I hope I don’t run out of….

I am also working on a pattern. I am making a sample for said pattern and I was hoping would be a perfect piece to photograph . Ugh, I may run out of fabric for that, too. Moral of the story. Just buy more than you really think you need. NOT REALLY, but sometimes it does pay… Continue reading I hope I don’t run out of….

Pumpkins, quilts and apple crisp

  I have to say that many recipes that I use are instant failures. THIS however, is a SUCCESS! Crock pot apple crisp, was a great way to start using up the 1/ 2 bushel of apples picked last week at the orchard. It was crispy, tasty and easy.  The link for this recipe: http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/blogs/maija-moments-canned-soup-mom/20121003/crockpot-apple-crisp-recipe… Continue reading Pumpkins, quilts and apple crisp