Quiltmaker 100 block vol 12

2015-07-25 10.38.27 2015-09-05 17.30.572015-05-10 09.11.49 2015-05-14 17.50.44 2015-05-30 08.58.35 2015-06-06 07.56.12 2015-06-17 07.03.49 2015-06-20 09.20.14 2015-06-22 17.05.40 2015-07-13 18.03.16 2015-08-13 07.32.28

2015-08-04 17.36.47

I had the wonderful experience of being able to test patterns for Quiltmaker’s 100 block vol 12 magazine. It should be on news stands, I was able to get my copy in the mail today. It has some great ideas with  easy to read  patterns and quilts for inspiration. I was pushed in my piecing skills and found that it made me a better piecer.

Love! Worth every penny for the magazine.


Wow, it worked!

2015-10-25 16.34.07 2015-10-26 17.39.06 2015-10-26 17.42.32 2015-10-26 17.43.16

Here is the quilt made from cuddle fabric from Robert Kaufman. It is really soft , fuzzy and we call it Minky around here. I had no idea when my coworker ordered this kit it wasn’t 100 percent cotton. I followed all the directions to the last dotted i. I ironed on fusible interfacing on each seam. I borrowed a walking foot. And the columns line up, I also long arm quilted it. There is a solid white background with a Hobbs 80/20 batting in it. I quilted all over swirls. Now to watch the tutorial on binding with minky. I am so relieved that this turned out so well.

2015-10-26 19.55.26 2015-10-26 19.55.38

Here are my blocks on the sampler I am making. It is from the book by Tula pink City Sampler 100 modern blocks. I am loving it. I have to say that it is traditionally pieced tiny parts of 1.5 inches in these little 6.5 inch blocks. I am not planning fabrics much. I am using my scraps and I may cut into some of the fabrics I recently purchased.


A really fun scrappy quilt

2015-10-24 11.48.57 2015-10-24 15.30.33 2015-10-24 15.30.39 2015-10-24 15.30.49

This really amazing quilt is a scrappy quilt made by a 90 year old woman who is nothing short of amazing. She used scraps and the color choices are perfect. the fabrics are everything from chicks to calico to batiks and it looks fabulous! I free motion quilted a hook feather all over it. The back is the last pic.

2015-10-25 16.34.07

This is a commissioned quilt for a coworker. She ordered the quilt from Keepsake quilting and I said looks great! I didn’t realize it was minky. I had to stabilize each seam with Heat and press. I borrowed a walking foot. Today I started to long arm it in all over swirls. ITS WORKING, and I am so thrilled. Finish quilt will be the next blog post.

I am settling into a fall and winter schedule. It was a stay home weekend. My husband has had an ear infection for 5 months. So we took it easy. I am catching up on my quilting. I started testing blocks for Quilt maker magazine. I have been planning quilts since I had a big splurge on fabric purchases. I have been following Quilt market on Instagram and I want to buy tons of Tula Pink. Yep I am a big fan. I may buy something before the week is over, thanks Internet.


Apple Cider, hay ride, football, atumnal weather … and snow?

2015-10-16 19.22.47 2015-10-16 19.22.56 2015-10-17 08.32.15

But it all started with a few little , well a ton of wet heavy snow Friday night during the high school home game. We lost terribly we left the game a bit early, very unusual for us!. I was very cold and the snow continued all night. Good thing I have so many toasty warm quilts to snuggle under at home!!!

2015-10-17 14.39.45 2015-10-17 14.43.54 2015-10-17 14.50.51

So the next day,  we went to see our son at college a few hours south and we had a great weekend. It was chilly but no snow. We went for a hay ride, checked out the cider mill, and fall colors. We bought apples, doughnuts fresh from the oven and maple sugar candies. Yummy fall traditions!

2015-10-17 14.51.22 2015-10-17 14.52.04 2015-10-17 14.56.02 2015-10-17 14.57.07 2015-10-17 14.57.18 2015-10-17 14.59.27 2015-10-17 15.01.30 2015-10-17 15.05.47

We ended Saturday with a victory for the college football team. Yay! We went to church on Sunday and had a wonderful time at our son’s church. He plays in the band and the sermon was great. I couldn’t have been more happy. I was inspired to make some reprioritizing of my habits…. so I started to read my Bible today. I had been missing my devotions over the summer months. I also am going to start to practice my violin. That will happen tomorrow, because today was gym night.

