Latest customer quilt and other notes

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Another lovely quilt by Jane. It is so Modern, I love it. It is lightly quilted as it is going to a southern state. I love the color combo. I love the angles. Great job, Jane , it will be loved by the couple. I think the shot cottons made a great quilt!

I have an order for a quilted wall hanging. Pretty excited about it and I will share more after I draft the quilt. I need to sort thru my scraps to see if I have what I need on hand to make it.

Overall winter has been back with snow, south of me they shut most roads down. I never get that because we get snow like that all the time, so I am jealous!! I have been working on lots of projects but not finishing much so that is my goal over the next few weeks. That is all part of the 100 days project too. I am going to load my fabric on in April for my whole cloth modern quilt. I am doing lots of drawing and testing ideas before then.

Here’s to a productive week! My name tag for Zentangle club is below.  I may try to shade it a little before the next meeting. An Azt card fit will fit the name badge perfectly.

2016-02-24 08.31.46

Here we are


Book shelf quilt was completed and gifted. It really turned out to be a pretty sweet quilt. I am going to make another one or two of these. People really like them. They are easy to make just randomly  width of color and make strip sets of color and black. I did about 12.5 in lengths and sewed them together until it measured 14 inch then squared it up. I made the rows to length desired. I added 3.5 inch brown borders for the bookcase. I pieced a few strips to look like fancy bound books. Then I quilted straight lines in purple. Love it. It went to a kindergarten teacher who loves to read.


My linen stitch cowl is slowly coming along. It will be wide to scrunch down. I like this stitch. I think it showcased the hand dyed yarn well, and since this is the third attempt at a project….it will be finished.


Here is the latest customer quilt on the frame. It is lightly quilted in straight lines to enhance the modern feel. It is also going to someone living in Texas so it can’t be over quilted.

I spent time sewing with my Mom. She and I bought a Bom a couple of years ago but it was paper pieced. I already knew how to paper piece but she did not. And it turned out she does care for it. So I worked on several blocks and gave her the ones completed. She will pull the paper and assemble it. I am a third of the way done, it’s coming along! I have to finish my last block and assemble mine, too. The problem is that the blocks were printed a bit too big and the lady cutting the pieces made a few mistakes… so there are a few issues. I am going to try to scan the actual pattern  to see if it works out with the fabric I have. I have heard many people who buy BOMS or kits have this problem…. it soured me on the idea.

My husband got together with his friends and they had a little highland games. I sewed with Mom and visited with family. I have been working on my family tree and I am back a very long ways , the DNA evidence helped me in furthering my search. We will shut Ancestry off in the summer so before that happens I will do a big update in a future blog post.

Well, here we are….  up to date.



100 day project and everything in between



So part of the 100 day project is doing something creative daily. Even if it is only 10 minutes. I quilted this lovely quilt for Evelyn, she is 83 and made this wonderfully modern set of a Bear Paw. I quilted it in some of my favorite shapes… leaves and curls.  I quilted it one row at a time before work, at lunch and a bit after work.

I also daily have been knitting on my cowl. It is in a linen stitch and is getting over halfway done. I have never blocked a project so I have been reading up about that.


I am participating in Pat Sloan’s free block of the month. Here is January and February. I am also testing Blocks for Quiltmaker 100 block magazine. We are wrapping up this Vol 12 testing then we will have  a little break before the next go round. It forces me to piece blocks I would never try and increase my skills. I have noticed improvements each set of test patterns I do, practice makes perfect!

100 day project has also included Zentangle drawings. I am sharing some of the drawings completed yesterday. I had a previous post with Zentangle clubs meeting minutes. Today I was trapped in a all day meeting and I spent hours drawing. This has helped me solidify shapes I want to include in my whole cloth quilt which is going to be the end result of my project.



Zentangle Club Minutes

The First meeting for Zentangle Club was last evening. We will meet the third Tues of each month. We had a total of three  in attendance. Overall, we talked about the goal of this club —to stay inspired, to expand our tangling skills through monthly challenges and to meet others with the same interest.

