My birthday


Many quilter’s make quilts to celebrate moments. I have found that many call making a quilt to commemorate  a  50th birthday a Jubilee quilt. There is something about making this day about celebrating and joy that appeals to me. There is a Biblical connotation to jubilee but I won’t get into that on this post. I decided after dreading this day for months to rethink this into celebrating the day. 2016-05-25 19.51.46

I started the day off sewing two more of these blocks before work. See post here about this quilt. During my 50th year , I am making this Emerald quilt (my birthstone) with 50 different green centers. I have loved this quilt since I first saw it on the internet, click link to see detail about this quilt and it’s pattern by Mary Fons. I am going to savor the process and find some awesome greens during my travels this year.

I went to work, had a most awesome lunch with my friend Carol who spoils me rotten. We shared lunch, had quilty talk and ideas…. ahhh perfection. For dinner I was treated by my husband to a fabulous meal and I forgot to get a picture of these meals. We had a warm brownie with icecream on it, yummmmm. A very special time with him to talk and laugh about being the age for an AARP invitation.  I had tons of well wishes, phone calls from my family and text messages and video messages. If only every day were so wonderful.

It all went well with these beverages.

2016-05-25 18.41.11

and to end this day, I toasted to a wonderful jubilee year. I drank Guinness from my Galway crystal champagne flute. I had that planned for months.

2016-05-25 20.12.19

Most awesome!

Aviary Photo_131086975600586340


I love weekends part 2

This was our last weekend home before the kickoff to the summer Highland games. I spend it doing the things I love with those I love. I look forward to our travels this summer and have portable projects to take. I am learning how to use our GoPro for video this summer.

2016-05-21 08.22.41

I practiced old patterns I knew and added the top one called Viaduct. I sent it to my block swap partner along with this block.

2016-05-21 08.19.33


2016-05-22 14.54.05

2016-05-22 14.53.59

After realizing I made a terrible cutting mistake, guess which block, I cant see the book well lying flat with these bifocals. It is Tula Pinks City Sampler. I am on block 53 and I found my cook book stand. Magic, I can see without destroying the book by getting it spiral bound. And without spending even more money! Tip for the day why spend money when you have these things on hand?

2016-05-22 11.27.39

2016-05-22 11.28.12

Speaking of having on hand, I  have twin grand daughters. I found out they needed some summer clothes. I happened to have patterns the right size that a friend gave me , plus some of my own from when my daughter was  young, the cutest little girl fabric and a serger fresh out of the shop! I can’t believe it I made clothes!!! All my sewing lessons in 4H paid off because I felt like I knew what I was doing. It helps having sewing and sergering machines that are in good shape.

2016-05-22 16.07.37

I love how this sampler stitch is turning out, I spent time here too. It is my quilt and the tutorial is listed as woven ribbons on how to piece it, link on tutorial page. I found that I can take cheap online classes at The Judy Madsen class is there as well as Gwen Marsten. I will save my 150 for the class I wanted to take at AQS, go to the show in Grand I am ending this post where I was enjoying my time …. outside in my fairy garden. I have a patio and a smoke free zone now that the neighbors all quit. It was a pleasant 70 degrees.

2016-05-22 17.04.33

2016-05-22 17.04.47

2016-05-22 17.04.58

I added 2 more mini plants, scotch moss and hens n chicks. Now to watch it grow and find another house or two. I have 2 more raised bed to add to as the plants grow. I will have a village. I love miniatures so much.


Love weekends

2016-05-20 08.07.45

I did complete this bar towel. After it was done I could bear the thought of someone using it so I used it on my little fireplace to make it feel more homey. This was knitted in Durenda’s pattern fro Yarnz to Go in Alpena from a Plymouth cotton yarn. I was part of my yarn box of the month. I am starting a new project to have as a portable project for Highland games which start next week! More to come on that

2016-05-20 08.09.11

2016-05-20 14.24.30

Worked a little in my flower beds and here is a little updated pic of part of my fairy gardens. I am adapting the Slow movement to gardening, long time fan of this movement btw. I have all summer and I can only work about 20 to 30 minutes of active weeding. Lots get done when I consistently work on things in small increments of time.

2016-05-20 14.24.51



I even worked on the larger bed of perennials in the back. I love gardens. I don’t really like gardening after July 4th. I get spring fever and tackle the beds with fresh energy each spring and tend the plants. The idea is very romantic. Then it gets hot and then I lose interest. I get sunburned and bugs.  I am the Jim Gaffigan of gardening and John Pinet of outdoors. Both are my fav comedians who are “indoorsy” and not overly motivated to be outside. I plan to spend more time out knitting, as all of my neighbors quit smoking so I can breathe out there with nature. Unfortunately, there are many dogs that make the place smell at bit poopy on a hot day.

2016-05-21 17.24.47

I borrowed a walking foot, this one fit my machine perfectly. I have found the secret to machine binding and straight line quilting on my domestic. The walking foot. Oh wow, I bound three little quilts yesterday. I did have to go to the quilt store to get more purple because I was a foot short, they had only 2 fat quarters left so I got them!  I will bind them on the next cold snap probably in a week or so, it is Michigan after all!

2016-05-22 08.28.36


And lastly I found a new thing to do while watching I love this subscription. I found something that is called Coloring Quilts from It combines longarm quilting, zentangle and coloring. I bought paint pens, prepared for dying fabric and made this sample. If I like it I will buy the textile paint she recommends because it is something you can do more details with but to start I thought I would go with Sharpie stain pens for fabrics.

Never met a craft or art I didn’t like!










2016-05-17 21.01.01

Well, I caught the edge of the long arm and had a disaster that left a little hole in the customer quilt. I called the customer and told her what happened . She said it was ok to use a piece of fabric underneath and fray check.

2016-05-17 21.05.25

I think it is nearly invisible. I hope it holds. I felt sooooo bad.




2016-05-07 15.56.58


Super big quilt, overall loosely quilted with curls. It is 5 inch signature blocks that was traded from around the world by my 90 year old customer. It is 95×115 I do believe and has a poly down batt.  I hope that she likes it! I drop it off tomorrow.


Ufo’s no more!

2016-05-15 20.14.06

I have to say that I am getting my UFO or unfinished projects wrapped up. I have several other WIPs or those works in progress going. And I have a drawer full of orphaned blocks that were made as test patters that will find a quilt to land in someday but for today here are a couple of finishes. I did my  May block for Pat Sloan’s Mystery Quilt Secret Garden. LOVE the large 16 inch blocks.



2016-05-16 06.43.29

I finished my granny square afghan. I started this in the fall. I needed a yarn project. I love the Lion Brand bon bons and so I bought some, made squares. I set them in white and now I have a sofa blanket. I haven’t crocheted in a while and sometime it is nice to see if you can remember. I have nearly finished a knit table runner and I am also working on a tatted edging just to make sure the rust is knocked off. And believe it or not, my fingers have let me play violin too. I am trying to stick it to osteoarthritis.

2016-05-16 07.35.052016-05-16 07.35.22


Here is my mini quilt. I designed the pattern and this is a test  idea for a lay out. I love quilting mini quilts for long arm practice. I experimented with a few new stitches and wanted some intense pebbling practice. I like the overall quilt and a larger version is warranted. I also have a couple of other layouts in mind with this block. Never enough hours in the day.

We are in a cool spring here. My fairy gardens are cold and frosty. I need to weed them as the weather warms up. Had a bit of snow last weekend. I realized today that I have let my filing and papers get all messy again. I will have to file them , which is not my favorite thing. And I get to work in about three offices or more again which makes work life stressful for me but I want to do my part to be sure we have all places staffed and covered. I can’t say that I get bored.

Zentangle group is tonight. It is small usually three of us. I keep hoping it will grow to a larger group. I am not sure if it was during the day if it would have more people. I guess only retired people join groups in this town I am told. Hahaha, or mom’s who have an empty nest and isn’t afraid to drive at night like me. I am not giving up on it. I am going to start making some phone calls and invite people again. Any ideas?


Blocks, quilts and more

2016-05-12 07.11.47

I signed up for 2 block exchanges and this sneak peek is one for my Ello group. Ello is a new social media that has no algorhythms or ads. I love it. I think I will take a bit to catch on but I am finding block exchanges here! I hope that my partner in Texas likes this ! I will mail it out this week after I find a few extras to go with it.

2016-05-11 06.37.37

I have picked up on block 42 in the Tula pink city Sampler and I am halfway finished with the little 6.5 inch blocks. I like one of the settings in the book and that I how I plan to finish it. 2016-05-10 12.50.02

After such a big quilt I needed to load a couple small ones of mine. I messed up the hopping foot and broke a needle on the last quilt so I needed to be sure it is all in working order. I am practicing pebbling and densely quilted motifs. 2016-05-09 17.52.582016-05-09 17.52.26

This purple quilt I was practicing using a darker thread and a crazy mixed up feather. I am trying to get confident with dark thread. Overall it turned out ok I am still thinking prefer a light thread on a quilt, even if it reads a dark color.

Life continues on. Day by day I quilt and sew before work, at lunch and in the evening I do a little. I have not been working out because I have injured my knee and back. Yoga made it worse and so did gardening.

I have my fairy gardens started. I need to weed the gardens terribly. I have several pics in my Instagram feed on the side bar. Overall, my plan is to garden in small increments all summer. We have carpet coming for the living room in a couple of weeks, Highland games start and we are painting our bathroom. Lots of projects and I am grateful because they are important to me. My 100 year old home needs some TLC and 2 really big projects are coming the gut and remodel of the bathroom and a roof. One step at a time, its a marathon not a sprint I keep telling myself.

I am going to spend time with my quilt group today, I plan to return from our meeting and be inside on this rainy Saturday.






Its a big one!


This is a really big quilt make by my 90 year old custormer. She was in block exchanges from all over the world. These little 5 in blocks sewed up to a quilt that is about 100×115. I love how each block is a little work of art. They are embellished and signed by the maker. I think this was a really great idea for a signature quilt block exchange. I quilted overall curls and loops because it is a big quilt to keep it light. It had poly down batting which is a light batting too. I used sew fine thread and overall it is a really pretty quilt. When unrolled it takes up the entire room and then some!!!