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This quilt is make by my faithful 80 year old customer who is quilt more than ever! It is a second Fish quilt that I have done for her. This is such a difficult quilt with all the tiny triangles and it is a wonderful hit! I like the batiks and the solids together. I quilted a simple loops and swirls with the occasional bubble trail coming from the fish.  I think that it the pattern compliments the gorgeous fabrics and piecing.


And here is something that I bought for me. It is a long arm quilters tool caddy. It is made by Handi Quilter. It has been a wonderful addition to my long arm frame. It has saved my back so much stress when pinning on a quilt. See my pincushion? It is up high and never out of reach!

Another beauty will be loaded on the frame this weekend.


2015-04-22 17.38.31 2015-04-22 17.38.40

I have been working my fingers to the bone getting project done before deadlines. I have the Historical Society’s Raffle quilt off the frame. Now to bind it. I did a hook feather all over and it really is pretty. It has painted and embroidered blocks that represent all of the seasons! So adorable. Go downtown Gaylord next month when the local museum opens and you could buy a raffle ticket!

2015-04-20 06.59.04

The little girls soft letters are done. So cute.

2015-04-19 17.27.42

And now my next deadlined project is sewing this quilt of Valor. I am making stars out of the the snowball blocks I made for the local quilt shop exchange in February.  I also had several people make blocks from my quilt group and what we have here is the start of something wonderful!!!

I have been trying to get something fun in daily, some exercise routinely, eating foods that are health and don’t cause headaches and overall settling into the busy time of the year now that the snow has stopped and the yard has melted. However as I always say, “never put your winter coat away before Memorial Day” is a truth around here.


Using my new design wall

2015-04-18 21.28.19

I am working on a quilt of Valor. I have had several ladies from my quilting group make a star and I am planning a layout currently. I also want to made a few more blocks to make the quilt bigger. I like having a design wall because it is so much easier to see what is going on with the layout. I covered an art canvas with flannel and then it was attached directly to the wall with screws by my husband.

2015-04-18 19.35.40

I have a quilt on the frame for the Historical Society. I am making a small all over feather design. Enlarge pic to see detail. I am at the halfway point and had to spin more bobbins today. I was hoping to have it done and work on sewing the binding by tomorrow. I am not sure that is going to happen because the weather was nice today so we raked the front yard. Back yard is planned for tomorrow if the rain holds off. Yay spring, glad the snow is melted.

And since the bathroom is showing signs of aging, we have been planning a remodel. We have been to the home improvement stores several times looking at options.  Not sure when it will happen but it will be sooner than later as the tiles surrounding the tub are cracking. It is an exciting yet terrifying proposition because we have only one bathroom. I think this will happen next year. And the plan is to diy this job. I am a clean up committee and tool passer. So I think that my husband has a big job ahead of him. I am sticking with ideas and then the garden. Lol.


2015-04-16 12.09.48 My air plant is  still alive, for the record. I think that it may lose some leaves but it look like it is going to make it. I have been really trying to not overwater it.

2015-04-16 12.51.44 2015-04-16 17.45.51 2015-04-16 17.46.26 I am approaching the halfway point on the quilt for the historical society. It has some embroidered blocks and it has all months of the year represented. I think that it will be very pretty when finished. Hopefully it will be off the frame this weekend and then I sew a binding on it.

2015-04-16 20.18.48 And I am approaching the end of the uppercase letters for the grand kids. I have had fun with these tiny quilted letters so lowercase and numbers may be in the future. I have all the scrap fabrics and batting on hand, so why not?

I have not made any decisions on a hand work project. I have templates for hexies but they look like more work than I am able or willing to do. Maybe I will look at making more yo yo’s with my clover yo yo maker. I am still thinking about it for my summer travels.

2015-04-14 12.55.36

I loaded a quilt that will be a raffle quilt for the local historical society. It is really a very pretty quilt and I think that it will be a great item to raise funds for a wonderful cause. I am quilting an all over hook feather on it. I will show details as i get further along. It took me a while to get it pressed and on the frame. One row is done, yay!

2015-04-13 12.19.46 Happy mail from Quiltmaker. It is a thank you for testing blocks for the 100 block magazine. I will feature the blocks when this magazine is released

next month! I can’t wait to use this collection.

2015-04-08 19.16.35 Here is the next challenge for quilt group. I am looking forward to making my 3 for the block lotto.

2015-04-08 19.57.14 I did not win the block lotto this month in quilt group. I have a good start on my own, see previous post. I thought these blocks looked so good together!!! I can’t wait to work on my quilt.

I have to say that I am keeping pretty busy with long arming. Overall, I can’t spend tons of time daily because of my day job… yeah, I am in no hurry to change that.

busy season coming up, but I have lots of time sitting in a tent watching my husband do Highland games. I am trying to think of a hand work project but so far no ideas… Maybe I should do some hand piecing. I don’t want to do any knitting or crocheting … too much distractions and it gets too hot. I am open to suggestions. I am toying with the idea of hexies. I can’t believe I said that out loud… I swore I would never do hexies. LOL never say never right?


20150409_193253I quilted up my Twister quilt. It is made of wool tartan scraps and cotton. I quilted it up with warm and natural batting and Sew Fine Superior thread. I like it. The wool stretched a little so doing triangles on a large scale may not be advised. I think I will wash it just to see what happens. This is a small piece and totally made to test out how the fabrics behave. I plan to make large bed side quilts with wool scraps. Not applique either. Maybe some but mostly pieced.

20150406_174051I am up to the letter M in my mini quilt alphabet. These 5 inch blocks are so fun, see previous post for directions on how to make them.

I am hoping to get moving to other projects but I have had a weird thing happen this week. Back pain and neck pain. Hmmmm, no idea why. I have not been to the gym. I think too much typing and sitting in different chairs. So I am limiting my sitting in hard chairs and overdoing sewing, quilting or even exercise. I am going to really start using the foam roller!

The bathroom is disintegrating before our eyes so we are bracing ourselves for a remodel. I am happy with the ideas of having it updated yet pretty scared, the bathroom is relic from the 1980’s. Could be a big mess.


Soft letters

I have been sewing letters. They are scrap quilting fabric on the top and backing with scrap batting in the middle. I cut out about 5-6 inch squares of all three layers. I trace the letters with a silver pencil, sew on my marked line and then use pinking shears to cut the edges. I put a dot of fray check on the start of the seam . I think that you could put magnets in them but I am not. I am sending  these to my grand daughters. I am going to add to the upper case set over time and do lower case letters and numbers.

Here is the free templates for the alphabet. It is for applique letters so some are reversed, easy enough to fix!

I was inspired by a pinterest post that my sister sent to me. I love the internet! Here is my start!