Cutsomer Quilt

Geri is in college and made this cute little Hungry Caterpillar quilt for a new baby. I love this children’s story and the fabric is great. I quilted it in a stipple with a triangle leaf to represent what the caterpillar ate. Then on the larger panels added in some extra stuff. Here is the photo gallery:

2014-02-18 16.42.43

2014-02-18 16.42.57



2014-02-18 16.43.07

2014-02-18 16.43.52

2014-02-18 16.44.02

2014-02-18 16.45.06

It is free hand quilted and I use Superior Sew Fine thread. Well done Geri!!!


I spent the weekend in one of my favorite cities. It was a special anniversary weekend. I went to several fabric stores and dinner and hockey,  and just plain relaxing. See instagram feed for all the romantic pics.


I found 20 fq for 22 dollars,  when I wasn’t really looking. I was not in a so called quilt shop. I had a rare moment to buy and planned on  paying full price.  ūüôā It got me to thinking why opposites work so well in my life….

Rest brings productivity
Busy often leads to nothingness
Travel makes home special
Getting out leads to creativity
Routine is good for daily activities but not EVERY day
Vacation days are sweet but too many leads to stress/boredom
Snow can bring me into a zen like state of thinking
Sun is so needed but can be as overpowering as snow
Love is beyond words but saying it is a sweet moment even at my age


Happiness is….

A few simple things like a warmer day is happiness. Here are a few more happy moments from today:


First thing today was finishing a binding on this quilt.


Then I received some labels in the mail that I won from modern yardage,  love! Put one on the quilt and mailed it to quiltmaker magazine,  hope it gets in the magazines gallery!!



Then I quilted this customer  quilt…ahhhhhh happy clouds and pinecones and leaves


Then i found this pic from 28 years ago….Saturday is our anniversary. 
Its gonna be a great weekend!!!!

On a roll

2014-02-07 12.40.27 2014-02-09 12.22.51

I love making 6 inch blocks. I recently finished a Civil War Dairy quilt. I have half of the Farmers Wife blocks made. I just printed these off from EQ because I like them. I am just gonna keep making more until I have more to put into a quilt.

2014-02-09 13.48.41 2014-02-09 14.43.25

I have been quilting on my long arm and my favorite stitch is what I call a double stipple.


I was sewing up baby wash cloths for the twin grand babies this weekend. I am such a quilter, as I was making the wash cloths, I realized I had decorative stitches that I could use on my old sewing machine. Ha, and they worked!! Never used them before, lol.





insights on a recent finish-CWDQ


2014-01-31 13.49.49

After countless hours, I have finished my version of the Civil War diary Quilt. I used the EQ program to paper piece the little 6 inch block and used the book of the same title for my inspiration. I learned how to paper piece on the quilt. I always jump into the deep end in a project, no small ones here!

2014-01-31 13.50.02

I decided to use up my scrap bin. This quilt is a statement about my style as a¬†fusion between traditional and modern. After I made these blocks, I was given the Farmer’s Wife book and the blocks were on point…..idea sparking

2014-01-31 13.49.01

I loved idea of mixing solids and prints. This queen sized quilt is the result of a work that came straight from the heart.



2014-01-31 13.41.07

Taking it off the frame, it is quilted in free hand feathers in an all over design.

2014-01-16 17.46.09

2014-01-31 13.51.08

And it took almost one cone of thread!! See full cone is on the left!


I was so upset when I finished the top. It languished in the pile of tops to be quilted. You see, just like me and you will see many life parallels here, it wasn’t perfect. And I have this lingering idea from¬†the deepest parts of my inner self that imperfection is unacceptable.



It’s points had a few chopped off, the on point setting was a bit off in spots, didn’t line up. And the worst was, it had a few spots where it didn’t lay flat. Kinda like my abs…..

I wanted to pitch it, you know throw it in the trash, to hide it to never show it to anyone. It would be my secret that I made a quilt with so many¬†technical problems¬†. But I had so much invested in it, I decided to finish it and make it a utilitarian quilt. Hmmmm, lots of work massaging the bulges, pulling the batting and there are a couple of spots where things aren’t flat. Lots of work and I fell in love with this quilt all over again. How could I have even entertained the thought of abandoning this in a unfinished pile of work???


It ¬†wouldn’t win any prizes at a quilt show, nor I at a beauty pageant lol, but it is really wonderful. I am so glad. It is a quilt of accumulated experiences and was finished as I had the skills to complete the tasks.

It isn’t always about the finished quilt. It was the process and this one will be truly loved and used. And maybe shown in public next year for a Civil War¬† display at the library but not a judged show. A little twinge of sadness hits me that it is finally finished but I have it’s sister quilt top, Farmer’s wife laying in a UFO pile as the block aren’t perfect….this sounds familiar…. ūüôā

And a special thank you to Mary Fons because she encouraged me by saying that “enjoy the process, if you love your quilt it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says about it.” From Quilty magazine, My Medal pattern.