Longarm Quilting Services


Do you need a quilt top to make the journey to become a quilt? I can help you reach that goal. I have the ability to quilt a top that is 110 inches wide. You provide that backing fabric and batting that is 4 inches bigger ON EACH SIDE. This will assure that all of the quilt will be covered properly and loaded on the frame.

I do all free motion quilting. I may use a ruler or a few drawn registration lines but everything else is done free motion. No computers.

You can mail your quilt top to me if you don’t live in Northern Michigan. Price for shipping and handling will be discussed via the shipper of your choice . Prices for a simple edge to edge starts at 1.5 cents per square inch. Custom work is negotiated based on the density of quilting and time invested.

Please email me with any questions!



Blog posts feature my quilting, please look through my posts to see my quilting!