Self Care and Panels

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You really need to check out Renee’s Etsy shop With Mind and Heart. Follow her on Instagram too. She wrote and designed this wonderful workbook for Mental Health and Self Care with coloring pages! I love it and it is a beautiful companion to my planner and journal!

I have quilted 15 min a day for the April challenge and found I love Panels!

Kabloom Panel by Hoffman
Curls on Mom’s quilt

All the time in a routine of 15 min a day really adds up!

Check out Miranda Parkers Instagram and Facebook page! She give wonderful demos on makeup and no body shaming.

Check out the patterns in my shop! Where the patterns are all $5 and pdf downloads. Don’t forget my etsy shop where you can get a logo mug or tote bag!

Lets have a great week of taking care of ourselves, setting realistic goals and staying positive!

Quilt on,



Out of Sync

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billowy swirls on my Peter Pan Panel

I am keeping up with my April Quilt challenge. I have missed only 2 days of my 15 min a day of free motion quilting. This week I worked on the cloudy swirls on the Peter Pan Panel.

Students blocks from Happy Hour Class
Happy Hour by Vicki Holloway

Quilt on!


An update so far on the Challenge

I have spend 15 minutes a day practicing my long arm quilting for the April quilt challenge , see above tab for more information. I love free motion quilting and I need to knock off the rust to prepare for a custom quilt of my own that I want to do by the end of April or Beginning of May dependending on my confidence level.

The first week was quilting Spider webs on my skeleton panel for Halloween. It may be a first that I have it done before Halloween, lol!

spider web fmq
skeleton panel is finished

Now to bind it! I have just the door to hang Mr Skeleton on this fall. If I could find a tiny spider button to put on his hat then I would be very happy.

The second week I finished up a pillow top I am making for Fat Quarter Shop’s Remix blog hop. I have the top done and the full post of the pillow will be at the end of the month. I practiced a great stitch by String and Story , what I call a spiral swirl. Quick and easy! Plus it adds a wonderful texture.

I spent lots of time trying to get a photo of this pillow. I learned so much from my friend Kristin about taking a picture. This picture didn’t make the final cut for the blog hop but it shows the quilting nicely. Wait till you see the last picture…. lots of time, props and the perfectly sunny afternoon.

Now to load another panel. The next one will have more collage style quilting on it. Until the next time…

Quilt on,


A Quilty Challenge is Underway!

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I have been making fun things on the Cricut! You can get one here!

First Cricut Project updating an old mirror

And the Picnic Time Pillow a Fat Quartershop free pattern!

Picnic time Pillow Remix
April is daily Quilting Challenge !

I have a little Challenge going on in April and I am dedicating 15 min a day to quilting!

love my Jadeite repros!

Pipsqueaks is a cute book about making felt animals!

The Cozy Minimalist by Myquillyn Smith

My Happy Hour quilt is being taught at the LQS and I am so nervous to teach this class for the first time. You can get your copy of the pattern here!

Happy Hour! by Vicki Holloway

The Civil War Diary Quilt book is here

Delphine’s Quilt Shop is here

Have a great week!

Quilt on,


Are you ready for a Challenge Podcast

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April’s Quilting challenge is soon! Read more about it here.

I love Delphine’s Quilt shop, be sure to check out their online store!

I am loving my Younique Epic mascara

I am loving my Grove Collaborative essential oil

I am loving my Cricut Maker!

Here are my Mini Quilts

Step into Your Art Challenge

Tequila Sunrise

Quilt on!


Customer Quilts

I thought I would share the quilts that went home this week. I did these two all over swirls quilts. Notice the slight variation in the swirls.

Patty’s Quilts

swirl detail

Shari’s quilt

The next two quilts are for children and they have overall stipple quilted on them . They look great and I have to say simple is sometimes best!

Pete the Cat front
Pete the Cat Back

I am so excited to get some of the quilts done. It feels good to have the quilt frame up and running after needing to get parts. I am prepping for my April 15 min a day quilt challenge. I am looking forward to that. More information about the challenge is at the top of the blog!

Quilt on!


March Madness Podcast

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Step into Your Art challenge

#iamthequeenofswirls customer quilts

I talked about Curated Quilts and their current Call for Entries.

Tequila Sunrise in progress

I also mentioned a contest with Paintbrush Studios Fabrics

I have been loving the Stila lip color in my Ulta collection

I have been enjoying going to the Nautilus gym, using my Instant pot and thinking about my garden.

Do you have any recipes to share?

Have you ever felt like you weren’t getting anything done but you really were accomplishing more than you gave yourself credit for?

Watch the podcast on YouTube if you prefer!

Quilt on!


My Jadeite Obsession Podcast!

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I had an interesting ad stuck in my feed for the last several days and that is Joanna Gaines new line at Target. I can’t get enough of the Jadeite glass!! I am a collector of depression glass and this jade colored glass reminds me of all the antique Jadeite I loved as a kid collecting old dishes.

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My daughter sent me a little cupcake stand!
Milk Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Green - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia
sweet salt and pepper shakers!
Milk Glass Scalloped Bowl Green - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia
Milk Glass Mini Cupcake Stand Clover Green - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia
a cupcake stand!

Are you joining the Quilting challenge I am hosting in April? You can read more about it here.

I am trying out video of me recording the podcast and posting it on YouTube. If you want to see me do the podcast with a few of the things I am talking about. Here is the video. I have lots to learn for sure!

Quilt on!


The Epic podcast

You can listen to the podcast here:

This week I talk about my dreams of making an epic quilt and building up my long arming skills in a challenge for April!

You can join the My Creative Corner3 Facebook group here

Image result for marquette mi snow pic
Marquette Mi has 3x the snow we have!

Want to the Ice Cream Soda Pattern? It’ s here in all it’s gorgeousness

Ice Cream Soda Quilt pattern link is above for the designer

I hope you have an epic week of quilting!

Quilt on!


Are you ready for a Challenge?

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Top winners!! #quiltcon #winners #quilt

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After 12 hours of riding in a car for the trip home from Quiltcon and chatting with my quilty friends….

I am launching a 15 minute a day challenge in April for daily
quilting .

  • We will practice our quilting skills daily for 15 minutes, do notjudge yourself or rip out any stitches!We will support each other and share our progress on the My Creative Corner3 Facebook page .
  • You can join here! Pssst, it’s a closed group so its easier to fearlessly share our journey. 
  • It is going to start April 1 and go through the last day of the month 
  • You can do any type of quilting! Free motion, walking foot or hand stitches!
  • The only way my free motion quilting stays in my fingers is when I practice every day for just a few minutes!! 

You can listen to my QuiltCon recap at the podcast above!

Why the challenge? 

I went to QuiltCon and I was inspired by quilts there. I loved the sample swatches in the Paintbrush studio booth as well as the FMQ I spotted at the show. I have several quilts that I want to practice some quilting designs that I have never tried before.  I am afraid I have become a little out of practice over the winter and lost some of my confidence on being able to do some sweet stitches. I also want to make some little quilt sampler sandwiches. I have minis that need to be finished. Plus,   I want to go back to the basics and part of that is making a commitment to 15minutes a day. This challenge should help me meet all of these goals just by practicing my quilting for a snippet of time each day. This project is going to be a no pressure, zen exercise in engaging our hands and our minds on our projects. You will be so surprised at how much you can get done each day. I have no doubt you will be amazed at how much improvement you will see in your quilting at the end of 30 days! 

Will you join me in the challenge?

For the rest of March, I am preparing my quilts and quilt sandwiches for the April Challenge!

Quilt on!

Curls by Vicki Holloway