The Facebook page Ornation Creations was shared by as a resource for free templates to tangle. We also learned that Joann Sharpe has a free lesson online for whimsical lettering. Ideas for future challenges were discussed. We also learned that has a ebook for $15 featuring all the tangles in the website. A wonderful resource !

Vicki shared her sketch book. Mary Ellen shared her completed tiles in her Zentangle box. Sheryl shared her 100 day project using Bijou tiles and her album of tangles. Such inspiration in the room!

For the next meeting we are tangling nametags using the artist trading cards and badges available. We are all creating our own lanyards or pinning methods.

March Challenge is to use my “comfort” tangle Flux.

We are off to a great start and looking forward to next month !


Loving how things are going


Here is the current snow picture and a typical grey morning. We need some sun however, it has been a light snow winter due to the El Nino. February is the month where we begin to feel that we are on the “downhill slide” to spring. However, it is Michigan and we have had late snow ….


Third attempt at using my handpainted yarn from my yarn of the month club. I am making a linen stitch cowl. So far this seems to the pattern that will not get ripped out! Linen stitch shows off the yarn very well.


Locally, I am facilitating a Zentangle Club at our local Arts Council with the support of our local CZT. I am pretty excited and have plans for challenges and projects! I think we will start out with a tangled name tag.


Made a taggie blanket for my niece’s baby due this month. I used a block I tested for Quiltmaker 100 block. I had left over minkee, silky and rough tags and backed it with flannel. I added batting and quilted it. It is made by using this tutorial as inspiration. It measures 18×18. I like using a pieced orphan block and making it a real quilt. It is intended to be a sensory toy for a newborn so the imperfections bother me less.


This quilt will be off the frame today. It is amazing in color, design and it is made by a lady in her 80’s. So inspiring! I wanna be just like her sharp, quilting and being independent.



Spool Along


I found a great project for our local quilt group. It is a free Spool block pattern at Adventures of a Quilting Diva. I will put all of the blocks links here so that people can choose which blocks they want to make. I love them and it is a great modern presentation of an old pattern. I am sticking with white or a light back ground and bold colors.

Here are the links for each block in her Spool along:

This is a wonder web site. She posts her free pattern and a tutorial on how to sew each block. It is a wonder Spool along! In my local quilt group we will decide how many spools we want to make and then it will be decided in March who wins the Block Lotto!

I am going to make a sample before our meeting so I will have a head start since I am presenting this challenge!



Practice and forming plans for 100 day project


This quilt top is a vintage one. It is all hand pieced and you can still see the pencil lines marking the seams! I have no idea how old this quilt is but is has a charming 1970 vibe. Maybe 1960s?



Here is the quilt finished and off the frame.  So gorgeous!


I made this quilt top to try out some ideas in making my own bookshelf quilt. I have seen variations of this out on the internet and  had to try it.  I am debating on putting some selvedge edges on some books to look like the titles. Really fun to make and a scrap buster!


I loaded this lovely quilt on the frame and decided on a overall leaf and curl motif. I like the light colored thread on it. I will get more done on it tomorrow. I keep thinking about different stitches and shapes I want to make on my whole cloth quilt for my 100 day project. It will have everything on it I am sure.



I joined a yarn of the month club via the mail. I thought it would be a good challenge for the winter and for portable projects later in the year. Plus, we don’t have a local yarn shop anymore and this is from a yarn shop 72 miles from me…. needless to say I would never get there. I recieved this lovely hand painted yarn. It had suggestions but no pattern.

Well this pattern for a headband I found is good. However,  my knit stitch was made wrong, i made it too wide and an error in the first row made it curl. Second failed project with this skeinof yarn so I ripped it out. I keep searching for something that I like ….I may have found a cowl pattern. Using this yarn in a project may be my 100 day project. The next yarn mail came and it has a pattern in it for washcloths. I can knit that!