2016-06-26 17.51.18

I have been working on my Emeralds quilt with different green squares in the middle. It is to celebrate my 50th birth year. I discovered that I could put a simple EQ rendering up on my workbench using a magnetic clip. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? I have 10 blocks done now, 40 to go.




2016-06-27 07.49.11


I loaded a quilt made with the 10 minute quilt block. It is all flannel and yes it is hot outside ! I am quilting it with a masculine looking circuit bord look with swirls on the border and a big spiral in the blue diamonds.


a little of this and that

2016-06-20 22.36.37

It was a full moon on the summer solstice. It happens only once every 70 years, so rare! However, it set up a week of work being a full moon week. One complete disaster after another.  I have worked in 4 different offices/departments in 5 days. It was frought with frustration and tears.


2016-06-21 07.02.43

I did a block exchange and Here is the Quatrefoil block I made with  extras for her. I hope she likes it! I have to get to the post office today.



2016-06-21 07.46.33

I am finishing up these leggings. I spent a long time rethreading that darn serger but it works like a dream. Mostly operator error, I am not familiar with the machine.

2016-06-25 12.50.11

I have lots to learn and I hope they fit because I have pink knit to make into pants, too!



2016-06-25 08.19.22

I am coloring this quilt and decided to not buy more fabric pens, they are expensive! It is an experiment so I want to use up the paing pens I have. I will invest in the Jacquard paints for the next one to see how that works because it looks like you can achieve shading. I saw this idea by http://www.thequiltedthistle.com


2016-06-25 12.41.58

I had Zentangle group this week and we did the I am a Diva challgene, she posts one weekly on her blog. Black and White and Red all over. Here is mine. I love Zentangle. I need to draw more to prep me for other creative things. It is also very relaxing.

2016-06-25 08.22.36

I received these lovely blocks in the mail from Amy my #helloblockswap partner on Ello.co. She did such a wonderful job, I love the teals and greys. She did a great job making improv blocks. I am soooo happy. Exchanges are so much fun!!!

This weekend is home, gardening, longarming and cleaning. Got a new vacuum, gotta put it together.

Its the little things that make me so happy in spite of the Strawberry moon,



First Day of Summer

And it is a full moon tonight with the solstice. I understand that is very rare…. last occurence was 70 years ago. It has been hot so for once it really feels like summer. I am enjoying the sun and heat however, I am very thankful for the big splurge we made several years ago when we installed central air conditioning.

Last week was our stay cation and I will show you what was accomplished:

The Front porch had to be replaced so the carpet people could safely come in the house to install the carpet. The left pic shows the Berber that my parents installed 25 years ago. The next pic shows the pine floors and the white spot is an area here a big hole was in the floor that held an open grate. The house had a coal furnace that let the heat rise to keep it warm. The carpet is in the van ready to install!

So they kicked us out of the house and we went and had lunch in Mackinaw City, did a little shopping for fudge and flavored popcorn. When we got home the carpet in the living room , dining room and stairway was done! Its great. I keep getting asked why I didn’t go with the wood floors. Well, it’s really cold here in the winter and the basement /floors get really cold. The floors are not in great shape and we would get a carpet anyway after a resurface so why not go with what we like? The house sounded like a bowling alley without carpet. Love the choice, it is grey but the tweed in it goes well with all the wood.

Then we had a highland games at the local Airshow in our home town. It was awesome! Hubby had a good day and I haven’t seen the show up close in several years.

2016-06-18 11.46.212016-06-18 15.23.172016-06-18 15.34.502016-06-19 10.52.16


And some pics from the Airshow. I had a great time.

There were all kinds of things from the B-17 to a jet powered Semi and fire! There was fast cars and the best was seeing my friends and family all day. It was a scorcher but our tent was a really fun place to be. I hope they have us back next year.

2016-06-19 13.04.592016-06-20 07.58.38

I found that the long arm was packed with lint on the frame so it wasn’t gliding easily so I use alcohol prep pads to clean it up and loaded a scrap on to make shoulder pads for my husband when he throws the caber . A big quilt will go on this week.

