A quilt top and investigation

If you listened to my last podcast you will know I said I wasn’t going to piece quilts without intention until I caught up on my long arm quilting of my own quilts. Well, I must have impulsively said that. I had all morning yesterday before I needed to return to work after a good checkup at the dentist.  So, I didn’t have a batting nor the ability to buy one till Friday…. so I sewed a Valentines table topper. It was a panel I bought in Scotland in 2014, It had to be finished! You will also notice the back of a quilt I took off the frame for a customer and now the frame is open waiting to be loaded. The next deadlined quilt is mine. AGH, I need a batting. What to do after to table topper? I started testing a pattern for a friend who is making softies. It is a little dragon stuffed animal. So cute.  A nice change of pace for sewing. More to come on that pattern and my process will be another blog post.

Click on photos for a larger more detailed look !

I went on a investigative trip to the community garden. I have a quilt that will be featured on Moda Bake Shop mid August. I need to take a picture for the cover photo. I want it to be special. The pictures all the other chef’s take for cover photos are amazing and I am feeling a little nervous about the need to have a really good one! The quilt will go on the frame soon AFTER I GET A BATTING. Ugh I hate having wasted good long arming time because I don’t have a batting or backing or thread. Makes me a little bit nutty. But you make do and I have plenty other supplies and lists of things to do.

What makes a good quilt pattern cover photo? I would love to hear what you think? I think the garden has some potential for a good picture.

Quilt on,


Toured a Sub in Michigan!


There are not enough weekends in the summer are there? No Highland games this weekend so we decided we wanted to make a day trip somewhere. We picked up our son and went to Muskegon, Michigan where they have a WWII submarine called the Silversides and a Coast Guard Cutter called the Maclaren. What a gem this stop is. The Lake Michigan shoreline is lovely and the museum is well done. The ships are not easy to climb on if you have mobility issues, they are self guided tours and they are just as they were during the war.

I want to say that all of us touring the sub could not believe how anyone could live on this vessel. It is cramped, stale air and had to be loud. It was incredible to see the movie and read the stories of WWII veterans. It was very interesting to read about the subs missions and all that it did. On behalf of me and my family, we salute you the crew of the Silversides and all veterans. We remembered our Grandfathers who all served in WWII, and our Grandmothers who worked in the factories in Flint, Mich to help with the war effort.

It really was a great generation of men and women.


Games, planes, boats and quilts

2017-06-14 16.51.21I had a busy week this week. I had a bit of time off from work so I was able to spend time with family and friends. I was able to see the Wednesday night Air Show featuring the Snowbirds from Canada, parachute demo, biplane and F16. It was great fun to watch. My husband was in the Air Force and worked on F16s so it was pretty nostalgic. At the end of the post my Dad’s pictures are shared and he has some wonderful pics of the WWII era planes  and the more modern jets that flew over our heads!

Then I went to the Soo Locks and saw an unprecedented amount of freighters. I also went  on the Soo Lock boat tour. I have to say it was great and very educational. I learned there are 13 freighters that are over 1000 feet long sailing the Great Lakes. We saw 3 that day and 7 overall. We went into the locks that raise or lower the vessels 21 feet between Lake Superior and Lake Huron. We then saw the steel factory in Canada and went through the Canadian locks. Gorgeous views.

Then I went to a quilt show. I loved the ideas generated. I will share a two pictures and plan to write a full blog post later on in the week.

Then we had pregame dinner for the home town Highland games.

2017-06-16 19.53.23

Saturday was the game and the weather cooperated! Here is a little video of my husband’s day.

My dad took tons of fabulous pictures and here is the album:

2017 Photos by Carl Dennis feel free to share, like and download! He tried to get a photo of everyone and apologizes in advance in you were missed!

Posted by Vicki Holloway on Sunday, June 18, 2017

Now it is back to the work a day routine. Adventures will have to wait for a week or two.