Testing Patterns

I like to test patterns for other people in addition to Quiltmaker 100 block magazine. I tested the Book Nerd Quilt pattern by Angela Pingel and she wanted it to be shared on social media. This pattern will be available soon. I would highly recommend this pattern, it is paper pieced but not overly complicated to do. It is makes a pretty full size quilt.  It has infinite possibility for customizing these books. Watch for more from me and others on Instagram as well as on this blog.

The beanie is a pattern that will be available next week on an Etsy shop called Crochet by Renee.  I love the Huron Beanie. It was a hat that I was able to finish and it fit , yay! I would highly recommend this pattern, too. It is also customizable for your style, slouchy or not… as well as size. I love the texture. Lion yarn Heartland is really a pretty yarn that has nice texture and warmth. I finished it  just in time for our first snow expected tomorrow!





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This weekend, I delivered the last quilt pictured the orange and blue one as well as the first quilt pictured. I visited with my friend after dropping them off  and it was a very nice time. 

The tote pictures have some fabrics in them that were gifted to me and I am going to use it for a fledgling charity that gives quilts to children to have cancer. I am pretty excited because I have been looking for a way to give back besides QOV. More info on this in 2017 as it rolls out.

I started Saturday out with frost on my car. Ick. I worked this weekend a few hours each day. I had time to work  on quilts, too in the afternoons when I got home. I was pondering many things driving  the one hour home from work  on Saturday, but especially thinking about so many who are sick or gone. Must have been delivering those quilts. I got a notification on my phone, it was the Bible app and it sent me this verse: 1 Chronicles 29:11

11Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor,for everything in heaven and earth is yours . Yours, Lord, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all.

I read it out loud then saw the sunset. Yep,  You are Exalted as head over all.






Show notes for Podcast #5 Quilts, Fall, Shawl and tiles

Listen to podcast here


2016-11-11-10-55-20 Easiest shawl ever https://youtu.be/YHRVOiBS8ZI


Vicki Howell and Craft-ish is found here


Quilt top made for the beginner class that was a no-go.


2016-11-11-14-48-22 Raw Edge applique roses for quilt groups block lotto

2016-11-08-07-29-23 My version of the Courtyard tiles quilt in Tula Pink Eden fabrics. Link to pattern for the tiles quilt is here


Got my cardio in and rakes the front lawn…..


But wait there’s more. Another day

Previous blog posts about the football game, my Beginner Class quilt top that I made, Quiltmaker 100 blocks and Secret Garden Mystery by Pat Sloan are available if you scroll down. My Instagram feed is on the side bar for pics from every day.

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Hey all! 


Look Carefully at these football pictures. It is NOVEMBER and we are sitting outside for a game in sunglasses and no jackets!! Whoo hoo, it was in the 70’s out, record high temps. We enjoyed GVSU vs SVSU and Grand Valley won in double overtime. They are headed to the playoffs! I was wearing my scarf as a sunscreen for my neck as I didn’t wear any, who would have thought I may need it lol!

I started a new quilt with my Tula Pink Eden collection plus a few  FQ I picked up along the way added in. I am using white Moda Grunge for the pieced block. I am using a pattern that I adjusted to keep the tigers intact. The pattern is online and called Courtyard Tile. Buy it here.  

I quilted a table runner and I quilted a baby quilt. I am preparing a queen quilt and have 4 in the queue. Longarming  is really busy! And I thought I wouldn’t have many to do. I hope to make enough money to buy more thread, batting and backing fabric yardage for my quilts waiting to be quilted. I have several of my own to do but the cost of those items is what breaks the bank! I longarm to keep myself equipped in quilting supplies, lol.


Clean start Podcast #4




The knit shawl preview, Xfiles and the baby on the Taggie Fox for tummy time!


60 degree triangle attempt, not for today with Tula Pink fabric…. another day another project

2015-12-01 16.04.21

Michigan my Michigan quilt that was in MQX, thanks to Lori for getting better pictures of it at the show.

My oldest UFO and I need to get it DONE!

Here are the 4 knit project that are in various stages of done from my Yarn of the month club thru Yarns to Go in Alpena Michigan.

Read Birds in the Air, I loved it!


The quiltmaker blocks are posted here

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