2016-06-20 12.20.19

I sewed two test blocks for Quiltmaker and I did the June block for Pat Sloan’s Mystery quilt. The lower right it the June block. Here are all together. I spent a couple of hours rethreading my serger and I did sew some clothes. That will be a future post when they are done.

Whew, back to work and now I am vegging out in front of the TV watch the original X files TV show, I am hooked.


Staycation or why I can’t keep a serger threaded

I am home this week. I did go to Guelph Canada last weekend for a Highland games. My husband took first in the Caber even and set a personal best in light hammer. Overall he took 6th. He is feeling better this year with is middle ear and his elbow is staying well.

2016-06-11 12.39.08-52016-06-11 14.33.572016-06-11 15.03.392016-06-11 15.10.33

Then we came home and my parents came up for a visit. We had several projects to do because we are getting some new carpet on Thursday.  We needed to replace boards on the front porch that rotted so the carpet people can get into the house easily. We are packing up pictures and knick knacks. The furniture will be moved tonight.

SOOOO, how bout that serger. I have plenty of time to use it. And do you think I can keep it threaded to have projects done. NOOOOOO. So instead I have been making some quilt blocks. I took my Mom to the sewing center and she bought a new machine and sewing has been our fun thing to do.

The Murphy’s Law of sewing: the more time you have for sewing the more mechanical problems you will have. So I can’t figure out how to keep the serger threaded. I don’t have the long arm loaded because I need to wipe all the frame and tracks because I have had problems. No point in doing that until after the dirty job of carpet installing is done.

2016-06-14 15.40.272016-06-14 17.38.03

Dads handiwork showing a inside step that needed repair before they get recarpeted. There was a vent in it that was never covered up and the old carpet would push  in when you used the step. Under the step we found a home work assignment from 1981. I knew the boy who wrote the homework. I sent his sister a picture and we all got a good chuckle. I bet he said the dog ate his homework, lol.



2016-06-14 20.23.48


We ended the day by going to quilt group. I shared my woven ribbons quilt and coloring quilt. Some of the ladies went on a boat ride. I didn’t because of my motion sickness issue. Some of us sat on shore and enjoyed the sunset.


Ribbons Quilt

I made this quilt with the intention to practice lots of different stitches on the batik rectangles or ribbons. I wrote a tutorial for this quilt and you can see it by clicking on the tutorial page at the top of my blog. I took a page out of Leah Day’s quilt project a day, got inspiration from Tracy at Whirls N Swirls quilting daily doodle and the end result is what you see pictured. Oh, it has it moments of stupidity. Look at that edge, a loose trimmed backing fabric piece was caught and quilted in. I will cheat and cover it with a label.

I wanted to make it a show quality quilt. I don’t know if it will make a show but I may try. I found my longarm frame must be off because there are a few spots where the quilter didn’t evenly travel over the quilt. I will find the level before I do another quilt.

I am pleased with the overall look. It took me waaaay longer than I thought to quilt this but it was worth the practice. I feel like I just gave birth, lol!!!



Last weekend was the kick off to the Highland Games Season and we traveled to Alma, Michigan. It was fun to get together with our friends and family to watch the games and kick off the summer. My husband did well in the games and helped raise money for the local VFW during a caber demo, so they can help those in need in their chapter. I could talk for days about Highland games but to give you a quick summary it is a day of competition of ancient Scottish events like a track meet. There is a stone throw, throwing weights for distance and height, caber toss and sheaf toss. He got 2nd place in 2 events and 4th in his age group.  I pet the cute little Scottie dog named Thistle. Love the little quilt she is sitting on, maybe I need to make one in the future.  I also purchaged a art glass orb with a Tree of Life theme. I am just a lover of glass, I have tons !

I have been working on my Tula Pink City Sampler. I have nearly 60 of the 100 done. I am making progress on the grey longarm quilt project of mine. I am nearing the end so watch for pictures.

2016-06-02 17.01.44

Here is a start to a Zentangle Mandala. I bought a 4 dollar 360 degree compass and got the points set up. I love how fun it is , I have lots more to do to complete the circle. I hope to have it done before Zentangle group in a couple of weeks.