Interview with Angela Walters

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Today’s podcast has an interview with Angela Walters, upper left on book cover. She is a great person to chat with about free motion quilting and long arm quilting. She wears many hats in her business including the You Tube Show called the Midnight Quilting show. All of her social media links can be found here on her website.

Here is her most recent episode on You Tube:



Katrina’s Minatures Shop is here and you can see the cute dragon softie!

Crochet by Renee shop is here and you can see the fab beanies and patterns!

2016-04-20 20.02.44

Story about my collaborative quilt is here and I hope to get a way better picture of the quilt at AQS Grand Rapids! So excited to go

Quilts for cure website is here

Watch for My VLOG on You Tube after the Quilt Show Saturday but here is my latest video from the last Highland Games I went to

2017-08-15 19.35.57.jpg

Harry Potter scarf pattern is here

2017-08-16 07.52.50

Quilt on!


A quilt top and investigation

If you listened to my last podcast you will know I said I wasn’t going to piece quilts without intention until I caught up on my long arm quilting of my own quilts. Well, I must have impulsively said that. I had all morning yesterday before I needed to return to work after a good checkup at the dentist.  So, I didn’t have a batting nor the ability to buy one till Friday…. so I sewed a Valentines table topper. It was a panel I bought in Scotland in 2014, It had to be finished! You will also notice the back of a quilt I took off the frame for a customer and now the frame is open waiting to be loaded. The next deadlined quilt is mine. AGH, I need a batting. What to do after to table topper? I started testing a pattern for a friend who is making softies. It is a little dragon stuffed animal. So cute.  A nice change of pace for sewing. More to come on that pattern and my process will be another blog post.

Click on photos for a larger more detailed look !

I went on a investigative trip to the community garden. I have a quilt that will be featured on Moda Bake Shop mid August. I need to take a picture for the cover photo. I want it to be special. The pictures all the other chef’s take for cover photos are amazing and I am feeling a little nervous about the need to have a really good one! The quilt will go on the frame soon AFTER I GET A BATTING. Ugh I hate having wasted good long arming time because I don’t have a batting or backing or thread. Makes me a little bit nutty. But you make do and I have plenty other supplies and lists of things to do.

What makes a good quilt pattern cover photo? I would love to hear what you think? I think the garden has some potential for a good picture.

Quilt on,


Podcast and vlog

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I posted a vlog and you can watch it on YouTube above or  here. I am taking the audio out of the video and recording a podcast, we will see how that goes. It may be a total disaster but I am gonna try it lol. EDIT: WHOA I DID IT! I knew it was possible!!!

Links talked about  in the show is

Quilt Week Grand Rapids

Here is the quilt going to the show!!!

2016-04-05 17.31.51


Every Princess needs a crown post and pattern is here

2017-07-30 07.05.37

Pattern for Mistake Rib scarf is here

2017-07-09 15.55.38



I am hoping to get back into the swing of things this week and enjoy the rest of summer, it will go by so fast!!!

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just relaxing podcast

Podcast link is here



Here is my Emerald’s quilt that I made for my birthday. You can read the blog post here

Fairy Garden post is here

My non quilting creative things I made over the  past couple of weeks. Click on each pic for a larger more detailed image.


Hope you are enjoying your relaxing days of summer!



Quilt shows and a giveaway!

Podcast is Here


First of all if you want to enter the giveaway— the blog post is here with the rafflecopter link

Quilt shows are so much fun!  I have to say that I am thinking about the Dear Jane… again. And the medallion , mosaic quilt. Cool stuff




Collaborative quilt blog post is here


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the link at the beginning.

Videos of the Highland games and the freighters are on previous blog posts or on my YouTube channel

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Christa Watson Show Notes Podcast 20

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2017-06-02 06.33.58

Christa Watson is co author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting with Angela Walters. Christa has made several quilts for shows and has won awards for them while using her domestic sewing machine! She is a quilt teacher, author of 3 books and owner of an online Precut store. I have been watching Christa’s career for several years and I even won a giveaway she had once! She sent me the blue pin. I also have a BQF (best quilting friend) who went to QuiltCon and sent me the pink pin. One workshop I attended with Christa teaching, she said that all of the students were her BQFs now. I certainly feel that way now and I have a pin! Listen and enjoy to our conversation about nearly everything from fmq to modern quilting to our roots in tradition.

Here is Christa’s Precut Store:

Here is Christa’s website:

Here is Christa’s Facebook page:

The Swirling Butterfly quilt I saw at AQS and is in the book above:

2017-06-02 06.41.51

I also gave a shout out too Andrea Smith and here is my version of her quilt. It is available free on her Craftsy store. Check it out!

The Snowy Day Quilt challenge by Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations is on Craftsy here:

Highland games post is here

Join us for the Machine Quilting blog Hop. Posts are on Monday and I will be linking to the other bloggers in the hop: HollyAnne, Kristin, and Jen. All of the posts so far are listed on the side bar tab for the blog hop.

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show notes to podcast -1980s My Generation

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From the Swatch watch, Rick Astley, the colors and the movies like Willow, Purple Rain and Ferris Bueller’s Day off the 1980s is my generation. It is being rebooted and I am not sure how I feel about it all because my birthday is this week.



I will load my 50th birthday celebration quilt of my birthstone Emeralds on the frame next week.

The disaster is the orange quilt, it will be bound orange side up. The blog hop has been awesome and I have learned so much. I hope you join us as a giveaway is coming soon!

2017-05-11 14.33.59

just can’t believe it turned out like this

Here is the true confession: right side up of my continuous curve quilt. Not my favorite, but I really learned so much more by making this ugly thing than I have in the past year of quilting.

Quilt on!