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Here is the Daily Creative Prompt Challenge for February 2017 that I want to start. I plan to put a picture on Instagram daily for each challenge as well as the group on Facebook called My Creative Corner3. They are designed to be short challenges most days that will spark your creative center in your brain. It is designed for quilters and does have a couple of sewing challenges. I find when I engage in some different activities then I feel more creative projects get done and ideas for new ones are generated, too!





I finished my improv fairy garden It is small about 22 by 27 inches. Two blocks are paper pieced, the tumbling tiny mushrooms and the house. I have EQ6 and the tiny mushrooms are a block already loaded in that program. The mushroom house was a free paper pieced block found here.

The rest of the quilt was just making mushrooms of different shapes and sizes. They are randomly cut squares or rectangles with some background color added to the corners to round the mushroom cap and then attach it to a strip that has the stem sewn in the middle. I added a couple of tiny trees. I tried to have the background colors suggest shading . The large to small mushroom size from bottom to top was to suggest perspective. Now to add it to the stack of quilts to be quilted. I decided to try making  a few small quilts for 2017 in a series to learn a technique or learn about color stories. Gwen Marsten called the small quilts little sketches.



Look what I found in my orphan block drawer!. My entire chop stick challenge from quilt group last year. I put them on the design wall and found the grey fabric I bought for the blank blocks to break  up the crossed stick blocks. Jane from group did this and it was exactly what this needed, a few places to rest the eye and accent the quilting. I am about halfway thru putting the rows together. It will be 6×7 and the blocks are 8.5 inches.



The long arm frame is fixed, yes! It needed new plastic rail pieces. It is smooth for the longarm to travel across the frame. See those straight lines, means it is all good.  My husband helped me do this. I couldn’t do the heavy lifting to get the job done. Now I can tackle that stack of quilts I have plus 3 customer quilts.


pic is the ice in the inside of my car’s windsheild

Snow has returned and the winter wonderland has returned. It is much colder so I am snuggled under a quilt and/or in a wrap most of the time. I wake most days by the sounds of snow removal banging in the parking lots or scraping the roads and at night I hear the snowmobiles traveling in front of my house headed to the trails. An odd sound today was that of a train whistle, must be bringing more salt for the road commission.





Daily Creative prompt challenge Feb 2017-Short podcast

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2016-07-04 08.03.53

Daily creative prompts have helped in my creative journey,

I did the 100 day project and I  had some self structure to it for my creative project at the end but public prompts would have helped.

Here is last years post about it for more info:


Why prompts?

It helps me to look at things differently. I do daily photo a day prompt challenges to take a more creative pictures and to practice daily.

It also takes us out of our comfort zones and try something a little different. Maybe we will learn more about quilting, maybe it will add a skill or maybe it just solidifies that you don’t care for a specific thing in quilting but it makes your brain work differently that its usual habit. That’s when inspiration happens for me, maybe you too.

This is designed to be a daily prompting that could lead up to having a project done in 30 days if that is the way you choose to do it. You may just want to do this as a daily exercise as a jumping off point in your studio.

I will post daily about the prompts on Instagram and the My Creative Corner3 Facebook GROUP. I will post weekly or more on the blog to talk about the journey and show what I am working on.

Daily prompts will be posted here and on Instagram at the end of January.

Happy Creating!



Nine Mile Beach

Walking on rocks had a sharp crunching sound as Vicki moved along the beach.  It was also a challenge for her to keep solid footing. The natural beach is very steep and small. No other people were anywhere to be seen. It was noon and the weak sun was high in the sky and it was bright and cloudless. The wind off the Great Lake was crisp and cold. She walked with the rhythm of the waves as they lapped on the shore. The sun had been hidden for several days and in spite of it being cold, it was welcome to feel the sun’s rays on her face.

Her eyes were scanning the horizon for any freighters or small boats. None were there. It felt as if time had frozen. The only signs of man here on this hidden beach were the stairs and handrail that allowed visitors to have safe access. There was also one sign at the foot of the stair indicating that swimming was at one’s own risk.

She liked to visit on lunch hour from her job from time to time when her gastank was full and time not rushed. Today was especially tedious and stressful. Combing the beach after a quick bite of lunch was meditative. She could pretend that the work a day world was thousands of miles away and had no hold on her, at least for the 60 minutes allowed away from the desk and telephone.

The beach was all rocks.  At the water line it was interspersed was scrubby trees along, tall reeds and aquatic plants.  As a girl these water plants in the lake were all called ‘seaweed’ .  There was a narrow band of sand visible where the rock beach ended and the water line began. She looked intently at the stones. She picked up a few here and there and inspected them closely. And tossed them back to the ground. She was looking for fossils. Specific fossils often found in the great lakes, the state stone of Michigan, the Petoskey stone. They were a treat to find. Dry, they took an experienced eye to find the tell-tale pitted dots and the  all over light hexagonal shapes surrounding the dots. When wet, the hexagons stood out more and the ray shooting from the center dot were easily visible. Some fine samples could be polished. She had always wanted to try that but adding a rock tumbler to the budget always seemed frivolous.

Rock collecting was not a new game to her. She collected rocks from wherever she went. Agates from Lake Superior, fossils from Lake Huron, odd shaped stones from the Straight of Mackinaw and Petoskey stones were usually found in Lake Michigan. Where all these rocks went over the years is a good question. Some were lost from her childhood. Some were squirreled away in trinket boxes and cups around the house that were decorative. There was something fascinating about the smooth stones found in water. The fossils make by ancient glaciers left so many interesting impressions in the stone. One prized find as a child was a scallop fossil. She wondered where it went.

