Machine Quilting Monday



Here is a pen drawing of the three stitches I used on a quilt that I took off the frame last week. I will post a picture of the quilt after the explanation of each stitch.

2017-08-11 11.48.17-1

I started learning free motion quilting by learning a stipple. I really focused on this shape and problem solved traveling with this fluid motion before I moved on to more difficult stitches. Whether you love or hate the stipple you need to learn this stitch because it is the basis of many foundations of the free motion quilting I do.

2017-08-11 11.48.21-1

I love the ribbon candy stitch. It has a figure 8 feel. It is useful in borders!


2017-08-11 11.48.25-1

Feathers are more challenging. I drew them out for weeks before I really was comfortable quilting them. They can be as easy as 1, 2,3.


2017-08-11 11.48.28-1

First, I start with a spine. I do all over feathers quite often using a large spaced stipple. This method can be scaled up or down as needed in your quilt. Stitch the spine and then put a feather on the end on the top of your spine.

2017-08-11 11.48.31-1Next, make many featherss, see the arrows for “top rows” ? I try to make them teardrop shaped and make the feathers a little bit different in size depending on where it is in the curve as well as space that you need to fill. Moving right to left, fill the spine in a top to the bottom motion to make your shape.


2017-08-11 11.48.33-1


Lastly, repeat the teardrop shape moving left to right as above only this row you are making the shape from bottom to the top.

Here are the stitches on my quilt!

2017-08-08 17.29.442017-08-07 13.15.292017-08-07 13.15.482017-08-07 13.15.53

Quilt on!


A quilt top and investigation

If you listened to my last podcast you will know I said I wasn’t going to piece quilts without intention until I caught up on my long arm quilting of my own quilts. Well, I must have impulsively said that. I had all morning yesterday before I needed to return to work after a good checkup at the dentist.  So, I didn’t have a batting nor the ability to buy one till Friday…. so I sewed a Valentines table topper. It was a panel I bought in Scotland in 2014, It had to be finished! You will also notice the back of a quilt I took off the frame for a customer and now the frame is open waiting to be loaded. The next deadlined quilt is mine. AGH, I need a batting. What to do after to table topper? I started testing a pattern for a friend who is making softies. It is a little dragon stuffed animal. So cute.  A nice change of pace for sewing. More to come on that pattern and my process will be another blog post.

Click on photos for a larger more detailed look !

I went on a investigative trip to the community garden. I have a quilt that will be featured on Moda Bake Shop mid August. I need to take a picture for the cover photo. I want it to be special. The pictures all the other chef’s take for cover photos are amazing and I am feeling a little nervous about the need to have a really good one! The quilt will go on the frame soon AFTER I GET A BATTING. Ugh I hate having wasted good long arming time because I don’t have a batting or backing or thread. Makes me a little bit nutty. But you make do and I have plenty other supplies and lists of things to do.

What makes a good quilt pattern cover photo? I would love to hear what you think? I think the garden has some potential for a good picture.

Quilt on,


Machine Quilting Monday

I wanted to share a quilt I just took off the frame for a customer. Isn’t it the sweetest fabric collection? I chose to do a freemotion feather in the center. The first pink border has curls in it and the outer border is a curl, one leaf and travel with a loopy meander. Overall, I love the texture in each zone and that the quilting didn’t overwhelm the lovely piecing and the sweetness of the fabrics.

Click on each picture for more details. What is fun is how liberating free motion quilting is. I didn’t mark anywhere. I didn’t break the thread on the borders, just snuck in and out in a suble manner and it all flowed together. I used Superior Sew Fine thread and they have my favorite threads for long arming.

Here is a little video!

Quilt on!


just relaxing podcast

Podcast link is here



Here is my Emerald’s quilt that I made for my birthday. You can read the blog post here

Fairy Garden post is here

My non quilting creative things I made over the  past couple of weeks. Click on each pic for a larger more detailed image.


Hope you are enjoying your relaxing days of summer!



Emeralds Quilt Machine Quilting progress

I did have a winner for the Machine Quilting blog hop and you can read about it here

I want to thank all those who particpated in the blog hop and the giveway. It was really a great time and I learned so much. I plan to do another blog hop in the fall and I hope you join me for that hop!!!

