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I posted a vlog and you can watch it on YouTube above or  here. I am taking the audio out of the video and recording a podcast, we will see how that goes. It may be a total disaster but I am gonna try it lol. EDIT: WHOA I DID IT! I knew it was possible!!!

Links talked about  in the show is http://www.modabakeshop.com

Quilt Week Grand Rapids http://www.quiltweek.com/locations/grr17/

Here is the quilt going to the show!!!

2016-04-05 17.31.51


Every Princess needs a crown post and pattern is here

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Pattern for Mistake Rib scarf is here

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I am hoping to get back into the swing of things this week and enjoy the rest of summer, it will go by so fast!!!

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Frugal Quilting



I wanted to write a series of blog posts about being frugal in quilting. Quilting can be very expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Frugal quilting doesn’t mean that you need to buy items that are of low quality.  I like to be frugal with my quilting and I don’t spend top dollar for the materials that I work with every time I buy fabric.

This week I wanted to talk about fabric purchases and acqusitions. I have to say that the biggest problem in spending money in quilting is impulsively buying fabric with no intention. Now there are times when I will buy fabric because it is on sale, but it has to be a great buy. I will buy kits with 1//3 or 1/4 yard cuts even if I don’t like the pattern because the collection of fabric can be used in a future project. I try not to pay full price for anything.

I also accept fabric from people who don’t want parts of their stash etc. I have found some real gems in other people’s fabric. I don’t have a problem throwing out or recycling fabric that I would not use in my quilting. So many times these  fabrics, that are a bit different from my stash, are perfect for backing a quilt. And I don’t like to piece backs because I am lazy but it will save money so I do it!

Did you know solid fabrics are considerably less money than prints? They are. They are really easy and fun to work with. I mix a focus print fabric with solids in many of my quilts. Solid fabric with a big coupon? Win!

I hear people are finding fabric at second hand shops, I wish we had one here that had fabric but we don’t. If you do go into a resale shop or yard sale don’t forget to look for fabric!

I ask for specific fabric lines for gifts or a gift card  around my birthday or the holidays when I want to buy some fabric that I know I will have to pay full price for — Like a new Tula Pink line etc. I think splurging occasionally is a good thing but I don’t do that often. I only do that once a year or so for my birthday or Christmas.

Here are my tips for frugal fabric acquisitions:

  1. Shop with intention. Shopping impulsively often leads to buying fabric you may never use. Which ultimately leads to excessive money spent. And those costly fabrics being wasted.
  2. Accept donations of fabric from others when they don’t want it anymore and then purge from the fabric you won’t use or if it not appropriate.
  3. Shop sales first.
  4. Shop solids and sprinkle in prints.
  5. Check out second hand shops and yard sales, you may hit the jackpot!
  6. Swap and share with you quilting friends if you need a special color. They may have it and want to get rid of it!
  7. scrappy quilts are lovely shop the stash at home first!
  8. Watch for people doing “destash” sales on social media such as Instgram. I have seen some great buys there, just calculate shipping in the total cost.
  9. Coupons can really save you money!
  10. Shop everywhere – I shop at my local quilt shop, online, big box stores, big craft stores etc. I have a specific plan when I shop and buy what I need. Rarely do I buy off the intended fabric list but if I do I has to be 60 percent off.
  11. I try to minimize the number of fabrics needed for a quilt. Unless it is intentionally scrappy and I have it on hand, I won’t use 17 shades of white for a background and then go buy it because a pattern says to. One shade is fine with me. Hint : some pattern makers also are selling their fabric line and want you to buy as many fabrics as possible for each pattern. I think that’s cool because they need to make a living and want to show you examples of how to use their fabric but I may not choose to use so many different cuts of fabric if it costs too much money.
  12. Block of the Month-be careful of the cost. Many times you are paying for the work to cut the pieces for you and that can be expensive when you are trying to be frugal. I once spent $25 for a block of the month that had 5 blocks in it plus paper piecing foundations. The small lap quilt cost $250 for just the top and nothing else but the pattern. Its gorgeous but it was riddled with problems and I still have to invest in a backing and batting. A very expensive lesson learned. A
  13. Anything precut is expensive because again you are paying for the cost of cutting it., however there is a time and place for precuts if you can get them at a good price . Another factor is time, you time is money too. I love precuts !!! Especially as a GIFT!!!! T
  14. Try to build a stash of fabrics that will work together over time. Then you can really use it up without feeling like you are always on the hunt for the right shade of blue etc.
  15. I will work for fabric if it “pays well enough” and accept gifts of fabric.  Many times I test patterns or help my quilting friends and they can’t pay me money but they can fabric which is money to me!
  16. I don’t buy without intention at show. I don’t do Shop hops, sign up for monthly clubs, bom’s because usually it is impulse buying and pressure buying. I wind up with things languishing in my stash bins because everybody bought it and when I get home I have a stack of “what was I thinking” fabrics that I would never use.


