New Beginnings Mystery Quilt Block 2

2014-10-19 10.22.24

Welcome to block two of the New Beginnings Mystery Quilt Along! In case you missed the first block it can be found at the link below!

This week we are working on the connector block that will be used between every pieced block in this quilt. Why New Beginnings? Its a New Year, a fresh clean start. I like starting new things.  I hope that you get to start your 2018 off to a great quilty start by doing this mystery quilt along. Each block highlights a skill that is utilized in piecing your quilt block. This week we are using the stitch and flip method.


Connector block



Snow Ball
Cut a 12 ½ inch square of your background
Stitch and flip method: add 2 ½ inch  squares to corner with a diagonal line drawn on the back of your fabric with a light colored pencil (if you are using a dark fabric like I did)

sew on the drawn diagonal line and cut ¼ in away from seam , flip the triangle to the right side and press
Do this for all corners of the connector blocks

make 13 snowball blocks

Tip: Square up each corner! Watch for a Facebook live this week for tips on squaring up a block as well as the 1/4 inch seam allowance.


And the snowball block will be the block in between all of the blocks in the Mystery! Like this:


Thanks for joining me! Leave a comment and let me know if you are sewing along!

Quilt On,


Here is the Facebook Live in case you missed it!



  1. Ohhhhhhhh my how I love the facebook live tutorial just like going to a class I am thrilled with this feature. This will make my connector block process so much easier. I realize I may have made a mistake with the first block. In making the HST you asked us to square this up before joining the log pieces. Well I picked a size that meant all four corners would accommodate (turned out to be 4.25) so I squared all the blocks to that size. Well I think what that did is threw off the measure of the other blocks and the end result may be a block that is smaller than it should be. I may just do the block over again…we shall see!! Again thank you for the wonderful tutorial…Hope


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