Interview with Angela Walters

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Today’s podcast has an interview with Angela Walters, upper left on book cover. She is a great person to chat with about free motion quilting and long arm quilting. She wears many hats in her business including the You Tube Show called the Midnight Quilting show. All of her social media links can be found here on her website.

Here is her most recent episode on You Tube:



Katrina’s Minatures Shop is here and you can see the cute dragon softie!

Crochet by Renee shop is here and you can see the fab beanies and patterns!

2016-04-20 20.02.44

Story about my collaborative quilt is here and I hope to get a way better picture of the quilt at AQS Grand Rapids! So excited to go

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Watch for My VLOG on You Tube after the Quilt Show Saturday but here is my latest video from the last Highland Games I went to

2017-08-15 19.35.57.jpg

Harry Potter scarf pattern is here

2017-08-16 07.52.50

Quilt on!


Machine Quilting Monday



Here is a pen drawing of the three stitches I used on a quilt that I took off the frame last week. I will post a picture of the quilt after the explanation of each stitch.

2017-08-11 11.48.17-1

I started learning free motion quilting by learning a stipple. I really focused on this shape and problem solved traveling with this fluid motion before I moved on to more difficult stitches. Whether you love or hate the stipple you need to learn this stitch because it is the basis of many foundations of the free motion quilting I do.

2017-08-11 11.48.21-1

I love the ribbon candy stitch. It has a figure 8 feel. It is useful in borders!


2017-08-11 11.48.25-1

Feathers are more challenging. I drew them out for weeks before I really was comfortable quilting them. They can be as easy as 1, 2,3.


2017-08-11 11.48.28-1

First, I start with a spine. I do all over feathers quite often using a large spaced stipple. This method can be scaled up or down as needed in your quilt. Stitch the spine and then put a feather on the end on the top of your spine.

2017-08-11 11.48.31-1Next, make many featherss, see the arrows for “top rows” ? I try to make them teardrop shaped and make the feathers a little bit different in size depending on where it is in the curve as well as space that you need to fill. Moving right to left, fill the spine in a top to the bottom motion to make your shape.


2017-08-11 11.48.33-1


Lastly, repeat the teardrop shape moving left to right as above only this row you are making the shape from bottom to the top.

Here are the stitches on my quilt!

2017-08-08 17.29.442017-08-07 13.15.292017-08-07 13.15.482017-08-07 13.15.53

Quilt on!


I finished this lovely quilt. I did swirls in the middle and the blue on the edge as a feather stitch the length of it. I am pleased with how it turned out. I love the skinny quilt. Would make a great back of the couch or even a bed scarf. I love the texture!


2017-08-09 08.04.21

I love how this place looks and I did a photo shoot here with permission from the property owner. So I didn’t use the public garden because it is more difficult with lighting as well as the plants being nearly finished.

The light was perfect this am. I put the last stitches on just in time for the quilt to get a photo shoot. I did get a picture of a quilt (yep I did it all myself with a tripod and the timer on the camera!) AND I wrote up the pattern for Moda Bakeshop tonight. I had a great time making the quilt and can’t wait to reveal it! Last I heard my date on the Bakeshop was August 15th.

2017-08-08 18.02.27 orca-image-1502242449402.jpg_1502242449772

My friend did some binding for me. She has the best and sharpest corners. I have been working on a few quilts and I did get a quilt with nice corners yesterday, too. I listened to her tips! I was pretty happy with this success, and on the first try !

Quilt on !


Dog days of summer 

It’s pretty hot after a cold June…. I am taking a quilting break and I knit a scarf this week .  Kinda funny, right? It’s a nice light portable project and easy to do. 

I have been visiting family and avoiding the heat. I am so used to cold and snow that this warm weather is really difficult. Overall, I have enjoyed all the comforts modern living can offer -air conditioning,  internet, and easy living. 

A great way to spend a week. Wanna see the park I spent the early mornings at? 

Here are a few pics, 

And the crowns were a really big hit 


What to do with DNA information ?

suprise, DNA results!

My Ancestry DNA results

It is not a surprise that my ancestors are from Europe. It confirms all the family lore of my mothers family. Irish and Scots came to the US looking for a new life. My mothers ancestor immigrated from the Netherlands, all in the lore. What is also in the lore is that my great grandmother told me I looked like her grandmother who was Native American. We have pictures of her. But pictures don’t tell everything–was she family, was she a friend in the photo? What year was this photo and who is everyone in the picture.  I did not test for this in the DNA. I was a bit disappointed , I cannot find who she may be in the lineage at this time and thought it was all legend.

This hobby of mine started when I was a child and watch the movies “Roots.” Genealogy was hot back then, I knew 6 of my great grandparents. YES GREAT Grandparents. I interviewed them and had them write down stories. Most of which are true. Such as stated above, however, some were not as one of my grandmother’s thought her late husband was from France when, in fact his ancestors were from Wales. So all things much be researched and verified! My dad is a photographer and keeper of photos and family items. He also is a genealogy hobbyist. His DNA returned much the same as mine, EXCEPT he did have the Native American gene. Tiny amount but maybe there is some truth to the story his grandmother told me. I hope to find out as I continue my Ancestry journey.

We recently went to the Cultural Museum in Saginaw : Ziibiwig Center of
Anishinabe Culture. Something my husband and I have always wanted to do and finally had time during the hours that the museum was open. I was deeply moved by listening to the history and culture. We learn about the creation story, the traditions and the wisdom of the Grandfathers. The rest of the post is self explanatory photos I took in the museum. Click on photos to make them larger to see details or read the plaques. It is well worth the trip to  see the art, hear the language and learn about the culture of people who lived in my state for so long … and may very well be part of my history also.


I love museums, it is so inspiring!!!



I love museums, they are so inspiring!!!




Nature walk

It was such a lovely day I decided that I should walk outside rather than go to the gym. The trail I walked on didn’t disappoint! It is good to get outside and I haven’t walked this trail in a year or two. I hope to do it more while we have good weather.

Some still pictures on the walk:


What’s so interesting is that this park is only a couple of miles from my house on the edge of town. The city keeps elk and deer in the meadow for the tourists to see them especially but they were not seen today. I see the woods, the elk, hear the birds everyday. But I don’t get out of my car or house or work and experience it often. Totally different view when I was experiencing the moment. The road less taken. Reminded me of simple times and with a child like wonder seeing nature for the first time. Spring’s gift after a long winter, seeing all the green and being in awe of it.

So get outside for I bit. I am not talking camping or anything… just a little walk to experience nature today. It is good for us!