Quilts made for Christmas suprises!!

My friend Cyndi wanted to make some special quilts for her family. We succeeded in making three quilts. She didn’t know the first thing about quilting however, she has done some sewing and she arranges flowers so picking colors are something that she does A LOT! So we started with the disappearing four patch for her son. He graduates this year and we wanted a quilt that could go to college with him. Her daughter jumped in on this too, she knew how to make quilt blocks. We had two sewing machines going and in no time we had the top done. I long armed this quilt with a stipple.

2013-11-15 12.52.34

2013-11-24 18.58.34

2013-11-24 18.58.42Very cool especiall for a first time quilter!!!


Next we made a quilt for her husband. It is a disappearing nine patch. After we started this quilt, Cyndi had a dream about placing a pieced heart in the center. I smiled and said I had the perfect pattern for that. It required a lesson on HST and it turned out so perfectly. Love the fabric choices, all Cyndi’s ideas. It was quilting with a double stipple stitch on my long arm. I also had the girls help me pin on the quilts so I went fast with so many hands. Now I know why quilting bees were so popular years ago!!!

2013-12-21 14.10.26 2013-12-21 14.10.38 2013-12-21 14.10.52So Romantic, isn’t it. And to answer Cyndi’s question, I dream of quilts often. Doesn’t everyone??


Last but not least we had to sneak a quilt for her daughter who wanted to help. I found a free chevron pattern on the net. It went together quickly , however, the HST were all on the bias a thing to remember for future chevrons. I think I would pick a different way to make the oversized hst. However, it is a lovely chevron with a modern 4 seasons theme.

2013-12-23 12.30.45 2013-12-23 12.31.00 2013-12-23 12.31.20 2013-12-23 12.31.35I quilted in a double stipple in the middle and tried to mimick the color story in the borders. The back shows this a bit more in the photos. What lovely fabric choices!!!


Overall, her family had a big surprise and we were able to accomplish a ton! There is another son….. 🙂



a visit from three Christmas sprits

Ghosts of 'A Christmas Carol' by ladyphantomofmusic

On Christmas Eve, Scrooge was visited by three spirits. This afternoon, I was visited by three Christmas spirits before 4 o’clock. Ok just go with me on this…. it is Christmas after all!!!

I started by day with some baking. The pumpkin roll looked great but it split wide open right on the top once I filled it and rerolled it. Not the prettiest. The pumpkin breads were not cooking well, the outside was getting done but the insides took a long time to get finished. I was getting frustrated. All this on the heels of my spritz cookies not going through the press because it is so stinking cold.

So we decided to go to the gym before lunch. My husband got the cars to start and tried to put new wiper blades on my van. All the parts weren’t there. So after the gym workout it was about a whopping 10 degrees  (after being 20 below when we go up) and he thought he should get the blades on. Of course, parts were missing so he went to the auto parts store. He turned the corner and the van stopped running. It had a recalled part on the transmission 18 months ago, yep 12 mo and 12,000 mile warranty. Tow truck had to be called, he had the only key to our second vehicle. Ugh.

By now I am out of the shower and getting ready. I throw some chicken tenders in the oven for lunch and start to do my hair. Oh boy, my $100 flat-iron had copper wires hanging out. In the trash it goes. I am ready and I start to think, those chicken tenders should be done.

Hmmmm, they are stone cold. The oven stops to work. I take a deep breath and think. Yep it could be so expensive. We may not be able to go to Scotland next year with all these problems. I am upset because I don’t have the money to visit my family in Virginia for the holiday, maybe spring break was the plan. Maybe not now.

Then it struck me. Those three things that broke this afternoon were like the Spirits of Christmas for me. Ok, maybe more like virtues. The flat-iron represents vanity. I have been very upset about my appearance, the grey hair, my weight. I have been really trying hard to look younger and dress more fashionable. I was getting frustrated about it. I have to let it go. This is my spirit of Christmas past.

The van represents envy. I want a hot car. I can’t afford one and we don’t have tons of money saved for these types of crisis moments. I want things that I don’t need. I have to choose to be happy with what I have. I blogged earlier about the dangerous mind game I play about wanting more especially this time of year. And we have had only one car before, it’s inconvenient but we can make it work. This is my spirit of Christmas present.

And the oven represents gluttony. Ok we need to stop the insanity with eating and the crack down begins in December 26th with a brief hiatus for New Year’s Day. I need to be serious or I will pay the consequences. This is my spirit of Christmas future.

So that is how I was visited by the three Spirits on Christmas eve. We started to laugh. I did get some baking done. We planned to grill steaks tomorrow so we don’t’ need the stove. The van might be repairable and well, I will get a new flat-iron. Maybe on sale this weekend.

Overall, it has been a very good Christmas Eve and the day isn’t over yet!!!



Baking, cleaning, quilting, exercise and a movie or two that’s how i am going to spend the holidays. I am planning on visiting family if the weather cooperates.

I am so happy that we didn’t get snow today. Every time  my husband turned around yesterday the driveway had up be snow blown. The trade off today is 20 below zero temps this am.

I was asked what holiday traditions i have. I like to make apple pie, go to church, watch its a Wonderful Life and a Christmas Carol. I like to watch football, too. It will be awesome.

However, I still think this is worth a thought:


I wish that , its a dangerous game I play every holiday. Sound familiar?

I wish that…
I didn’t Work outside the home
I had tons of money not working to buy everyone everything they ever dreamed of
I had a fancy vehicle
I had a bigger house
I was 100 pounds lighter
Airline tickets to a Warm place

And new this  year i wish i was younger. Not sure why cause i wouldn’t want to re live the rough/tough times. Perplexing really.

Maybe its the nostalgia the holidays bring. I am going to choose a new list.

I am activity working in:
Organizing what i have
Enjoying no car payment
Spending my free time pursuing many wonderful things
Technology to keep up with everyone
Enjoy my haircut in spite of the grey
watch some holiday movies
Get some patterns finished

And to focus on the true meaning of Christmas


Frozen Fog and Christmas prep

2013-12-21 12.09.58

2013-12-21 12.10.07

2013-12-21 12.10.12

2013-12-21 12.10.20

2013-12-21 12.11.44

2013-12-21 12.11.55

2013-12-21 12.12.09

2013-12-21 12.12.20

It was too pretty not to photograph.

Today there was:

cookie baking by my son and gf

quilting and sewing



I have the next 10 days off. What to do?

Here are a few ideas:






These are some cake rolls and cookies. I think that I need to go to the gym ….a lot.