I hope this helps you in your pursuit of being a Frugal Quilter. I like to spend money on quilting but I also like to feel good about what I saved!

Please share you tips in the comments and then I can add them to our list which may grow over time so check back periodically!

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Dog days of summer 

It’s pretty hot after a cold June…. I am taking a quilting break and I knit a scarf this week .  Kinda funny, right? It’s a nice light portable project and easy to do. 

I have been visiting family and avoiding the heat. I am so used to cold and snow that this warm weather is really difficult. Overall, I have enjoyed all the comforts modern living can offer -air conditioning,  internet, and easy living. 

A great way to spend a week. Wanna see the park I spent the early mornings at? 

Here are a few pics, 

And the crowns were a really big hit 


just relaxing podcast

Podcast link is here



Here is my Emerald’s quilt that I made for my birthday. You can read the blog post here

Fairy Garden post is here

My non quilting creative things I made over the  past couple of weeks. Click on each pic for a larger more detailed image.


Hope you are enjoying your relaxing days of summer!



Emeralds Quilt Machine Quilting progress

I did have a winner for the Machine Quilting blog hop and you can read about it here

I want to thank all those who particpated in the blog hop and the giveway. It was really a great time and I learned so much. I plan to do another blog hop in the fall and I hope you join me for that hop!!!

I continue to apply all that I learned recently. Ruler work is the skill I am trying to master. I loaded my celebration quilt of my 5oth birthday , or jubilee quilt,  that I pieced last year. It is called Emeralds (my birthstone) and you can read about the idea I had here. I wanted to celebrate versus getting sad over entering into the age where I qualified for AARP,

I decided to quilt it to look like faceted emeralds with sparkle and shine. I am nearly finished with the quilt but I wanted to show you how it is quilting up on the frame. Overall, I like it. I have a few wobbly lines but I realized I need a 10 in ruler … the one I have is really too big. I will buy one when I go to Grand Rapids for the quilt show next month.  Here is progress pics and a little video




Quilt on!


Toured a Sub in Michigan!


There are not enough weekends in the summer are there? No Highland games this weekend so we decided we wanted to make a day trip somewhere. We picked up our son and went to Muskegon, Michigan where they have a WWII submarine called the Silversides and a Coast Guard Cutter called the Maclaren. What a gem this stop is. The Lake Michigan shoreline is lovely and the museum is well done. The ships are not easy to climb on if you have mobility issues, they are self guided tours and they are just as they were during the war.

I want to say that all of us touring the sub could not believe how anyone could live on this vessel. It is cramped, stale air and had to be loud. It was incredible to see the movie and read the stories of WWII veterans. It was very interesting to read about the subs missions and all that it did. On behalf of me and my family, we salute you the crew of the Silversides and all veterans. We remembered our Grandfathers who all served in WWII, and our Grandmothers who worked in the factories in Flint, Mich to help with the war effort.

It really was a great generation of men and women.