New Beginnings Mystery Block #3

Welcome back for the third block in the New Beginnings Mystery quilt. This installment of the quilt  is a chance to do a basic block, time for you to work on the connector block and check out how your accuracy is ! Did you miss week one?  Click Here

Are you working on any new things? New Habits ? New goals and dreams? I think this is the time when we have to start really digging in to make the new habit a way of life. I think I read somewhere it takes a month to make a habit. I hope your new year is going well!

When you join the patches up the blocks should measure 12.5 inches. If it doesn’t here are a few things to check:

Was it cut accurately? Press before cutting the fabric and carefully line up the edges so the fabric is straight on your cutting mat. I also press between each seam.

How is your seam allowance? Maybe putting washi tape on your machine marking where the edge of the fabric lines up will help you be accurate when sewing.  I have heard of special magnets and even using post it notes to mark the edge of where your fabric should be. Some use a 1/4 in foot. I have a foot that I know exactly where the 1/4 in seam is because it is marked.

The humble 9 patch has many possibilities. Don’t overlook all the ways it can be used, even as a connector block. Play with color placement to get a different look! Above all have fun. Take this time to relax and have fun!

9 patch

1. Cut 4 white or light 4 ½ inch squares
Cut 4 dark 4 ½ inch squares
Cut 1 light or contrasting fabric for the center 4 ½ inch square

2. Arrange in the nine patch layout

3. Sew in rows

4. Sew rows into the block

So easy!


Iron seams toward the dark colors and they will nestle together with the color arrangement in the block

Line the row up by matching the seams not the edges of the block


Quilt on!


Here is the Facebook live in case you missed it!


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