Heat wave

It has been so hot here. I do complain about the weather and I held out on the heat because winters are so long…. but it’s uncomfortable. Even with air conditioning, our second floor is hot. So long arming and sleeping is a bit of a challenge at times! Rain has come and I am hoping August isn’t a 90 degree month.

Look at that hot orange baby quilt. It is going to a new granddaughter due in Oct. I won’t show the entire thing so there is a surprise. Mom pieced it and I quilted it. The next pic is Pat Sloan’s mystery quilt and I am up to date. The last pic is blocks I am returning to Mom for a BOM we bought a few years ago. I have the blocks done for my BOM . Mom doesn’t paper piece and together via the internet we will assemble them. It is a lovely star quilt. 6 more done 9 to go!

As you can see I am plodding along with my knitting. It is sock yarn and plans was for a scarf or cowl. We will see. And if you click on any pic it will get large and you can see my new iron!

My husband went for a ride with his mother while I was working Saturday. My  cordless iron started to leak. He asked what kind I wanted and while he was in the city he bought me one!!!! I love it. It is so steamy and hot. It makes sewing fun! I can press quilt backs in half the time I bet!

So I have not been exercising much, bronchitis and heat don’t mix with activity. I am working in several offices and we will see how many I get to over the next month. Most of them I bet! I am still thinking about a podcast and I want to make a few over the next month and learn to edit them. My goal is Sept 1 for a bi weekly cast. I am also thinking that my long arming is going to be restricted to my current customer base if life continues to be as busy as it is!




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