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2017-04-25 08.39.33

I can’t believe it is only 5 days till May 1 and the blog hop begins. I have recorded a couple of stitches that we are calling tools for the toolbox. These are stitches and shapes most quilters use as a beginning step to build their repertoire of patterns that they use in free motion quilting.

I hope you get a copy of the book and join me, as well as  three other quilters, when we start out journey through this book. We will post once a week and you can share your progress thru a link party on my post!

It has been so much fun practicing and trying new ideas!



Little Girl’s Quilts

These darling little girl’s quilts were quilted and delivered. I love how adding something simple like swirls and then a detail like pebbles in the little boxes add so much! On the other quilt I added tiny ribbon candy in the little strips. I was so happy with the results.

Here’s a video on how I quilted it!

The quilter was thrilled and I think the little girls will be, too!

Quilt on my friends ,


lovely days

What a lovely day. It was too nice to stay inside so after our chores were done we went for a ride and saw some pretty sites. The water and sky were so blue.  Spring is here and it is so nice to see leaves bud and the grass green up. The trillium flowers are starting to grow in the woods.

2017-04-23 17.21.09 I found this awesome yarn at Wal- Mart while I was waiting for our oil to be changed on our truck before our ride. Now this was the last of this color way so I need to be careful what I make so I have enough yarn!

I have been long arming and videoing like mad. I have a quilt nearly finished and it will be revealed next month! I made a intro to my YouTube Channel video. I will be posting more and more video with the goal to have a 20 min vlog up. I learned so much about editing this weekend. See my promo below, I was having way too much fun!




Free Motion Quilting ideas for your Toolbox

I have started to record some basic shapes for you to practice as skills for your free motion toolbox. On May 1 the Blog Hop is starting for The Ultimate Guide for machine Piecing and I am part of it. You can read more about the details here. I thought as a lead up to the big kick off we could talk about go to stitches that you may want to practice before May. Switchbacks are a shape of gently wiggling back and forth . It has skills of quilting between lines, moving from left to right and turning a border. You can see these skills in the video. The videos are also on my You Tube channel for reference!

Ok, this video is sideways. However you can see how I made curls and ribbon candy. The ribbon candy is a switchback with more curve and flourish to it. Curls are like a quilters thumbprint. No two people will make them the same but the basic shape is the basis for many free motion quilting stitches.

And lastly is the straight line. Long armers can do horizontal line easily with a channel lock as shown. Vertical lines are more tricky and you can use a ruler, a future video, or my favorite way is to just eyeball it. Stay tuned, more indepth discussion of the book to come!


Show Notes

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for the podcast

2017-03-11 15.21.23

Here is the top of the quilt that is a Quilt for Cure quilt that I am straight line quilting. It will be going to  a child who is fighting cancer and I hope it brings warmth and comfort to the child as well as the parents.


2017-04-08 07.42.472017-04-08 07.43.242017-04-08 07.44.28

Here is my Friendship Triangles quilt that was a great exchange. Here is a link to the Book



2017-04-16 20.57.502017-04-16 20.57.27

Here is the progress I have made in my knitted cowl. It is a nubby cotton. Love the lightweight feel. The next picture is my drawing of feathers for the practice of eye/hand coordination. It helps me to draw these patterns out over and over.

2017-03-22 21.56.432017-03-20 11.37.03

The Blog Hop Book!

The badge on the side bar can be clicked and a directory of the blogs participating will be available.



Tool Box Videos

I am practicing using my camera to obtain videos of stitches that I think are the basic shapes every free motion quilter needs in their toolbox, the go to stitches that you are very confident in making. In the blog hop we are exploring many stitches and I will be posting the basic shapes leading up to the May 1st kick off. Be watching for other stitches every couple of days to show how they are made and then watch how they will be incorporated together in a quilt!

2017-04-16 20.57.50

A three day holiday weekend was wonderful to get away, I did post about the weekend on social media see the Instagram Feed for those pictures. It started out with a leaky hot water heater that we needed to replace with the help of a friend who save the day! I was so happy to be able to leave town a bit late but make it to the dinner and hockey game with our son and his girlfriend. We went to a cool car museum and pub Saturday. And today was great time in church where our son worships and plays guitar. I really enjoyed the day and feel that I can go forward refreshed and renewed. I knitted my way through the water heater replacement and see how far I got in the picture above!

I have a quilt that I am going to finish for Quilts for Cure this week. I have no sewing machine still but I have plenty to long arm. It is still at the repair shop.  I will keep plenty busy even without a sewing machine. I really don’t need to be making more tops because I have plenty to do!

2017-04-16 20.57.27

I decided I need to get some better eye/hand coordination so I practiced drawing some feathers.  I want to get smoother on my stitching so it takes drawing to make it better and smoother.

I am limiting photos on the blog to my creative endeavors due to limited space. I hope to expand the blog by the end of the year but I don’t want to run out of space before then for photos. So… you can see the Instagram feed on the side bar for more pictures and snapshots of every day life and the daily prompt challenge.