a little fun

This weekend was the Michigan RenFest. I enjoyed the day immensely. I was able to see all the shows I wanted and see all the shops. I rained so I ducked into the truck. I was able to see my husband compete in the Highland games and I saw friends. I love all the shops there and it really feels like a day in a Fairy Village or Faire. I didn’t wear my skirt but I did wear my vest and tartan. The weather concerned me and I didn’t want to ruin  the skirt. I have some good ideas to jazz up the skirt with layers. I may have it ready buy Sept 17th when we go again for Irish Weekend and they have a Highland Games. Wanna see my husband throw a perfect caber? go to my Instagram account on the side bar for the video.

Today I have a few chores to do and mostly get a king sized quilt on my frame. I have already started working on my last 20 blocks of 100 in my Tula Pink City Sampler. Quiltmaker Magazines 100 block testing pattern cycle has one left and I feel like I will be assembling several tops from these test blocks. Weddings next year and graduations. I have lots of quilts to long arm and I am thrilled.


I keep stretching my sore legs and ankles… 13,000 steps in a day for me is a lot! I need to go to festivals more often, lol




Time to get things done



I have been working on several projects and thought I would show you what I have finished over the weekend. The picture on the left is my #helloblock swap. I have four blocks because I made one I liked so much for myself as well as my partner this month-the upper right one. I  think they are going together quite nicely! It is one block a month for a year I believe. I am having fun with it.

The next quilt has  a new feather stitched on it that  I have been working on. This quilt is queen sized and I thought the soft feather would be a nice compliment for the soft pastels of the quilt. It is pieced by my octogenarian customer. She does such good work.

The last block is my Aug. mystery quilt bom by Pat Sloan. I have a bright floral bundle and I really loved the surprising color combo of the fabrics and I think it turned out to be quite nice. I need to get more white because it sets the brights off perfectly.

I have started sewing on my Tula Pink 100 City Blocks again. The little 6 inch blocks are nearly instant gratification and I made two today. I am at block 76 of 100. I have lots of blocks in my cabinet. I have several projects planned over the winter months.

I am hoping to long arm lots of my quilts as I finish more tops!

I recorded my fist podcast that will be release in September. I am having fun with recording them and I plan to do 2 a month. I will put podcast notes on this blog so watch for that new project. Love technology!


Oh No!


We have our printer set up near a guest bed. Well there was a jam and there was a little incident with the toner…. ooopps! Here is what it looks like after I dabbed off what I could. I quickly went to the internet and I then sprayed it with hairspray. Let it dry and used Resolve stain  lifter and then washed in Tide.

2016-08-15 21.10.40


First wash and still wet. Then I used hair spray again, resolved , blue Dawn dish soap and I dumped ERA stain lifter detergent right on the stains and washed again.



After last washs and dry, looks great… well, I didn’t get that quarter inch seam allowance properly. I had a little repair work to do. But you can barely see where the stain was!


This week was Zentangle group. The theme was the Rio Olympics. And I sure love sports and the Olympic are so much fun to watch!It was a difficult challenge and everyone in the group really found it hard also, I am pleased with how it turned out !

And I finally finished my coloring page. I made the lined clamshells a metallic gold or silver. It reminded me of the Rainbow Fish children’s book, a glittery fish scale!

I started taking my little sketch book to work so that I can practice Zentangle patterns while on hold, in meeting and at lunch when out of town. I am trying to find something productive to do and carve out time for my drawing. I practice quilting stitches by drawing the out too.



So much fun

I have had a busy week! last weekend we went to Livonia, Michigan and watched the Highland games there. My husband was asked to be part of the Tug of War team and they won. I had my picture taken with the Winner of the day Matt Vincent. This weekend we went to the Sparta Celtic festival. My son and his girlfriend were at the festival and we had a blast. I love this little festival, it’s free and has great music and dance. I bought a little succulent fairy garden at the craft show, couldn’t help myself! The highland games are always a good time, my husband won second place in his division.

Mid week I went to my Mom’s house and we went to the AQS show in Grand Rapids on Thursday with a tour of 5 from her town. We met Twilter’s an online group we belong to, Mom joined after the show. We made new friends, I had never met any of the Twilter’s in person, saw the best quilts on display and made a few purchases. I have tons of pictures of quilts there but I don’t have all the makers and information and such to post many but I am going to post the winners and a fellow Twilter’s Christa Watsons. I have to say I am a bit tired and not looking forward to going back to work.

Can you have a fun hangover? Yea, I have one



Longarm quilting finishes


I found that if you click on each pic in the mosaic the photo will enlarge for details.

The pink and blue quilt is a queen sized Card Trick quilt. It is finished for the family of the late quilt maker. She was a beautiful woman and left several tops. The blue and white sampler is one she made also. It is a lap size.  I am glad to be part of finishing these for her and her family. Both were quilted in a stipple.

The Pin wheel quilt is one my Mom made. She made it with scraps. I love how it turned out. I quilted each border a different stitch-loops, free form feathers and greek key- with a feather in the pinwheels. I like it and love the texture on each area.

I am going to wait till it cools off a bit to bury a few threads but that may be a couple of weeks.

I got three quilts done!  Pretty impressed with the heat and that my long arm is in the hottest room in the house.