I am happy to say that I am pretty busy with work, play and customer quilts to be done by the holidays. I am quilting one row at a time and find that is how I get things done and it will be my focus. I am working on several quilts that are challenges so things never get dull or boring!

I am taking a Zentangle pumpkin decorating class Thursday so I am so happy that the weather warmed up to a beautiful autumnal day.


Antique Quilt goes on the frame

2015-10-13 12.49.42 2015-10-13 12.49.51 2015-10-13 12.50.042015-10-06 20.18.222015-10-06 20.18.302015-10-06 20.18.42

AND it is in really good shape. I had my doubts that it could hold up under the stress of a long arm but it did for the most part. Some of the seams popped open. There are some areas that did not lie totally flat. But with the overall feather that was free motion quilted on it, I think it looks great. I am not sure many antique tops could be finished and some just shouldn’t be. I am loving the colors of this quilt and NO BORDERS! love that look. This quilt is very old could be any age but some of the fabrics are very 60’s, others are more from the 70s and 80’s. Hand sewn!

I have to say that this turned out much better than I anticipated because of the challenges of the quilt and the challenges I have been having with my bobbin winder. Think that it is all fixed now!


last post about our Road Trip

The second week of our trip went like this:

We went to the arch in St Louis, saw the Old courthouse where Dredd Scott went for his famous case and to the Green space where a zoo is. In this area is remnants of the World fair early last century. Driving around I was able to see, from the road, many buildings that were from that time period.

2015-09-24 10.27.55 2015-09-24 10.27.58 2015-09-24 10.34.43 2015-09-24 10.35.00 old Capitol building 2015-09-24 10.36.07 2015-09-24 11.40.35 2015-09-24 11.41.09 2015-09-24 11.41.14 2015-09-24 11.41.19 2015-09-24 11.42.58 2015-09-24 11.43.05 2015-09-24 11.44.15 2015-09-24 11.50.13 It is an engineering marvel on getting to the top. You ride in little pods that are self righting inside the arch. It was tight and weird but well worth the ride up. I was a little nervous.

2015-09-24 11.58.24 2015-09-24 11.59.10 2015-09-24 12.00.41 2015-09-24 12.02.47

Zoo with the famous world fair aviary!

2015-09-24 13.10.13 2015-09-24 13.13.03 2015-09-24 13.14.15 2015-09-24 13.21.45 2015-09-24 13.30.18 2015-09-24 13.30.59 2015-09-24 13.31.06 2015-09-24 13.33.52 2015-09-24 13.37.36 2015-09-24 13.37.40 2015-09-24 13.43.26 2015-09-24 13.44.41 2015-09-24 13.46.26 2015-09-24 13.49.29 2015-09-24 13.49.37 2015-09-24 13.49.40 2015-09-24 13.49.43

We spent much of our time here at the Master’s World Championships. This is final Highland games for the season. Jay finished 15th. It was an intense couple of days of competition. We spent time with people we only see once a year as well as with good friends.

2015-09-25 12.08.40 2015-09-24 17.43.14 2015-09-25 13.56.37 2015-09-26 09.16.16 2015-09-26 14.02.40 2015-09-25 08.37.04 2015-09-26 15.46.05

This highlight of the Mwc games is meeting the two 80 year old competitors. Heck, next year I just want to be healthy and be able to get out of bed, so they were very inspiring to me. Follow you dreams and don’t let age stop you from achieving them!!!

2015-09-27 11.35.01 2015-09-27 11.40.02 2015-09-27 11.40.53 2015-09-28 18.05.02 2015-09-28 18.09.17 2015-09-28 18.15.37 2015-09-29 15.28.46 2015-09-29 15.30.24 2015-09-29 15.30.40 2015-09-29 15.46.04 2015-09-29 15.49.01 2015-09-29 15.52.23 2015-09-29 16.00.32 2015-09-29 16.00.50 2015-10-01 15.26.42 2015-10-03 11.13.14 2015-10-04 09.42.15 2015-10-04 10.00.40

From St Louis we drove across the Smoky Mountains to Virginia Beach to visit our daughter and her family. A hurricane was threatening them so lots of rain was here this week. But it didn’t matter , I got to spend time with the now 2 year old twins. My daughter got to go out on a date with her husband and we took the girls to the aquarium one day.We saw muffins the size of Hobbit homes.  We drove home via the Pa and Ohio turnpikes. Last stop was in Michigan at Pink Castle Fabric in Ann Arbor. I had to get the unicorn fabric that  reminded me of Stirling Castle from our Scotland trip last year!!!

