Nothing much

Yet so much has been filling our days around here. I have been sewing and I have a top nearly done for Quiltmaker magazine. They sent me the fabric and I had to make a quilt with a few rules. More to follow of that when I get the green light.

I have been quilting on the long arm. I have two quilts waiting and two more quilts waiting to be even started for graduation. That’s in May,  long way off right? NOT REALLY when you have a day job.

However, I have been messing around with economy blocks and at projects. I have a sewing space to set up this weekend when my mother in law moves out after two months. The two bedrooms downstairs will be reorganized. Pics will follow.

In the meantime, we have been having some fun. A Burn’s dinner where we celebrated the live of Robert Burns with poems, music and food. I read my last blog post with a few improvs and won a  poetry book for my original poem. We went to a hockey game. I have several pictures on my instagram feed on the side bar.

Now, as I stare February in the face, I realized I have to get a plan together. I have to get a new schedule going. I have to get organized. I have to get my diet under control. I have to do something different or this 130 inches of snow and sub zero temps are going to lull me into hibernation and I will get NOTHING done . I feel like I am just spending time goofing around.


Are you with me? I am restarting my new years resolutions again. Lose weight, be organized, exercise 4 times a week and work on positive thinking.

Any suggestions? I would love to hear them.









A tale of two coffee cups



I have these two beautiful cups. They have been in their boxes since they were gifted to me. The koala cup came from Australia when my daughter visited a few years ago. The irish cup came from my husband last week. Still mint in box, until this am.

They were too pretty to use. Didn’t want to make them not new anymore. I was saving them……
For what?

So I took these pictures of them out of the box. I am going to wash them and use them. And enjoy them.

I have rid my self of saving things several years ago. I dont save fabric, I dont stash yarn. I have a few keepsske items and I use them. So I needed to rid myself of saving these. It has bothered me for a week now.

I dont need any more dust collectors. I don’t want to be one either. Gotta take risks, unwrapped and out of the box.

All day long. With cool new coffee cups, of course.


6″ Economy Block

2014-01-16 08.20.49

2014-01-14 21.09.50


Ok, I love making the Economy block. I have a vision of making this quilt as  scrappy. I have a vision using both 12 and 6 inch blocks. But, that is about as far as the idea is, :).


Cutting directions:

Center square is 3 1/2 inches

second square is 5 inches and cut on the diagonal twice

the outer square is two 4  inches cut on diagonal once.

I am doing the Economy block along as hosted by

See the link for more information!








Quilting up a hot mess

2014-01-20 10.29.53 2014-01-20 10.30.08a

Oh boy, what a mess the middle of this quilt is……

2014-01-20 15.56.07 2014-01-20 15.55.09 wpid-20140116_174600.jpg wpid-20140116_174610.jpg

This is a quilt I name Fusion Civil War Diary Quilt. I was going to load it on the long arm last summer but I didn’t. It is really a hot mess. I loved making each block so much but putting it together on point was not easy. It had several areas that didn’t lay flat. Points are cut off… all in all I was nearly ready to throw it out. I didn’t because I have so much time and energy invested in it.

My Mom helped me trim up the edges and load it on the frame. I started a small feather on it. Ugh, thread  breaks at first, tension problems. Now I am at the 3/4 done mark. I have had to massage the heck out lumpy spots. I have had to avoid super thick intersections. I have really been challenged and frustrated but I have to say… I love this quilt. I think that it is looking pretty cool even though it will never win a quilt show.

Life lesson, do what you love. Not every quilt needs to be perfect to be awesome!


Economy Quilt along

I found that there a several people making one of my favorite blocks, called Economy or Square with in a Square block, on the internet . Most of the pics I see are on Instagram. This is my first block.  I made it 12 inches using the pattern listed at the end of the post. I decided I need practice piecing. I usually paper piece this block because the points can be tricky. And this block is a prime example why, click on pic and you will see the points are clipped and not precisely spaced. I  learned a few things that will make an accurate block that are not shared on the internet for this size pattern.

2014-01-09 20.18.20Yucky points! Always learn from the first block.

2014-01-12 13.53.21

The middle square was ironed to have creases that show the center. This is to line up the yellow triangles points of the triangles on the center when sewing. I also found that I needed to square this unit up with an exact 1/4 inch off the point of the middle square.

2014-01-12 13.53.29 this is where you need to be sure to square it up or it will be wonky.

2014-01-12 13.57.52

I also found  needed to sew the last larger, dark triangles placed behind the center units. See pic, I did this so I did not clip off the points.  I speak from experience.

2014-01-12 14.03.51


Wha la, a block with no clipped points and it is 12 and 1/2 inches, just like the pattern !!! Whoo hooo!  The blog and the pattern that is hosting the quilt along is below. Join up on instagram, there are tons of really cool blocks. I am making 6 inch blocks next to go with this quilt. I am practicing my trad piecing and fussy cutting on this block. I expect this scrappy quilt to be a ongoing project in between my deadline quilts.


thanks Katy for hosting this qal, I love it!!!


Now what


Is a question that I often ask myself…..and that is a question for today,

I am up early as usual. I listen to white noise type of music and check the world of social media. I assess my injured body and start to plan my day.

My great grandmother used to say getting old is mighty inconvienent. And its a very true statement thst becomes clearer daily! It  starts with the white noise,  I have middle ear  damage that leaves my balance bad and constant ringing in my ears since age 12.

Bad balance has lead to several falls on the ice this winter and I am nursing an injured Achilles since Thanksgiving. I keep exercising and trying to keep my physical balance but my allergic over reactive body isnt cooperating.

See, its complicated to plan your day  around a body that is eccentric. I have to plan,  pace and prepare it for house work. That’s first after coffee.

Then some cardio at the gym and grocery shopping. I have organizing and holiday decorations to pack. And sewing , lots of it.

I want to sew a scrappy block a day.  I have a sampler going for quilt maker, and three grad quilts on the list. And patterns to finalize. 

Balance both physically and mentally is the key, isn’t it?

I have plenty to do this year…. come on body we can do this!!!!!!!