Working towards my 100 day project

2016-02-27 12.31.15

I have been practicing different feathers to prepare for my 100 day project that will be a whole cloth long armed quilt. All free motion. This quilt top is one my mother made and she will be getting it back soon!



I am starting a Hobo quilt using the official Hobo signs for the inspiration for this quilt. The hobos riding the railroads during the depression used signs to communicate. I will explain each block once the wall hanging is done. These blocks are 6.5 inches paper pieced that I designed using EQ6. I love my program because I can design anything on it! I found some Moda homespun at a quilt shop today that will be a great addition to this quilt. I have a couple of customers who want one of these to I may be making a few of them!


I also do a photo a day on my Instagram feed, see side bar. I like using these prompts and they also help with creativity. It makes me look at things in a unique way to get a interesting picture.  It is a great way to start the day thinking about something creative. I have done this for a few years with only a couple of breaks. I have to say it is really addicting and fun!2016-03-03 09.17.24


I have been trying new Zentangle patterns. I have been watching YouTube Videos, reading and some of my books for inspiration in drawing new ideas. I was pretty sick when I drew the little 3 in tile called a Bijou. It was fun anyway. I have a middle ear condition that flares up occasionally with vertigo. I have been house bound and unable to go to work for the past few days. I am feeling better after seeing the doctor. But it has forced me to simplify things and only work on simple things. I get a little confused following patterns when flared up and make tons of mistakes so I stick with things I know and don’t have to over think on. So trying the new pattern on the little tile was probably not the best idea. I drew the bigger tile earlier in the week and shaded it yesterday.

Also just for you information, this ear problem is something I have had all my life … Meniere’s Disease. I have been to dozens of specialists and I have a program I follow. But it doesn’t hurt to keep trying to be healthy in eating, working out and taking my meds. I have been able to walk during this flare up but limit stairs, no long arming and not doing things I don’t feel comfortable doing. I am trying coconut water, only Bai is something I can stomach, to see if it helps with inflammation. I have tons of allergies and I may have had  a viral infection with migraines that started this whole mess off a week ago.2016-03-04 12.26.17


Here is the view from my porch. We are starting to warm up and lose snow already. It has been a shorter and lighter winter. I am so glad. Not bad for life on the 45th parallel! I drive two day’s a week to another office 40 miles away so I didn’t have too many stressful commutes.2016-03-05 20.08.34


Well, I have my modern spools made for quilt group. It is a free pattern I mentioned in a previous post. We were to make 2 blocks of our choice, the spool along patterns have 12 free blocks. These will go in a block lottery and the winner in our groups will take all of them. Should make a really cute quilt! I hope I win, I haven’t won ever so it’s gotta be my turn, right? It was my challenge to present to the groups so you know I really want them. And if I don’t win, I am making this quilt anyway!!!! I made the one in the middle and the right one tonight and I did pretty well so I know I am feeling better. I made a few cutting mistakes but overall it went ok.2016-03-09 07.34.31


So for the past few day’s I have been sewing my postage stamp quilt, I have a total of 11 of the 12 A blocks. I am using up my collection of Moda 2.5 inch charms. I bought these over the past couple of years without any plan and I have some 5 inch charms I am cutting into quarters. There is a block B. I subscribe to and saw this quilt again this week.

I saw this quilt first on the former blog of Katy Jones and she named this quilt Scrap Vomit. She is a British quilter and edits Quilt now. I love her stuff.  It can be done in strip sets too from a jelly roll but why do it that when I have all these charms. Besides I like to go slow especially when sick.

Here is Katy’s version of this Scrap Vomit quilt. I am going to try the block B tomorrow in dark brown, cream and Gold in the center.2016-03-06 02.01.282016-03-06 02.02.57



I like the version with solids in the plus block so that is what I am gonna to. Katy suggested that a solid with a bold color in the center  in her Qnn presentation.  I will make a test block tomorrow. I am gonna do it in laying out the little 2.5in squares in the slow sewing way.

Yep all this was done in a week. Before work, on lunch and bear in mind I was home half the week sick. I am not a sleep off the infection type of person especially when on Prednisone, lol!




  1. Hi Vicki…. so glad to hear that your gett better.
    I like your postage stamp top, it is going to look great.
    I also am looking forward to seeing more of your posts.
    Blessings for fast than fast healing and sewing.


    • I stick with things I have practiced at and I slow way down so things go together better , lol. But tomorrow I am going back to work and my long commutes are Tuesday and Friday ….driving is my biggest challenge. Otherwise I am 1 mile from my local office. I do feel thus is my sewing time of year!


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