New Beginnings Mystery Quilt Block #11


Free Mystery Quilt Along!! I love them and this is a mystery sampler designed to be a skill builder so everyone (including beginners) can join in! You will revist many skills that are essential for making most quilts! Let’s practice our accuracy skills, 1/4 inch seams, color play and start planning our quilting from the very beginning. Scrappy blocks would be awesome! I would suggest making all the connector blocks from the same fabrics for consistency in the design. The connector block has been revealed and you can see this in week 2. This Mystery Quilt even has a name– New Beginnings!  I like starting a brand new year with lots of goals and motivation. Or if you are in the mid winter doldrums or funk this may be just the solution to regain your creative mojo! See tab above for all the links to the mystery quilt.


Log Cabin block


Cut One strip of the following:
H- red center 3 ½ x 3 ½
G – black 2 x 3 ½
F-black 2 x 5 , White 2 x 5
E-white 2 x 6 1/ 2, dark red 2 x 6 ½
D- med light grey 2 x 8 , dark red 2 x 8
C-darker grey on light side of block 2 x 12 1/ 2
B- one med light grey 2 x 9 ½ ,darkest grey for dark side of block 2 x 9 ½
A-one darkest grey for dark side of block 2 x 11


Using the line drawing below sew the strips in this order :


Start with the center H then add strip G black , F black , F light grey, E light grey , E drak red, D dark red, D med grey, B med grey, B darkest grey, A darkest grey, A darker grey for light side of block, C darker grey for light side of block.
Tips: When you are using many similar shades be sure to label them accurately, square up after each strip to the length of the strip you just added, pick strips that can easily be chosen as light or dark for this particular coloration.


Quilt on!



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