Tutorial -Improv Collaborative block with Leah Day!!!

I am making a improv block in this tutorial. I have made a few predetermined decisions before I started this block or mini quilt. I wanted it to be a wonky log cabin style with inserts of thin orange fabrics that are about 1 1/4″. It also will be a square 15 inch block that… Continue reading Tutorial -Improv Collaborative block with Leah Day!!!

Show Notes Podcast 13

  https://mycreativecorner3.podbean.com/e/a-day-in-the-life-1487599182/?token=1cbbef43a79c075a91fecc18937e3d92 Click on link above to listen to the podcast     I used a ruler and free motion quilted in some of the negative space. Being left handed made this a challenge with the start and stop button on the long arm (on the right) but I was able to do it this… Continue reading Show Notes Podcast 13

words, newsletters and stories

I have been receiving newsletters in my email that I sign up for. I love these newsletters. It is a more personal way to get the thoughts and activity on the owner of the website, blog or business. In fact, I am thinking about starting a news letter to send to you twice a month.… Continue reading words, newsletters and stories

a tale of three quilts

https://mycreativecorner3.podbean.com/e/a-tale-of-three-quilts/?token=63c542eb8ef57cc234fd0c523062b706 Here is the orphaned block quilt with chunky frames Here is my more contemporary version of the Civil War Diary Quilt and want to read more about Dear Jane? link is below http://www.dearjane.com/ The chop stick quilt, how did it sit so long in a drawer? I am glad it is assembled now The… Continue reading a tale of three quilts