2015-10-04 15.09.46

We went 3400 miles. We saw cotton and corn being harvested. We saw the Appalachian and Allegheny mountains.  I saw the gateway to the west, back roads in Kentucky and lots of places I could not have stopped had we flown. People kept giving me looks an saying we were nuts for driving this trip. I guess the Road Trip is a thing of the past for many. I like driving and stopping at small places, eating in unusual restaurants and staying in some great hotels that were a surprise at their grandeur. . Overall, a wonderful time to refresh, reconnect and slow down. Looking forward to the next big trip we take.

Full post on the fabric I bought later,


Road Trip continues Memphis

2015-09-23 09.43.02 2015-09-23 09.53.34

Today we went to the Memphis zoo. It is a perfect day and I was surprised and what a wonderful zoo it is! The exhibits are very nice and I love how the gardens and culture of the country the animal represents,  is incorporated as well. This is a world class zoo and I feel it is really a good thing to see the animals, the plants and art all around the zoo.

2015-09-23 10.01.47 2015-09-23 10.01.55 2015-09-23 10.03.29 2015-09-23 10.03.46 2015-09-23 10.06.25 2015-09-23 10.53.14 The weather was nice so the animals were out moving. We could get up close and personal to many of them, the bird is taking our donation and putting it in the jar for the wildlife fund.


2015-09-23 10.57.23 2015-09-23 10.57.24 2015-09-23 11.01.33 2015-09-23 11.01.44 2015-09-23 11.02.19 2015-09-23 11.27.05 2015-09-23 11.27.10 2015-09-23 11.27.41 2015-09-23 11.28.05 2015-09-23 11.28.17 2015-09-23 11.28.45 2015-09-23 11.28.51 2015-09-23 11.34.11 2015-09-23 11.34.36 2015-09-23 11.57.11 2015-09-23 12.03.19 2015-09-23 12.03.23 2015-09-23 12.04.38 2015-09-23 12.04.56 2015-09-23 12.05.23 2015-09-23 12.06.34 2015-09-23 12.09.08 2015-09-23 12.09.15 2015-09-23 12.10.08 2015-09-23 12.11.53 2015-09-23 12.13.02 2015-09-23 12.19.47 2015-09-23 12.20.12 2015-09-23 12.20.41 2015-09-23 12.20.46 2015-09-23 12.21.20 2015-09-23 12.22.10 2015-09-23 12.22.36 2015-09-23 12.22.41 2015-09-23 12.23.10The highlight of this zoo was the PANDAS!!! I was so impressed with the enclosure as well as the viewing area. I have never had the opportunity to see a Panda and it was so cool. And we could spend time and observe them, no throngs of people here today!

2015-09-23 12.30.03 2015-09-23 12.30.42

Very nice areas for the elephants.  2015-09-23 13.05.02 2015-09-23 13.05.42 2015-09-23 13.13.11 2015-09-23 13.13.27 2015-09-23 13.13.44 2015-09-23 13.13.51 2015-09-23 13.14.14

The male gorilla was cross during feeding time and he threw stuff at the zoo keeper. We had a nice view of them and overall a wonderful day.

After we left the zoo, we drove to St Louis. On our way we had the opportunity to stop at a really fun restaurant called Lambert’s…. Home of the Throwed rolls. Yep, they throw softball sized dinner rolls at you. The food was cheap and plentiful. It was really good, too. They come by with pots of pass around food like okra and potatoes to go with your meal. A really lighthearted and fun place. It is in Sikeston , MO, and as our server said, “it’s something different.” Stop and eat there, you won’t regret it. It has southern food, wonderful bbq and enlarge the pic with my husbands meal. It was a filled 14 inch frying  pan!!!

2015-09-23 16.24.24 2015-09-23 16.33.07 2015-09-23 16.25.43 2015-09-23 16.25.19

On to St Louis and the Master’s World Championship Highland games!