She had a few rules about rock collecting as an adult because really there was no place to keep them in her small house. She would keep brightly colored stones, heart shaped stones, full fossils, and Petoskey stones. And anything else that was unusual or caught her eye that day.

After looking often to the shore, to see if any gulls were flying or ships were passing, she looked at her cell phone for the time. A few more minutes, just a few more. Deep breaths of the cold, crisp unpolluted air was drawn deep into her lungs. Fresh water had its own distinct smell. The trees no longer had their bright autumnal colors. The rain knocked down all the deciduous leaves. The evergreens still added color along the shore line in stark contrast against the pale blue sky and deep blue of the water. Gold was spotted in the greens as the tamaracks lost their summer hue.

She imagined what it was like to live here before it was settled by the Europeans. How bleak winter would be and how harsh the winds could be to cope with. It could be a desolate place in the warmer months but winter would be oppressing she guessed.  A duck swam by and reminded her that many animals stayed for those harsh months. Many birds like the geese and gulls would not.

Looking down one last time before grasping the handrail to climb the steep steps to the parking lot, a familiar pattern was spotted on a stone. She picked it up and guessed it was what she was looking for. Just to make sure, Vicki walked to the water and dipped it in. A smile spread across her tired and weary face. It was indeed a Petoskey stone. The clean fresh air cleared her head and the stone was a gift from nature that was encouraging. Maybe the day would go for the better, maybe not but it was good luck to spot that rock before her time at the beach must end.

The rock was dried and carefully placed in her purse. She had a little drawstring bag made of tartan fabric filled with other little items.  Inside was another rock that had “quilter” carved on it, a bit of red and green tartan from her husband’ kilt ….and now the Petoskey stone. A modern day amulet bag that has never been shown to anyone, and she didn’t often take the items out but knew they were there whenever she needed to touch them.


The above blocks are some of the block I quilted on my quilt. It was a mish-mash of orphaned Farmer’s wife blocks, Civil War diary quilt leftovers and some test blocks. It really came together nicely with the chunky frames. Each block was quilted differently and each frame had a specific stitch pattern on it. I was practicing all my fmq skills. The long arm frame needs a little tweaking and new part so I have to wait to load another quilt on it.




I am keeping up with Pat Sloan’s winter Solstice challenge. I am making the blocks half size of her pattern. They are 5.25 inches with a 1.25 frame around each. I think this will be a cute mini quilt. I want to try to incorporate the children’s libray BoM that she is doing with these tiny blocks. I have several months before all the blocks are out and I will make design changes as I go for the setting. I really enjoy the idea of old meets new…. traditional blocks in a trad color way, set in a more modern setting.



And this is the complete opposite of the Solstice blocks! I am trying my hand at improv mushrooms and I made 2 tester trees using the Quick Curve Ruler. I think this is going to be a vertical strip quilt but I is going to be a long term project and it’s design is totally in it’s infancy!

January thaw is upon us so the 40 degree weather is melting the snow and supposed to last a couple more days. I am enjoying the reprieve from snow. I am feeling better however, not ready to go the gym yet. Stupid ear infection. Maybe next week I will be ready.




Show Notes Podcast #10 Don’t Stop


Blog post about the quilt above and color: https://mycreativecorner3.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/color/


Whats on the longarm2017-01-12-16-17-06


Solstice Challenge by Pat Sloan check out her website at http://www.ilovetomakequilts.com


Snow and a little tree damaged2017-01-13-10-45-352017-01-13-12-47-53

Charity Quilt and I decided the on point setting is a must, won the block lotto at Quilt group. Pattern was a Pat Sloan pattern in Quilter’s home several year ago.

Here is the Ocean Front Quilty episode:

I WISH someday that I could have a coffee/tea/beer with Mary Fonsand just chat. I think she would be very interesting to talk to. I did fan girl her that day and she signed a Quilty issue for me. Here the blog post when I just got home from the filming. I really had fun!


Please leave a comment and so we can keep the conversation going!

Pinterest success or fail ? Next time





2017-01-08-19-33-41 I like color! I really like coloring with my new Prismacolor pencils. I like Crayola for everyday stuff but I was able to make a few little subtle attempts at shading here. I am gonna try to use some of these colors in Zentangle tiles and for more special coloring pages. Maybe I will invest in a really big set later when all my other pencils are used up.



I like color and this quilt isn’t lacking! I had Kaffee Fassett fabrics and some bright scraps, I impulsively bought a book written by Tula Pink called City Sampler-100 modern blocks. Then I decided to make them, all 100. Wow, tiny traditional pieces in these 6 inch blocks!  I set all 100 in this straight set. I liked several other settings in the book but I decided setting them in this grey made each block have a chance to stand on it’s own merit. They really are like little tiny quilt works that sparkle in the collection.  It will be a couple of months before I can get this quilted. Good thing because it will give me time to think about what I want to quilt on it.

The view below is where from a sew in Saturday with my quilt friends, I chose to work on this top and got most of it done!



It was cool to watch the planes come in. However, I must say it felt like I was at the Artic Circle. And the snow continues….


Podcast 9 Be Creative!






Going on the frame next are my Quilts:


2016-03-09 07.34.31

I will be showing them and talking about each quilts story as they are completed.

Creative moments can happen in only a few minutes each day, that’s how I get most things done!

AND here is where I talked on Hey Quilty about fusion quilting: