Our collaborative project is completed

Please go to Leah’s website to read about how she quilted our collaborative block. She even posted videos on quilting it! I am so excited with how it turned out. I think Leah’s artistic vision is amazing. I hope we can do some collaborative work in the future! She does a podcast due out in… Continue reading Our collaborative project is completed

Creative Prompt Challenge Update!

Sooo much fun is happening at the Facebook group this month. We are taking a few minutes each day and doing something creative. So far , there has been discoveries about our quilting  group that  some members draw very well! And some like me, who doodle. I will share a few pictures of my challenge… Continue reading Creative Prompt Challenge Update!

Show Notes-Leah Day Podcast

https://mycreativecorner3.podbean.com/e/talking-to-leah-day/?token=3e94443fccf9f21eb3776835af68555a Click on link above to listen to the podcast Leah’s Web site is here. Free Motion Quilting Project is her blog and it is here Leah has a podcast called Hello My Quilting Friends and you can find it on iTunes or many other podcast feeds. However, she also posts the show notes on… Continue reading Show Notes-Leah Day Podcast

Tutorial -Improv Collaborative block with Leah Day!!!

I am making a improv block in this tutorial. I have made a few predetermined decisions before I started this block or mini quilt. I wanted it to be a wonky log cabin style with inserts of thin orange fabrics that are about 1 1/4″. It also will be a square 15 inch block that… Continue reading Tutorial -Improv Collaborative block with Leah Day!!!