Nature walk

It was such a lovely day I decided that I should walk outside rather than go to the gym. The trail I walked on didn’t disappoint! It is good to get outside and I haven’t walked this trail in a year or two. I hope to do it more while we have good weather.

Some still pictures on the walk:


What’s so interesting is that this park is only a couple of miles from my house on the edge of town. The city keeps elk and deer in the meadow for the tourists to see them especially but they were not seen today. I see the woods, the elk, hear the birds everyday. But I don’t get out of my car or house or work and experience it often. Totally different view when I was experiencing the moment. The road less taken. Reminded me of simple times and with a child like wonder seeing nature for the first time. Spring’s gift after a long winter, seeing all the green and being in awe of it.

So get outside for I bit. I am not talking camping or anything… just a little walk to experience nature today. It is good for us!


Christa Watson Show Notes Podcast 20

Listen to the pod cast by clicking here!



2017-06-02 06.33.58

Christa Watson is co author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting with Angela Walters. Christa has made several quilts for shows and has won awards for them while using her domestic sewing machine! She is a quilt teacher, author of 3 books and owner of an online Precut store. I have been watching Christa’s career for several years and I even won a giveaway she had once! She sent me the blue pin. I also have a BQF (best quilting friend) who went to QuiltCon and sent me the pink pin. One workshop I attended with Christa teaching, she said that all of the students were her BQFs now. I certainly feel that way now and I have a pin! Listen and enjoy to our conversation about nearly everything from fmq to modern quilting to our roots in tradition.

Here is Christa’s Precut Store:

Here is Christa’s website:

Here is Christa’s Facebook page:

The Swirling Butterfly quilt I saw at AQS and is in the book above:

2017-06-02 06.41.51

I also gave a shout out too Andrea Smith and here is my version of her quilt. It is available free on her Craftsy store. Check it out!

The Snowy Day Quilt challenge by Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations is on Craftsy here:

Highland games post is here

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Highland Games season is here! 


Opening the festival with a Ceilidh or party. He recites the Burns poem addressing the Haggis.

Opening the games with the stone throw

Hanging out after the games

Caber challenge my husband is on the left

This challenge was a VFW fundraiser

Highland cows

We were all so hot and tired!

Memorial day weekend is the Alma Highland Festival and Games.  50th anniversary, so cool. I was able to see the Pro athletes compete on Saturday.  My husband competed on Sunday with the amateurs. It is like a decathlon,  one competes in all events.  There are several events the stone thrown,  weight for distance and height and the caber throw.  He had a great day. I saw friends and family. 

I made this video of the sights and sounds of the festival.  There was a bagpipe competition. So many bagpipes!!!! And dance competition Too! Overall , it is a wonderful Memorial day tradition and the athletes helped raise money for the VFW wreath program for veterans. 

Two weeks till the next game! 


Machine Quilting Blog Hop Week 5

This week is the halfway point in the blog hop already!! The book the Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting by Angela Walters and Christa Watson is the book that I and three other bloggers are posting weekly about our free motion quilting progress.  Please go here to find the link to each of their pages! This week is the chapter called Quatrefoil. It is a lovely quilt pattern in the book however, I am focusing on all of the free motion quilting stitches used. This is the type of quilting that I do often so my practice was less work and more like a fun party time! As a long armer this is the shapes and curly loopy stitches that I like to make and comes more naturally in my quilting. In the video, at the end of the post,  I share the shapes to start learning with and how to do many of the stitches shared in this chapter. Click on each picture to see the details.

2017-05-25 06.27.48

Paisley, rainbows, pebbles and deep texture

This is the block in the sampler that I did using the paisley , pebbling , rainbows and echoing to achieve the dense texture. The next photo is the sampler and this is the center block.

ultimate machine quilting blog hop sampler

sampler quilt with all of the stitches

2017-05-25 06.29.25

Here is the practice piece. I especially love to use all the elements in a collage or graffiti style of quilting. I did all the stitches too, how many can you see ? If you have the book you should be able to pick out each pattern. I love every single one and use then quite often when I long arm. I hope you take the time to watch the videos to see how I did each of them!!

Remember the quilt pictures at the beginning? My mom made this quilt and I used all the elements we have learned so far in a collage or graffiti style quilt. Here is the video and how I did it!

Quilt on Vicki


show notes to podcast -1980s My Generation

Click on the link to listen to the podcast:


From the Swatch watch, Rick Astley, the colors and the movies like Willow, Purple Rain and Ferris Bueller’s Day off the 1980s is my generation. It is being rebooted and I am not sure how I feel about it all because my birthday is this week.



I will load my 50th birthday celebration quilt of my birthstone Emeralds on the frame next week.

The disaster is the orange quilt, it will be bound orange side up. The blog hop has been awesome and I have learned so much. I hope you join us as a giveaway is coming soon!

2017-05-11 14.33.59

just can’t believe it turned out like this

Here is the true confession: right side up of my continuous curve quilt. Not my favorite, but I really learned so much more by making this ugly thing than I have in the past year of quilting.

Quilt on!


Machine Quilting Blog Hop Week 4

boomerang free motion quilting



Boomerangs on the frame

This week is the chapter called Fractured Squares in the book “The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting” by Angela Walters and Christa Watson. HollyAnne, Kristin and Jen are joining me in this journey. The four of us are blogging our way through the book and each week that goes by we are practicing more and gaining confidence with each exercise. I am a long armer and the other ladies are using their domestic sewing machines. The patterns for the quilts in the book are amazing but we are focusing on the free motion quilting for the blog hop. Links to the previous weeks are on the side bar tab for the Machine Quilting Blog hop. Join the party at Instagram using hashtag #machinequiltingbloghop

ultimate machine quilting blog hop sampler

sampler quilt with all of the stitches

I used this quilt,  that was a block exchange, to practice on.I believe there are benefits of quilting for practice on a real quilt! I have done sandwich practice pieces but don’t find them to be as effective practice for me. I like seeing how this works on a real quilt.  Each week I chose a block and the second row, first block is the boomerangs. I will show how I quilted it in the video at the end of the blog post.

greek keys

Greek keys

greek keys

greek keys

Greek keys are also used in this chapter. They are easy to draw and free motion quilt. You make a box on three sides then on the fourth side, turn to the inside about 3/4 of the way through. Then you make 2 sides then echo the shape all the way out and continue the next greek key!

2017-05-22 06.32.50.jpg

Greek Keys drawing

I am sharing a video I made where I talk about making the boomerangs.

Join us next week! Quilt on!




Two quilts off to their homes

2017-05-06 11.55.072017-05-06 11.55.14

I have been working really hard on finishing two customer quilts by the end of May. I had this fabulous batik queen sized quilt. I tried some new things. I used a ruler! I made each frame like a facet and the colored center had some dense quilting in it. I tried to the desires of the customer to keep the stitching linear and not curly or swirly. Wow, I had to really put my thinking cap on. It is amazing how we can get into set habits. I really enjoyed working on the quilt and it is all free motion. I even took the quilt off and turned it to do some straight line stitching. Lots of new things I learned and it all turned out in the end!

I also finished this really adorable t shirt quilt. It was so flat. I don’t know what stabilizer she used but it is amazing. I have never had such a great turn out for a knit quit top! I did overall swirls on it. The batting was just the right amount!


I am working on one of my Mom’s quilts now and I love making all over patterns for texture.

2017-05-16 11.20.17

Love free motion quilting!