I love to quilt. I would describe my quilting as Traditional Fusion, a love of all things old but new in some way. I do many other creative projects, too. I tat, knit, draw Zentangle inspired art and crochet. I play violin and mandolin. I enjoy Celtic music.

I am married and have two adult children and I am a  grandma, too.  I live in a small rural town in Northern Michigan and we have long winters that are perfect for quilting and creating!

I also do free motion quilting on my long arm. I do finish quilts for other people and I make  commissioned quilts, see the long arm quilting tab. I am trying my hand at design and writing patterns. Watch for them on the tutorial/free pattern page and the store is coming in 2018!

I also have an Instagram account that I pariticpate in photo a day series. I enjoy creativity so much that I run a Face Book Group -My Creative Corner3 where we do daily prompt challenges to sitmulate creativity every day! I also have a Facebook page, Vicki Holloway Quilting. The links are in the side bar , too. Join me on social media!

If you would like to contact me you can email me :




  1. Dear Vicki,
    I let out a great sigh when I listened to your slow stitching discussion. I worked as a trauma nurse for many, many years and when I retired I decided rushing, hurrying was no longer in my vocabulary. For all the years I have quilted I have always resisted the hurry of the processes. I smile and say “no I don’t chain stitch, no I don’t spend a day cutting so I can sit at the machine and quickly piece, etc. ” I do a block at a time. I hand piece and hand quilt some projects. I just enjoy the process and give myself time to think.
    Enjoy your podcast and everything Vicki Holloway


  2. Thank you for sharing your podcast….looking forward to future episodes! We have a log home in western MI(thoroughly loved Aug there) and a home in OK I’m late learning to quilt but enjoy it w a passion….and machines at both homes to keep me on an evan keel. 😊


  3. Truely enjoyed your podcast and look forward to the next one. I am not very good with my longarm machine…finally gave up and boought the robot system for it…but your experience with Zentangle gives me hope. Maybe some time dedicated to that would help my longarm skills. Your art teacher should not be teaching!! We had a school counselor who told students they were “not college material”. Thank goodness she is no longer teaching!

    aquiltersplayhouse at gmail dot com

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