up some apples but that was the only challenge. I

did want to drag out the food processor but I should have, lol.

I was able to help an acquaintance get her and her friends long arm up

and running. She has had it a few years but bought it at a show and had

trouble making it work. A couple of hours, a few adjustments and a

better thread, I got it going. It was a good feeling. I think I need to do

more helping/teaching.

To celebrate , I went to lunch with my husband. Then I treated myself to

Creative Grids ruler. My first ruler was this type with the nonslip feature

but it broke. I am so happy I spent the money for this. I also went to

Hobby Lobby and purchased some Kona. Quilting, fabric, date lunch

and baking was a great Saturday.


Pumpkins, quilts and apple crisp



I have to say that many recipes that I use are instant failures. THIS however, is a SUCCESS! Crock pot apple crisp, was a great way to start using up the 1/ 2 bushel of apples picked last week at the orchard. It was crispy, tasty and easy.  The link for this recipe:


I have been crocheting a little pumpkin amigurumi. I love it so much I am making another one. This next one will have different eyes and maybe a different shape. The free pattern is here:

IMG_20131024_201900_619 IMG_20131024_201916_632 IMG_20131024_201948_092


I also quilted another baby quilt that My Mom made. I love the animal prints. I quilted a freehand jungle vine, tiger tail and leaf stitch.



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it snowed today….



And it continued through out the day, however, it melted off before evening. So glad, because I don’t have any boots and I need to get a pair. Honestly, I am not ready for this. I fear this will be a long winter. The short daylight hours are here, too. Ugh, October.


I took this picture today for the photo a day prompt “empty” on Instagram. I just haven’t had any ideas to “tangle.” I did buy a book that I have wanted for months called “One Zentangle a day.” It has tons of ideas and lessons. More to come on that!!!



I started a little amigurumi pumpkin. I hope that the pattern turns out for me cause it is a very cute little decoration that I would like to put on my desk at work. The whole project came to a screeching halt tonight when I discovered I don’t have any safety eyes! To Hobby Lobby !!!


What about quilting? I am sewing daily. I have more test blocks started for Quiltmaker. I am working on some samples for a pattern I wrote.

I think I will have to buy more fabric to finish all my projects…. more stuff to look for when I am off shopping for safety eyes! 🙂





Apples and football


My husband and I went to see our son at college. It is about 4 hours south of us in apple country. The day started out rainy. Then the sun came out in time for our trip to pick apples.


Hahahah, funny.



Group pic!

Then the skies became dark and it started to rain, but it cleared a bit to start the game. However, the weather became so terrible. Hail, sleet, snow and rain fell. IMG_20131019_185243_924

But that didn’t stop the game! Our school was ahead and dominating




But then the thunder and lightning started in the fourth quarter. The stadium cleared. But we won.

It was a wonderful time! The trip home was the scenic route with beautiful fall colors.


Baby Quilt





I quilted this baby quilt for my Mom this weekend. I used a ruler for the first time for the cross hatching in the middle. I used a free motion ribbon candy stitch for the outside border.


Pretty happy with it as it is the first time I used a ruler. I CAN do a straight line! I bought the ruler at the Grand Rapids AQS show and I am thrilled with it. I hope to buy more rulers in the future.

So this is what has been on my design wall and it just came off. Happy Monday all!!