I continue to apply all that I learned recently. Ruler work is the skill I am trying to master. I loaded my celebration quilt of my 5oth birthday , or jubilee quilt,  that I pieced last year. It is called Emeralds (my birthstone) and you can read about the idea I had here. I wanted to celebrate versus getting sad over entering into the age where I qualified for AARP,

I decided to quilt it to look like faceted emeralds with sparkle and shine. I am nearly finished with the quilt but I wanted to show you how it is quilting up on the frame. Overall, I like it. I have a few wobbly lines but I realized I need a 10 in ruler … the one I have is really too big. I will buy one when I go to Grand Rapids for the quilt show next month.  Here is progress pics and a little video




Quilt on!


Fairy Garden and Quilt

2017-06-30 07.39.50


Here is my fairy garden quilt. I am slowly making a fairy garden outside and if you click on my pictures you can see the details of my garden and the quilt. I love make believe and the older I get the more I am in love with its magic. I also like miniatures so here is the perfect combo for gardening as well as inspiration for my quilt.

I love the idea of mushroom houses and  all things Lord of the Rings for my garden and that will slowly take shape over time. However, I wanted my quilt to have the improv mushrooms with one big mushroom house that I found free online here. The trees in the border are made with a quick curve ruler and their Christmas tree pattern that was free online last year. These are my test pieces and I never went any further with it. I  just started to free hand cut shapes for the mushrooms and then added the stalk last. I wanted to have some “shadow” so I had some background in different colors. I really have been saving my unicorn fabric for some magical quilt and I decided this was it. I may do a tutorial for how I made mushrooms in the future.

So you can see I quilted all kinds of free motion quilting in nearly every space on this quilt. There are no fairies quilted but on the lower green border I did quilt a 4 winged creature to give the idea of a fairy flying around.

here is a little video so you can see what it looks like!

Here is the long video from the Machine quilting blog hop and you can hear all about this fairy garden quilt in this video too.

I took this picture by accident and realized how much this thread accented the quilting on this piece!

2017-07-02 15.52.05

Quilt on!


Week 10 -Whole Cloth Quilt

a Rafflecopter giveaway


2017-06-23 12.01.222017-06-23 12.01.102017-06-23 07.52.34


This week is the final chapter called Butterflies in the book “The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting” by Angela Walters and Christa Watson. HollyAnne, Kristin and Jen are joining me in this journey. The four of us are blogging our way through the book and each week that goes by we are practicing more and gaining confidence with each exercise. I am a long armer and the other ladies are using their domestic sewing machines. The patterns for the quilts in the book are amazing but we are focusing on the free motion quilting for the blog hop. Links to the previous weeks are on the side bar tab for the Machine Quilting Blog hop. Join the party at Instagram using hashtag #machinequiltingbloghop


The final week is here. This week is the chapter about making a whole cloth quilt. In this chapter of the book the quilt was a intricate whole cloth butterfly quilt. It is a gorgeous quilt! I wanted to start on a smaller scale and draw my own design in the center. I used a compass to draw the center medallion and flowers. Then on the paper I outlined it in a sharpie. Next, I laid the white fabric over the paper and used a Frixion pen to trace the design.  I then drew a large square around the circular motif and filled it with lines like sunlight. I filled in the negative spaces between the rays and outlined the square. Then quilted all links of spirals and swirls. Hard to describe so let me show you …. and there will be a video at the end to discuss this little quilt. I was so proud of it I signed my name at the bottom. When I was finished, I hit the frixion pen marks with my hot irons super steam, I did not press the quilt.



You can click on each picture to see the progress on the quilt and below is the video talking about making the quilt.

I want to remind everyone the giveaway is open until July 7th and don’t just enter mine I have three friends who are also giving away a copy of the book, too.

I hope you had as much fun as I did during the machine quilting blog hop. I appreciate the time spent reading and participating in the blog hop. I am going to keep practicing and tomorrow I am posting  of a recent finish. I have lots of thing going on creatively…. pretty much all the time. I have a Facebook Group as well as my Instagram account that you can see the feed on the side bar. I also have a podcast twice a month, AND you can sign up for my newsletter to keep up with all I have going on.

Quilt on!