Show notes-Ufos, giving and a blog hop

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2017-03-25 18.35.10

Block swap on my design wall to be quilted with the blog hop in May.

2016-07-03 12.05.00

Here is the book for Constellation of Stars. I think this is an out of print pattern but maybe available if you scour the internet. It was a hard pattern to do but the results are below. Can you see the issue with the missing colors in the border? Done is better than perfect sometimes.

2017-03-20 11.37.03

Book that our Blog Hop is based on , its great, get your copy today so you can jump right in!

My Creative Corner3 Facebook Group with new April Prompts can be found here

Quilts for Cure can be found here


Renee’s blog about her mission trip and how to help is here

Won’t you give?



Instagram Quiltfest

There are lots of people participating in the IG quilt fest and it has been fun seeing their posts based on the Prompts from Amy’s Creative Side’s blog and IG account. I enjoyed this so much I hate to see it end at when April rolls around! Here are a couple of my videos that I have shared. You can go to my Instagram account on the side bar to review all of my posts over the past month. The link below will take you to my new Facebook Vicki Holloway Quilting Page. I created it for the upcoming blog hop and hoping people can find about my quilting there.



Based on yesterday’s Video I decided to finish the top featured as an unfinished object and I will quilt it for the blog hop in May, see the Machine quilting book?  I have time to work on piecing some of my own quilts and I want to make a few of my original designs. I have stopped block testing for Quiltmaker so I can have more time.

I was Part of FriYay Friends on String and Story’s blog here , it was really a fun interview! Hollyanne does T shirt quilts from her home and she also manages the Quilts for Cure Charity.

I will end with saying that I found my micron pen and some paper… and a few Zentangles were drawn. It is a great way to think about free motion quilting and practice the shapes that are universal to fmq and drawing. So many of these drawings help me and I will talk about this more in the blog hop in detail.





Quilting and a Blog Hop!

I just delivered this leaf quilt to Holly. She dyed the leaf background fabrics herself. I was able to quilt veins in the leaf. The rest of the quilt was given lots of texture that reminded me of water and the rain forest. Click on the pictures to see the details.


I loaded this metro rings quilt on my frame for Kathy. It is a large queen. I love the color combo and I get to quilt all over Feathers on it, yay, my favorite! Here is a sneak peek at it.

I recently got my copy of the Ultimate Machine Quilting Guide. Jen, Holly, Kristen and I are going to do a blog hop starting May 1st. We will be blogging about our progress as we show our practice stitching our way through this book. I thought a badge for our blogs was a good idea and here are two test one. I can’t believe I did it after consulting the Oracle called Google. LOL! Hope you join us in the blog hop!


2017-03-19 00.11.47

I quilted my 2016 Pat Sloan’s Secret Garden Mystery BOM today. I quilted it in an all over vine that is a feather base with center . I am really happy that it turned out! I took a lot of risks with fabrics and colors but I am pleased with the final results. I enjoyed this quilt very much and believe it or not it was the first Mystery Quilt I have ever made!

2017-03-18 18.58.022017-03-16 15.19.01

Details of the vine like feathers in the all over pattern on the quilt.

2017-03-18 20.44.01

Today’s Creative Prompt Challenge was make a paper fan that was decorated. I found a tangle that I did on watercolor paper. I didn’t really like drawing on Water color paper but I saved it. And it was repurposed. I am so glad that I didn’t throw it out!  You can join in conversation with other at the Facebook Page My Creative Corner3.



Show Notes A Quilt with a Story

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This podcast has updates about the challenges and BOM I am doing. The links to the challenges and BOM with pictures are here 

Challenges are a great way to keep inspired. Daily Prompt challenges are fun too you can go to mine here

Here is the link to the book by Angela Walters and Christa Watson that we are going to blog our way through in may… my friends Hollyanne, Kristen and Jen. I will get more information to you soon but the book is available on Amazon!

The quilt everyone Hates is Katy Jones Scrap Vomit. You can find her several places on the internet just search on your favorite social media platform. I love her sense of humor and she had several free great ideas circulating the net a few years ago. I did two and this is one of them. I love poor little SV , its one that will be loved and treasured by me not matter what anyone says!

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Challenges and BOM

2017-03-13 20.19.43I started 2 challenges and a BOM mystery to use up some fat quarter bundles I have. I like to piece some easy blocks, with the math already done, to keep me in practice. I have been doing Pat Sloan’s Solstice challenge but exactly half the size listed in her patterns with a 1.25 inch frame around them. I had a really big bundle of a cute red and brown so I thought I could make it stretch to do the challenge as well as her BOM mystery The Children’s Library. However, I got all the blocks mixed up in my drawer of loose blocks. AND I MADE 2 of this months. Hope I don’t run out of fabric! Where are my clear block storage boxes?2017-03-13 18.26.40

I am doing a weekly NQC challenge and I am keeping up. I won this fat quarter bundle. It is Firenze from Connecting threads and I am super impressed with it. I would buy their fabrics anytime. It has a nice hand and the prints are really nice.

Overall I am finishing customer quilts and here are a few I have done in the past couple of weeks. I did a loopy flower on the yellow quilt. I did a red thread with loops and snowflakes for the snowman panel quilt. They are so fun! I love seeing all the quilts and get great ideas from other quiltmakers. I think that’s why I love doing challenges and BOM’s too. The fun part is if there is a Facebook page or Instagram where you can interact with other people, and see what they are doing. It is really fun and I would recommend it. Click on the pictures to see detail

2017-03-14 17.44.06

While I am waiting for the perfect thread color for my next quilt, I loaded my scrap vomit quilt on. I am doing straight lines with a copper thread in organic placement. I love this quilt. I am gonna talk about it more on the podcast later this week. This quilt  breaks every rule that I thought were “musts” when making quilts. I will tell its story later so watch for the podcast!