Feeling like Christmas

I have to say that this El nino has been a blessing to me. Last year we had over 5 feet of snow at this time and cold days. We have had about 6 inches of snow and it is melted. Currently it is foggy and raining. Today’s high will be in the 50’s. I don’t ache, the old joints feel good. I played violin. I can hand stitch. If I ever won the lottery I would never see a snow flake again…. unless I chose to for a day!

I have been getting quilts done and I have 4 on my Handmade by Amazon Store.  http://www.amazon.com/handmade/My-Creative-Corner3

I am hoping will find a way to sell some things. It was a task to get a store. Now to find a way to get people to look at thing. I need some help in the photography and picking categories. I will keep tweaking it.

The tree is up!!! Cookies to be made Thursday! Turkey in fridge!

What i have been doing and my thoughts on Pantone colors for 2016

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I did overall swirls on this t shirt quilt for a customer. I loved the layout and it makes great use of the t shirts of different sizes. It turned out to be soooo adorable and the pieced back is perfect!

2015-12-12 12.36.02 Today my “A Christmas Story” quilt came off the frame. I did a fmq of holly leaves, curls and stings of pearls all over. I love this and will have it bound by Christmas.  I have 4 quilts to bind and that will be perfect for evening projects and football games.


wp-1449931844323.jpeg 2015-12-03 19.11.18 2015-12-06 15.13.24Here are some pretty Christmas decorations while out shopping this year. I love the fairy garden. I don’t even have my tree up or any decorations out yet. Maybe by the holiday itself will it get done.




2015-12-12 22.15.23

I enjoy watching for the Pantone color of the year announcement. This year I was shocked it was 2 colors and it was baby pink and blue. OMG, this is so 1986. I can’t go back there. I have to say it was the most awful color combo’s in décor and clothing. It reminds me of all things floral, bows and baby quilt colors of this time period. I must say that I am not into pastels much and not going to buy this seasons fabrics in this combo. I don’t expect 1986 to be back in my décor either. Hopefully, next years colors will be better.

New things today


This is the first time I have done a couple of things on a quilt. I sewed batting pieces together. The sewing machine sewed it smoothly and it quilted up very nicely. It was a Hobbs 80/20. I pieced this quilt last winter. It was made using up scraps of greens. My favorite colors!

I then tried using the channel lock on my longarm and I matchstick quilted parallel lines on it. It is all different widths, for a modern look. I like it so much that I am going to try it on another quilt.

I am playing with the layout on my “A Christmas Story” quilt. Of course I am two blocks short but I had some of the coordinating fabrics left and as you can see I am still playing around with arranging the blocks. I think this is close to the final layout. Maybe it will be done by Christmas!!

2015-12-01 16.04.21

I entered this quilt into a show. I am waiting on pins and needles to hear if it made it…. notifications will be out by the end of the month. QuiltCon is the name of the show.  I joined the Modern Quilt guild online specifically to enter this quilt. I must say that it was so worth the annual fee. I love the online webinars and patterns. It is worth checking out!



Getting Christmas themed items out


I don’t have my fall items picked up yet. They will be today. The tree wont be up for a couple of weeks,but we started watching Christmas specials and I started thei A Chrstmas story quilt last weekend. I Love it. Its nothing fancy but boy  is the fabric cute, just like the movie. I may shuffle the blocks a bit more or add a couple of more if I have enough fabric but this is nearly ready to go on the frame.

Got my customer holiday quilts done. Now to do a few for myself. I am going to experiment and those quilt will go on my Handmade
By Amazon store.

Heres to kicking off the Christmas season.